Friday, September 3, 2010

Bloom Box fuel cell uses secret formula to generate clean energy

Electricity could be made by Bloom Box which is a fuel cell using oxygen and natural gas. ”60 Minutes” Sunday showed Bloom Energy’s Bloom Box to introduce it before it comes out on September 1. Bloom Energy advertised by saying Bloom Box gives clean, reliable and affordable power as an “energy server” for your home. It’s a stand-alone unit that some major corporations are actually using it to supplement their energy needs. Bloom Energy also advertised that power plants and transmission lines of the energy grid won’t need to be used with the Bloom Box. However, like other fuel cells developed thus far, the price has to come way down before the Bloom Box could be considered practical.

$ 100,000 less electric payments for eBay in 9 months of Bloom Box

The Bloom Box has been 10 years within the making. In its “60 Minutes” feature on Bloom Energy, CBS News reports that company founder K.R. Stridhar has raised about $ 400 million for the technology. The Bloom Box has ceramic discs in them. These discs have secret formulas on them. A fuel source like natural gas goes in one side and oxygen on the other. The disk creates an electro-chemical reaction between the two elements to produce power. There should be more discs stacked in it. With additional discs, power is added. Just 64 disks in a Bloom Box is enough energy to keep a Starbucks running. It costs $ 800,000, although twenty companies in California have found a way to cut the price in half with the 30 percent federal tax break and 20 percent state subsidy. Bloom Boxes running on carbon-neutral bio-gas were sold to eBay’s CEO, John Donahoe. They were installed 9 months ago and, according to CBS News, have saved eBay more than $ 100,000 in electricit! y already.

Will the electrical grid be scrapped?

In the past, personal computers replaced mainframes. Stridhar explained to Newsweek that Bloom box may do this same thing in replacing power plants and transmission lines on the electrical grid. Huge data centers are made by small servers put in groups together. Google, along with other Bloom Energy customers, do this. Energy farms can do this too with Bloom Box. Stridhar said that Bloom Box may only be sold right now because of subsidies. But economies of scale could bring the price down to about a $ 3,000 investment for a household installation. He said each and every doubling in volume brings a 10-to-15 percent reduction in cost.

How the fuel cell market works

The Bloom Box appears as demand for fuel cells is anticipated to accelerate. GBI Research published a report on the global fuel cell market on This report indicated that fuel cell costs will go down when demand increases and technology goes up. Fuel cells may be commercialized as soon as 2013. $ 975 million could be where demand for fuel cells will go to by 2010, increasing sixfold. This was shown by a 2008 report done by Freedonia Group. In that time, a 41 percent rate of growth in those using fuel cells for electricity is predicted.

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