Saturday, August 14, 2010

Specifics revealed in Skype IPO filings

As the start of an original public offering, Skype has filed financial office paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Skype IPO has been long anticipated, though some surprising numbers were uncovered in the filings. Users are hoping that the newly-complicated structure behind Skype will not impact the service they love.

Financial health revealed in Skype IPO paperwork

There is an estimate that the Skype IPO will be worth $ 100 million or more. Some analysts are very worried about the income and revenue exposed within the SEC filings. Skype reports $ 406 million in revenue in just the last six months. The net income of the company, though, was only $ 13 million. With a 3 percent net margin, the company isn’t really exactly growing quickly. The nine percent of users that pay for the service pay an average of $ 96 per year.

Skype’s new ownership structure

Following the Skype IPO, the ownership structure will be complicated in comparison. American shares are being offered in the business, even though it is situated in Luxemborg. There will be 3 owners of the business – private investors, employees, and stock holders. These three groups will own stock in Skype S.A.,. These stocks can be part Skype Global Holdco, part Skype Global. These holding corporations could be split into Skype, Inc. and Springboard Finance, L.L.C. 13 operating companies, including Skype Sweden and Skype Europe, can be operated by Springboard Finance, L.L.C..

Expected changes following the Skype IPO

This initial public offering of Skype stock is getting used to raise operating funds. Some companies could be faced with fundamental changes after an IPO, though. Skype is already making deals with wireless carriers and also the iPhone application is proving popular. Skype’s 500 million users will end up having to wait and see what effect the IPO has, because not even the IPO date is known for certain.

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