Saturday, October 9, 2010

Forbes names The First Lady the most influential female in the planet

Michelle Obama, wife of the world’s most influential man, has been named the world’s most powerful woman by Forbes. With November elections looming, Dems hope to tap into that strength. The first lady is preparing to go on the road to rally a complacent Democratic base. Michelle Obama as the most powerful woman is a matter of perspective, as reading responses about the Forbes list from her husband’s political enemies will show.

Michelle Obama is over Hillary, Lady Gaga and Oprah

Michelle Obama made the top of the list when Forbes published its 2010 “New Forbes Power Women” story on Oct. 6. ”Creative influence and entrepreneurship” had been the focus this year when Forbes looked at the top 100 business moguls, movie stars and politicians. Forbes said Obama was “a true change-maker” who has “given a new generation of girls and females worldwide a role model.” Obama’s style of power is one that “stays away from hard policy,” according to the magazine source. The Forbes list top 10 females consist of Ellen Degeneres in the 10th spot, Beyonce in ninth, Lady Gaga in seventh, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in fifth, German Chancellor Angela Merkel in fourth and Oprah Winfrey in 3rd.

Using the first ladies strength, Democrats should fare better in elections

Michelle Obama has elevated her profile on the campaign trail in the past few weeks. She’s been out within the field telling every person they have to vote Democrat in order to progress Obama’s agenda instead of stop it. She warns that Republicans taking over Congress will stop any progression, says CBS. The first lady could be going on a seven-state fundraising tour within the in the near future in order to convince voters to go Democrat in states that are close. A 66 percent approval rating had been assigned to her. This comes from the Washington Post. There’s a 44 percent approval rating for Obama. This comes from a CBS poll.

Michelle Obama position contended

Michelle Obama is on the most powerful list and on the really top. You will find certain circles that dispute with this. Christian Science Monitor’s Peter Grier said Hillary Clinton is higher than Obama because Obama doesn’t have bigger issues she’s working on. There are others who think Obama is only getting the prize due to her position. This is compared by Michelle Malkin on a blog to President Obama’s “undeserved honor” of being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Malkin also said that The First Lady did not deserve this because she is campaigning for Democratic prospects in the elections, isn’t getting a nutrition bill passed in Congress and has not gotten an Olympic big for Chicago yet.



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