Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Previous Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean runs for Haiti President

Wyclef Jean has announced he is running for president of Haiti. The earthquake that hit Haiti last January was devastating and Wyclef Jean, as the Grammy winner as frontman of the Fugees, thinks he needs to help the individuals of this native land. Since this can be a very significant election in Haiti, Jean has created a buzz. Most are concerned because Jean has no political experience. Whether he will qualify to run is also in question, because he left Haiti at age 9 and grew up in New York and New Jersey.

Wyclef Jean’s presidential aspirations

Thursday, Wyclef Jean announced on a Miami radio station that he planned to run for president. Because Jean is running, he will stop being the founder and chairman of the Yélé foundation, reports the Miami Herald. Jean’s Yélé Haiti Foundation has raised $ 9.1 million for Haiti earthquake relief, as outlined by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. A longtime advocate for Haiti, Jean was among the first responders after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake Jan 12 devastated Port au Prince, the nation’s capital.

Jean is running with the Haiti earthquake in mind

Wyclef Jean plans on running for president because he thinks he was called to it. He interviewed with the New York Times saying:

“I’m not running for president so much as I’m being drafted. The youth, in their mind, if I don’t come and put a perspective to things, they feel there’s no future for the country, and I have to agree with them.”

The Times said Jean was planning to announce his Haitian presidential bid on “Larry King Live” after flying to Haiti on Thursday to register with the elections board. Candidates for the Haitian presidency must be citizens with five or more years of residency in Haiti. Even though he left the country as a child, Jean said he met both requirements. Born in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti, he holds a Haitian passport.

Jean compares himself to be just like Havel and Reagan

NPR said to Time magazine that Jean, when referring to his transition, will say he’s like Ronald Reagan and Vaclav Havel. Before Reagan and Havel got elected, they got a lot of experience which is unlike Jean. Australia’s environment minister, former Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett, was an very successful musician in politics. Blur drummer Dave Rowntree ran for a seat for the British parliament this year but was trounced along with the rest of the Labour Party.

Jean’s Haiti not doing this hot

The election prepared for November 28 could be one of the most significant ones for Haiti as Wyclef Jean tries to win. There was an earthquake in Haiti taking 300,000 lives which the president can have to work on helping the country because of. More than six months later, 1.6 million individuals nevertheless live in makeshift camps throughout the capital and in cities to the south.

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