Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ford Motors and Dodge Motors to release some extraordinary police vehicles

Most cars are made for, and bought for consumer purposes. A daily driver is what most individuals buy a vehicle for. That said, that is not the only thing car manufacturers make vehicles for. A substantial portion of vehicles are sold for fleet purposes. You have trucks and vans for transportation purposes, and then there is the rental vehicle industry. The coolest of fleet autos is one of the last vestiges of pony automobiles – the police interceptor. There isn’t really a big auto maker that doesn’t make one. All of the “Big Three” domestic firms do. A lot of people would really like to get behind the wheel of one, most likely. There are a couple of upcoming from Ford and Dodge that look especially awesome.

Ford Motors retires a legend and makes brand new interceptors

Ford Motors is retiring a mainstay among police cruisers. As a result, Ford Motors is introduction two brand new interceptor models. The Crown Victoria is getting retired. So Ford has to come up with something else. There will be Ford Explorer and Ford Taurus interceptor models. According to the New York Times, the interceptor Taurus will come with typical additions such as a sturdier frame and greater performance enhancements. It could be powered by a 365 horsepower turbo V-6. The new Explorer is depending on the brand new generation Explorers, and will share a lot of components with the new Taurus.

The Pursuit

There is also a brand new line of interceptors from Dodge Motors. There will even be one from Chevrolet. Though Chargers are already being bought by police departments, the new Dodge Motors Charger Pursuit model is being unveiled soon. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Pursuit will be a rear wheel drive model of the Charger that will come with a turbo V-6 or a V-8, as well as other police accouterments such as a beefed-up suspension and stability controls. Chevrolet is intending for making up for lost time. The new Caprice, based on the older Caprice, can be a law enforcement vehicle only.

Crime does pay

Law enforcement cars are really quite profitable for vehicle manufacturers. Nevertheless, in contrast to the bare bones of most fleet autos, you will find greater specifications and customizations that have to be made. Greater use of electronics is part and parcel to the modern police cruiser, rather than sheer raw power, durability and maneuverability. The car must be comfortable as well. Someone has to be in one for hours.

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