Friday, September 3, 2010

DWTS saved Jennifer Grey's livelihood

DWTS has returned for season 11 on Sept. 20 on ABC, and most of the cast was introduced. The show is going to star Bristol Palin, “The Situation,” David Hasslhoff, Audrina Patridge and Brandy, as it was announced by media leaks a week ago. Margaret Cho, Florence Henderson from the “Brady Bunch,” Michael Bolton, and Jennifer Grey who is “Baby” from “Dirty Dancing” are all also going to be on the show, says Jennifer Grey will likely be the center-stage story of DWTS this season. She may have had her life saved. It was all through DWTS. Source of article – Dancing With the Stars saved the life of Jennifer Grey by Personal Money Store.

Jennifer Grey ended up in an auto incident

Jennifer Grey knows how to dance, but after an automobile accident several years ago, it seemed as if she might never dance again. Grey talked to Zap2It. She explained that she talked to a neurological spine surgeon since she was having really bad pain in her neck. Grey wanted this appointment after listening to the surgeon worked on dancer Karina Smirnoff so she might be able to go on DWTS at some time.

Grey had never had the right treatment for the accident that tore ligaments in her neck. The condition eventually degenerated, to the point where the surgeon told Grey that her spinal cord was compressed. Grey would be permanently paralyzed with any minor shift from a blow. So Grey had her neck fused. The doctor talked to her during this. He said she should have a benign nodule removed.

Jennifer Grey has a new neck and is cancer-free

Now she is preparing to take the floor for “Dancing With the Stars.” Jennifer Grey may have saved her life with this show considering it was the only reason she went through treatment.

“I was so frightened of the surgery, I didn’t want to even consider that it would be successful. And it was so successful, I proceeded to do everything else on my ‘to-do’ list that I was afraid of, including doing this show,” Zap2It heard from Grey. “I figure that if I don’t do it now, I’ll be too old for it. My body is clearly giving out.”

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  1. I really admire Jennifer Grey for having the guts to go back dancing on DWTS for her former co-star.