Friday, October 8, 2010

Cancer of the breast organizations challenge Pink Your Drink advertising

Product marketing tied to Breast Cancer Awareness Month is nothing new. However alcoholic beverage makers like Mike’s Hard Lemonade may be pushing the matter too far. Mike’s Pink Hard Lemonade is capitalizing, claims USA Today. Yes, some of the proceeds will the fight against cancer of the breast. However, the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute state that even moderate consumption of alcohol can contribute to breast cancer, so Mike’s campaign sends a mixed message that many feel is hypocritical.

Pink your drink to understand about cancer

Breast cancer Awareness Month really appreciates the pink clothes and pink make up individuals wear in support. Numerous aren’t sure what to consider Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade yet. Yet Mike’s is not alone in the pink alcoholic beverage movement. Other corporations are marketing things like pink champagne, pink wine and pink vodka. accounts that this is all for Breast cancer Awareness Month. Telling people to “pink their drink” to support the breast cancer fight doesn’t make much sense thinking about it hurts the disease more than it helps it, although more product may sell with it.

Pink Your Drink has elevated thousands and thousands of bucks

Pink vodka and liqueur are made by Chambord to raise cash. The Breast cancer Network of Strength has received $50,000 in donations from Chambord already. Over $500,000 has been donated to the Breast cancer Research Foundation because of Mike’s Hard Pink Lemonade. This is what Phil O’Neil, the company president, reports. But that doesn’t mean they deserve a medal, says Barbara Brenner of Breast cancer Action. USA Today reports Brenner saying that “Anybody trying to sell alcohol to promote Breast cancer Awareness should be ashamed of themselves.”

A few breast cancer charitable groups take the cash, others do not

The Breast cancer Research Foundation “in no way, shape or form endorses the consumption of alcohol,” states foundation spokeswoman Anna DeLuca to USA Today . This does not stop the foundation from taking cash from Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Donations from alcoholic beverage businesses aren’t even accepted by numerous organizations. Virgin drinks are more common among them. They might nevertheless pink their drinks though.



USA Today

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