Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Global Positioning System tracking device discovered on citizen's automobile belongs to Federal Bureau of Investigation

When he went in for a quick oil change, U.S. citizen Yasir Afifi found something he could have never expected. A GPS tracking device had been attached to his automobile. Afifi has been discussing a possible lawsuit through the American Civil Liberties Union. The FBI refuses to say if the gadget belongs to them or not. However, they did show up at Afifi’s apartment to request the “expensive device” be returned to them. Article source – FBI plants GPS tracking automobile on Yasir Afifi’s automobile by Personal Money Store.

Federal Bureau of Investigation gets oil change surprise

Auto mechanics working on Yasir Afifi’s oil change found an interesting FBI surprise. There was a GPS tracking device on the cars. It was attached to the undercarriage. Photos of it were posted online. Yasir Afifi’s friend said the Federal Bureau of Investigation issued that GPS device. While the FBI does not officially confirm that the machine belongs to the Bureau, police and Federal Bureau of Investigation officials did arrive at Afifi’s home to reclaim the gadget.

No reason why a Global Positioning System would be placed

A recent United States 9th circuit court ruling made it legal to track autos with no a warrant which is why it was lawful for the Global Positioning System tracking device to show up there. Yasir Afifi thinks he had been only being tracked for being half Egyptian since there is no other explanation the Federal Bureau of Investigation would be interested in him. Yasir Afifi is a United States born citizen and the son of an Islamic-American community leader.

ACLU states GPS tracking suit will show up

After finding the Federal Bureau of Investigation device in his automobiles, Afifi heard from the American Civil Liberties Union. This is good for the American Civil Liberties Union who wants to challenge the 9th circuit. They wanted a case that would help challenge it. Six months ago was when Afifi heard from the FBI first. The FBI wanted to ask Afifi some questions. He said that as long as his lawyer gave him the okay, then he’d answer and cooperate. The lawyer contacted the FBI, however he never heard anything back. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it received an “anonymous tip” that Afifi may be a threat to national security.

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