Sunday, October 17, 2010

Citizens United ruling leads to plague of political ads

The political ads are relentless this election cycle. You are able to run, but you can’t hide from the accusations, insults and innuendo. Political marketing always gets bad during election season, but its especially so this time around. The public is being subjected to an unprecedented onslaught of nauseating political marketing this year as a result of Citizens United, a Supreme Court ruling that struck down limits on marketing by corporations in elections, along with any responsibility for truth, facts or taste in those ads. Source for this article – Sick of political attack ads? Blame Citizens United by

The Citizens United ruling

The Supreme Court ruled the First Amendment protects corporate funding of independent politician marketing which can’t be limited making the Citizens United ruling something that will change politics. A provision of the McCain- Feingold Act, or the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, was stopped by the Supreme Court which had been good for Citizens United. The provision barred all corporations, both for-profit and non-profit, plus unions from running broadcast, cable, or satellite marketing that mentioned a candidate within 60 days of a general election or thirty days of a primary.

How Citizens United polluted the airwaves

The midterm election will be here in a week or two. Citizens United has made a really big impact on what will happen. All states are bound to see the special interest group ads. They will all be deceptive attacks to change things. Voters don’t know who’s behind these ads or who’s paying for them. The brand new York Times explains that even foreign companies are in on it. They want a candidate to vote for them. In a record issued Tuesday by the Center for American Progress, the United States Chamber of Commerce is collecting “dues” to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars from foreign companies in Bahrain, India and Egypt and using the money to buy ads for Republicans in midterm races.

Citizens United could have consequences

Citizens United presents a significant problem to the U.S. This is what the Los Angeles Times explains. The Times writes that in the last two years government has stood up to the abuses of the financial industry and insurance companies. Tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas are rolled back. We are also enforcing clean air and water rules. Republicans may just be able to stop the unregulated, out of control political spending with November elections as a result of Citizens United. If that happens, the lobbyists will start writing the laws yet again. As outlined by the Times, this is Congress’ problem. They need to fix the problem too. The election will still be damaged even if they do change things now.


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