Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stashitwear foils pickpockets which makes drug dealers happy

If you live or have ever traveled in countries where petty theft is conducted openly on busy streets, you know it is important to take protective methods against pickpockets. A travel belt makes you an clear “tourist” when you put your money and identification in them for safe keeping. It can really help to get Stashitwear which is designed comfortable to those who have had it. Drug trafficking may become much easier with a hidden compartment in underwear, which is the law officials’ concern. Article resource – Stashitwear foils pickpockets, but pleases drug dealers by Personal Money Store.

Drugs, weapons concealed with Stashitwear

According to the Wall Street Journal, Police in New York have found that small amounts of narcotics and small caliber firearms are being kept in Stashitwear by drug dealers. Suspects have to be searched better with this according to Police Captain Vincent Pattie of Brooklyn, New York. Stashitwear owner Phillip Scott, 55, told the WSJ that none of his customers gave “even a hint at illegal activity for their purchases.”

Scott’s answer is not enough for Patti.

“A lot of drugs or a small .38 or .22 caliber handgun… They’re not advertising these things for drug dealers but they have to know they’re going to be used by some people who break the law.”

Stash it in style

Florida-based Stashitwear and comparable secret-compartment underwear companies offer styles ranging from briefs and boxers to thongs. A wholesale purchase is much cheaper, says Scott, than the $14 paid for one pair. The pocket could be 12 inches deep depending on the size of the garment while it can accessed through an eight inch opening in the waistband.

Stashitwear explains the pocket goes from front to back which “basically makes your whole crotch area a secret place for your valuables.”

Changes occur by Scott on the Stashitwear site

Personality was what Scott was thinking when posting a country picture of himself on the Stashitwear website. Since the Wall Street Journal contacted him following NYPD concern over the product, Scott put on sunglasses and business dress clothes for a new photo. Of course, underwear with a hidden compartment are still there.

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