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Sad or horrible is really a line Phoenix walks according to I'm Still Here reviews

In 2008, Phoenix declared he was leaving behind his acting profession, to the consternation of his fans. Then he made a controversial appearance on the David Letterman show. He announced he was leaving acting to become a rapper. Since then, people have been waiting the launch of the documentary “I’m Still Here,” which chronicles his new life and try to become successful in that field. The film has started to be released. The reviews are beginning to come out as well.

The film hasn’t killed ‘em all within the critique columns

Phoenix was a really good actor, and a lot of people are probably curious what he’s been up to. The last large thing he did was the infamous Phoenix Letterman appearance. That is one of the most recent thing within the public consciousness about him, most likely. He seemed to be coming unglued at that point. A lot of the “I’m Still Here” reviews discuss the state of the man at length. Roger Ebert, in the Chicago Sun Times, makes the point that the bulk of the film is about Phoenix having gone totally sideways, and that seems to be the draw. Ebert doesn’t employ a lot to say about anything else in the film. Ebert also maintained that the unhinged Phoenix is the film’s selling point.

Spinal Rap

Music documentaries employ a standard to meet. Many will name obscure documentaries about Dylan or the Rolling Stones, however the real standard for any music documentary is “This is Spinal Tap,” the “Mock-doc” by Reiner about an English rock-band that disintegrates and redeems themselves. However, there is no comparing “I’m Still Here” review to “This is Spinal Tap” on Rotten Tomatoes. “Spinal Tap”: 96 percent Fresh. The critics on Rotten Tomatoes give a 55 percent fresh rating for “I’m Still Here”. The drug fueled, ridiculous antics of Phoenix and lousy production by Casey Affleck are the common threads in the majority of the critiques for “I’m Still Here”. Joaquin Phoenix’s sister, Summer, happens to be married to Casey Affleck, who is Ben Affleck’s younger brother.

This is a rap folks

The rap career Phoenix had in brain is not taking off. Most of the movie really seems to be about the actor heading toward certain destruction. Since the advent of reality TV, documentary features about people heading for disaster are in vogue in this age of Schadenfreude. Bear something else in mind, though. Many of the critiques also bring up River Phoenix, older brother of Phoenix, who perished from a drug overdose. This might be the beginning of Joaquin Phoenix going down the exact same path.

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