Sunday, August 29, 2010

'Seamless' isn't the word to describe the Quicken Online to Mint migration program will get to take Quicken Online users and all their personal finance data. This will happen on August 29. On that date, not a soul can be able to sign in at Quicken Online. Intuit, the makers of Quicken, purchased last year for $ 170 million. All information from the Intuit site was expected to be “migrated seamlessly” to the Mint site considering that is what the message said given to all the Quicken Online users. There has ended up being some problems because of the difference in software. This means that users have to transfer their accounts by themselves if they want the account moved. There have been a lot of issues with the Quicken Online to Mint migrations.

Intuit’s move was a ‘boneheaded move’

Quicken users were amazed by the Quicken Online to Mint migration. The transition was expected to happen all by itself. But a Tech Crunch report said Intuit later decided that the complexity of merging the two platforms precluded achieving the transition with “elegance or accuracy.”. There was one major concern about this. There could be info that is inaccurate in Mint after switching from Quicken Online. Manually correcting errors was the only option after that. Because of these complications, Tech Crunch called Intuit’s policy a “boneheaded move” and said that Intuit should have given Quicken Online users until the end of the year to move or spend more time figuring out how to import their accounts to Mint.

Budgeting site alternatives

Intuit is using August 29 as the day to delete account info. Quicken Online users will lose any account information then. Users have to export info they want into a file before then as to not lose it. The New York Daily News said that Quicken Online users who do not want to migrate to Mint have opportunities for their personal financial data. Intuit is using the Quicken Online to Mint migration to promote Quicken desktop products as an option, but they’re not free. The Intuit desktop products cost between about $ 50 and $ 90. A basic Quickbooks Online account starts at $ 120 a year. In case you are just sick of Intuit, there are other possibilities. These websites are, and

Intuit math is off

The Quicken Online to Mint migration is hard for numerous. Jonathon Blum at The Street said Mint and Quicken Online just do not get along. Mint and Quicken Online have such a hard time because of different software problems. Data has to go through like it would with a bank or credit card. Half of the accounts moved to Mint from Quicken Online have business transactions lost in there. About 90 percent of info transferred from Quicken Online to mint is accurate. This comes from an Intuit representative. Blum said that 90 percent is a B in grade school and an F in accounting.

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