Saturday, September 11, 2010

Targeting short tail keywords and long-tail keywords

With the right stuff, anybody can succeed in Internet marketing, even if it is as simple as knowing how to use keywords effectively. Many online affiliate marketers are working harder than ever to control popular, high-ranking short tail keyword. However, longer blends of different keywords called long-tail keywords are what are helping the little guys make money.

Long-tail keywords vs. short-tail keywords

Short tail keywords and long-tail keywords are two types of keywords you are able to use. Short-tail keywords are short and easy to remember, and they are generally harder to rank high for as a result of heavy traffic and high competition. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are less contested, simply because they do not bring in as much traffic. However, this type of keyword should not be disregarded. Yes these keywords are long and difficult to don’t forget, but many new search engine optimizers are finding out just how effective they really are.

Build web value using short tail keywords

Say you run a business website within the wedding industry and would like to target people looking for wedding ideas. ”Wedding ideas” may probably be the first keyword phrase you think of because it sounds like something most people would type in when looking for wedding ideas. Nevertheless, as a result of the high level of competition with this particularly phrase, your chances of getting on the first page quickly are low, and it does involve work. Writing just one or two articles won’t get you on the first list of search results for targeted keyword or phrase. You’ll have to build a catalog of articles that promote your target keywords, also as strong backlinks from inside and outside sources.

What long-tail keywords can do for you

Ranking high for short-tail keywords can take up a lot of time and effort, but it is possible. However, it doesn’t have to be a hectic deed, especially if you aim your efforts at ranking high for low-competitive long-tail keywords. So rather than having to go via all the hard word of ranking number one for “wedding ideas,” why not target several long-tail keywords related to your product/service, like “wedding reception decoration ideas” and “wedding ideas on a budget.” Having control over these long-tail keywords can definitely guarantee you a respectable position on search engines. And beyond that, they may just be the ultimate source of your success.

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