Sunday, August 1, 2010

Steal others' data with the Facebook torrent

Get the Facebook torrent for free to download others' info

Data off of Facebook is now accessible to anybody with the Facebook torrent which was created by a hacker with a lot of free time. 171 million Facebook users had their info stolen by a web sprawling code made by Ron Bowes. Bowes put the 2.8 GB file online as a torrent. Facebook made their comment on the issue saying all the information is what could be found with a search engine and doesn’t matter all that much. But others say the Facebook torrent is an additional indictment of Facebook privacy policy, and users should be concerned.

171 million Facebook users exposed

171 million Facebook users have now posted online within the torrent their user IDs, names, and profile URLs. Daily Tech reports that Bowes, who heads a company called Skull Security, posted the Facebook torrent on Pirate Bay. It was the morning of July 28 when there were already 13,000 active downloads happening. Information Facebook users didn’t hide with privacy setting is shown here. Facebook users who have locked their privacy settings to friends only aren’t listed within the Facebook torrent.

Facebook difficulties with privacy

Facebook privacy setting were changed most recently for commercial use which is why people are more concerned with this Facebook torrent. The information that Facebook users “agreed to make public” are the things gathered up by researches to make this privacy change, reports BBC News quoting Facebook. However, Tech Crunch said with the advent of the Facebook torrent hack, now would be a good time for the default Facebook privacy settings to change to “Friends Only.” You aren’t going to be happy when people put all of your details into a package and let it loose for those who want it just because you set your settings to “everyone”.

Personal data on Facebook torrent can never be deleted

Google, Bing and Facebooksearch are all engines that will show the info that is within the Facebook torrent. The Facebook torrent contains a simple snapshot in one moment in time of Facebook that will last forever, reports Future. The details can never go away, even when users delete their accounts or change their privacy settings.

Friends of users attacked by Facebook torrent

Not only is there one fifth of Facebook users already exposed, but the torrent consists of the programs used to get that details. Tech Crunch said in a post describing his hack, Bowes wrote that so far, he’s only indexed searchable users, but he wants to go after their friends next. Users are quitting while hoping Facebook will switch privacy settings to be friends only by default-

Go to Account and Privacy Settings and Applications, Games, and Sites (link near the bottom, in a box) and Public Search and (Uncheck box).

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