Wednesday, October 27, 2010

$2 billion more for Pakistan military services aid

The cost of America’s “War on Terror” continues to skyrocket, suggests the Associated Press. Pending the approval of Congress, the Obama administration wants $2 billion in Pakistan military services support against al-Qaida and the Taliban. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced at a press conference that the funds would be distributed from 2012 to 2016 for U.S. arms, ammo and field equipment.

Not all units in Pakistan military will get support

The proposed Pakistan military services aid wouldn’t go to all the Pakistani military services components, the AP reports. This is what the Obama administration wants. Human rights issues are in question with some of the units. They have been torturing prisoners and having executions with trial. There are also concerns about previous military aid from the United States of America which had been believed to buy missiles to target United States allies and also about whether the Pakistani govt even to be policing its border with Afghanistan. Outside Pakistan’s military aid, the nation is already receiving $7.5 billion in civilian assistance to help it deal with recent catastrophic flood damage.

Clinton and Qureshi declared the plan at a joint meeting

While the mood had been positive at a joint meeting between Secretary of State Clinton and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Clinton walked a fine diplomatic line. Clinton spoke about how the Pakistani people have made “sacrifice and service” in order to restore their nation although the United States of America does not like how the Islamabad government is fairly easy on terrorism.

Responding to accusations of being gentle on terrorism, Qureshi said, “We don’t understand what greater evidence to offer (as proof to the contrary) than the blood of our individuals.”

United States of America tells Pakistan that human rights is something to worry about<

United States of America military services aid is not given to Pakistani units that are allegedly committing human rights violations. This is what Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont supports as the 1997 legislation. The AP explains that the Leahy Amendment, “bars United States military services assistance from going to foreign armed forces suspected of committing atrocities.”The Leahy Amendment “bars United States military assistance from going to foreign armed forces suspected of committing atrocities.” This is what the AP reports. There can be negations made with the Pakistan military support although the negations will take into account the Leahy Amendment. Units are being told to start complying with the Leahy Amendment in order to get aid.

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