Thursday, September 23, 2010

Second Quaid police arrest in a year

Occasionally, individuals really do have to be told twice. Well known actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi Quaid were arrested for attempting to defraud an inn last year, after skipping on a hotel bill. The two promptly skipped bail, and headed back to California. It isn’t as like he couldn’t afford it, so that’s why the event got so much attention. The alleged hotel stiffing occurred in California. The Quaids, though, were imprisoned in Texas. The terrible two were imprisoned again recently in Santa Barbara. Allegedly, they had taken up residence within the guest house of a property they used to won, thinking they nevertheless did.

Delinquent hotel expenses results in first Quaid arrest

This isn’t the initial time in the last year that Randy and Evi Quaid have been in trouble. It seems as if it is becoming an annual event. On Sept. 30, the Quaids were arrested on suspicion of defrauding an inn. After staying a night in a lodge, they deliberately or accidentally neglected to pay and were imprisoned in Texas. The pair missed some court dates after being freed on bail. Ultimately, they did make it back to court. Evi Quaid had to settle for probation and community service. According to CNN, the two also paid the hotel bill off, and it all seemed settled.

No such thing as squatters’ legal rights

Selling a house is something people generally remember doing. That would appear to be reasonable. That did not apply to Randy and Evi Quaid. The two were busted for living in a guest house on a property that they had sold years ago. Despite all documentation being to the contrary, the Quaids believed that they still owned the property. As outlined by ABC, the cops were having none of it and imprisoned them for burglary. Though the home was previously owned by the Quaids, it appears odd that they chose the guest house to squat in.

The prosperous really are different

There hasn’t been a comment on either arrest from Dennis Quaid, Randy Quaid’s younger brother. Maybe there is something within the water, because Hollywood appears to make people absolutely crazy. The notion of not breaking the law doesn’t occur to the Quaids, or others like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton.

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