Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wrongdoing pastime in Georgia with Bishop Eddie Long

Something being spread all through Georgia is a Bishop Long wrongdoing. Child abuse isn’t the only thing the Vatican is accused of. He also has some alleged money laundering. High profile ministers in other sects have also been thrust into the spotlight for lewd and corrupt conduct. The Evangelical mega church run by Bishop Long has over 24,000 members and is in Lithonia, Ga.. He is accused of having inappropriate relationships with teenage boys from the congregation.

Eddie Long scandal

The congregation Bishop Eddie Long ministers to has young men the Eddie Long wrongdoing claims he had inappropriate relationships with. Lawsuits were filed against Long by Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg. ABC reports that Bishop Eddie Long was accused of sexual coercion in the lawsuits. The two bots had troubled backgrounds and disadvantaged youths. The newest Birth Missionary Baptist Church gave aid to them both. The suit alleges that Bishop Long used his position as a spiritual adviser and benefactor to solicit favors. Robinson recently broke into Long’s office and stole more than $1,000 in electronics and other property.

Long claims it didn’t happen

Eddie Long and his attorneys deny that any misconduct ever took place. Long’s attorney has his own opinion on the lawsuit, states CNN. The attorney claims it is an attempted shakedown. Long is well-known to be pretty anti-homosexual. He has been considered to be, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, an extreme homophobe after being in a same sex marriage protest. Parishioners have thus far been in disbelief. Pastor Long is a married father of four, and other clergymen in comparable scandals have been also. The Vatican is nevertheless embroiled in an ongoing scandals of a comparable nature, but of far larger proportion.

Information not posted

A Congressional investigation into televangelists with large congregations has made Bishop Long a subject. The result of that inquiry is unknown. The court will determine the answer to those court cases in due time, although it hasn’t happened yet.

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