Saturday, October 2, 2010

It wasn't Sarah Palin booed by DWTS viewers

The idea that an viewers may have Sarah Palin booed seems preposterous. Good, at least for some individuals. It seemed she was, though. She attended a recent episode of “Dancing with the Stars” and appeared to be booed. It could have also been she was in a room where individuals were booing. After all, she should are there as Bristol Palin is one of the contestants. So far, Bristol Palin really isn’t doing bad at all.

It was not Palin booed

Definitely, Palin has a good reason for being there. Bristol is on “Dancing with the Stars”. During the show, a loud round of booing started following the most judges critiqued the routine from Jennifer Grey, as outlined by USA Today. The camera panned and zoomed toward the most judges table throughout the boos, but there sat the most famous loser of an election in history. Tom Bergeron, one of the judges, insisted the booing was due to the score being lower than the viewers wanted Grey to receive for her performance with show partner Derek Hough. The audience actually applauded Palin.

The final results

Bristol Palin actually did pretty very well. She scored a 22. Bristol Palin has doing well. She is safely in the top of the middle range. People who would have rather someone turned on Slayer than Michael Bolton in the 80s are getting their wish. Bolton, as outlined by the Los Angeles Times, scored a 12. Sadly, when a man or a woman does not like someone’s performance, that person gets sent home. That is apparently next in line for Bolton. The athletes on this season, Rick Fox and Kurt Warner, both scored a 21 with good performances. The rest of the bottom was expected. Margaret Cho, Florence Henderson, and “The Situation” are all good picks for the next person to get booted.

Not a bad year

This hasn’t been the worst season so far. It ought to be entertaining. Having Bristol Palin, a media sensation since it was announced that she was pregnant though numerous pregnancies go unreported on, certainly helps ratings. That said, there is a huge draw for this show. The draw is that “Baby” from “Dirty Dancing” is a contestant. Jennifer Grey became a cultural icon for the role, and so far she still has her chops.

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