Wednesday, October 20, 2010

France on strike in opposition to pension plan bill, rioting ensues

France’s pension plan on strike have thrown the nation’s traveling and industry into a tremendous tailspin. As the French senate prepares to vote Wednesday on whether to boost the retirement age from 60 to 62, rioting and on strike flare up at a moment’s notice. Protestors have ground nationwide industry and travel to a near halt. Daily essentials such as water and oil have also been slowed down in their transport by the on strike.

France strikes, oil refineries shut down and travel will be afflicted

There was a strike on all 12 French refineries. This has caused, accounts the Examiner, an oil shortage to hit. Commercial truck drivers are not delivering gasoline, which has brought on major runs on petrol at French gas stations. Prices are up 50 percent on gas. There are also a lot of gas stations just out of gas.

There’s a significant problem with the oil shortage in France besides this consumer effect. Air traveling has been hurt as well. There have been some serious delays and cancellations with Air France. These are mostly for domestic and European flights though. About 30 percent of flights from Charles de Gaulle and Beauvais airports are cancelled when Paris Orly flights have had about half shut down, accounts the Examiner. EasyJet warns customers that flight schedules will remain unpredictable and advises that they check in frequently for updated info. British Airways has offered a similar explanation, and has emphasized various re-booking possibilities. Ryanair has done the exact same, and has also placed easy-to-understand refund details online at All flights affected by the strikes with France are also posted online with different resources for BMIBaby, Flybe, Air France and American Airlines.

The Skyscanner service is readily accessible to tourists who are using any kind of airline carrier.

Rail travel affected by France on strike also

France has issues with other things besides just airlines. Strikes have also impacted rail travel with European carriers Eurostar, Thalys and Lyria. The France strikes have brought on Artesia and Talgo to just stop services. That is what the Examiner explains. The French carriers TVG, CORAIL, TEOZ and TER are all only operating with 20 to 40 percent. This is with the rail travel. French National railway details is available. Just go to to get it.

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