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Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres gone from Idol

”American Idol” enthusiasts have resigned themselves to not having Simon Cowell as a judge anymore. The real fear now is that everyone is abandoning ship. Ellen DeGeneres most recently informed the globe that she will no longer execute her duties as a judge on the popular reality show. Adding insult to injury, now Kara DioGuardi has been shown the door, reports the Los Angeles Times. Randy Jackson may soon be joined by Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, nevertheless. Article resource – Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres no longer on American Idol by

‘American Idol’ has an uncertain future

Fox and also the “American Idol” production group seem intent on squeezing each and every last bit of magic out of the show’s formula, and there may still be some left. Jennifer Lopez will allegedly bring the show muchos magicos as Kara DioGuardi’s replacement, says Coincidentally, Lopez began her career as a dancer, much like Paula Abdul. A Lopez return to Fox may remind some of her stint as a dancer on “In Living Color”.

’AI’ viewer base has shrunk

While “American Idol” remains America’s most-watched television program, the loss of viewers in recent seasons gave the producers pause. The Times writes how the “AI” team was close to giving Ellen DeGeneres the ax. Nevertheless, the producers allowed Ellen to leave instead of firing her as they did DioGuardi. To her credit, Ellen didn’t dwell on sour grapes in her media statement- “A couple months ago, I let Fox and also the ‘American Idol’ producers know that this didn’t feel like the right fit for me”. She knew what everyone already knew from day one- that she wasn’t comfortable giving singers musical advice.

Fox Networks Group chair Peter Rice said in a statement that “We love Ellen and understand and support her decision to bow out of ‘Idol’”.

Improving chemistry

On again, off again “American Idol” Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe was not the only one to notice that Kara DioGuardi, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson simply didn’t click onscreen. Throwing Ellen DeGeneres in to be a “nice” judge didn’t improve the mix at all. At one point, Lythgoe speculated that if he could have his pick of judges, he’d take Usher, Elton John and Paula Abdul. J. Lo and Steven Tyler have probably the most buzz.

Steven Tyler won’t tell

X17 Online apparently tracked down Steven Tyler outside the Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood to ask for his take on “American Idol” judgeship rumors. It has been speculated that Tyler would play the Simon Cowell role, minus some cynicism. Tyler failed to let on. Nonetheless, he also would not deny that he could be a part of “American Idol’s” future.

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