Sunday, October 24, 2010

Down economy does not dent high end vehicle sales

One of the things that should not sell at all during an economic downturn is high end automobiles. However, high end automobile revenue are actually climbing . In fact, car sales are actually increasing in general . However, a lone brand of luxury automobiles was unable to post gains. Volvo really saw a decrease in sales . The embattled Swedish vehicle line has seen sales slip . Mercedes Benz seems to be reaping the benefits more than most, overtaking Lexus in sales . Cadillac and Lincoln also increased sales. Article resource – Luxury car sales climb higher during down economy by Car Deal Expert.

Increase in revenue of luxury cars

After several years of dismal economic news, perhaps the rich are feeling lucky enough to buy new cars . Luxury brands have been selling more. These gains were reported. USA Today accounts that a 43.8 percent gain within the first nine months of 2010 was reported by Cadillac . During that time, other luxury brands also posted large gains . Infiniti, Acura, Audi and Porsche all sold nearly 25 percent much more vehicles since Sept, 2009 . BMW and Lexus both increased sales by almost 10 percent since September, 2009, and even Lincoln, an almost forgotten brand, had an increase in excess of 6 percent in that time . Lincoln is something For Motor Co. wants to pay attention to within the next year . Volvo was the only business that did not have a rise. This is out of all the luxurious auto companies.

Lexus doesn’t sell just as much as Mercedes

Sales have increased for luxury cars greatly over the past year, but Sept, 2009, saw a significant drop in auto sales overall . Though Cadillac might have posted a 43.8 percent gain for 2010 so far, since Sept, 2009, it has only increased sales by 11 percent, according to Automotive News . There was a 22 percent increase for Mercedes. This was from January 2010 though. Lexus marketed much more vehicles than Mercedes until Sept his and Mercedes beat out Lexus .

Incentives have died

There aren’t hardly any incentives going around anymore with high end brands . The economic climate is doing better though since much more individuals are purchasing high end autos and getting loans again .

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