Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jobs utilizes Apple revenue meeting to take shots at Android and RIM

Steve Jobs recently participated in an Apple earnings press conference. He discussed how well the stock is doing for Apple Inc., and sales numbers. He also spent the time to unleash on RIM (Blackberry) and Android platforms. He pointed out that Apple sells much more of the iPhone than the competitors, and that the software is usually better. There is a forthcoming Apple event that is being talked about. It is called “Back to the Mac” That event will likely be about pending Mac computers from Apple.

RIM with Jobs blast and Android discussed at Apple earnings meeting

There had been something exciting at probably the most recent Apple revenue conference. Steve Jobs made a surprise visit. Apple Inc. has much higher earnings for the fourth quarter this year. He explained that normally, he wouldn’t come to these meetings. Apple Insider reports that next he said the first $20 billion quarter for Apple had been something he just could not miss. He surely reprehended the competition also. He pointed out the iPhone outsold RIM Blackberry by 2 million models, and that Research In Motion had too far to go to catch up. He also took the time to point out that the Android Smartphones by Google have 200,000 models activated each and every day. He compares this to the 275,000 units activated each day by Apple.

Probably won’t be too many Android tablets sold

Since AAPL just hit $300 a share, which is the best stock price Apple has ever seen, Jobs decided to talk about the software and tablets competition. He said that Google’s states about the iPhone being “closed” and Android being “open” were misleading. Then he explains the 7-inch screen on the Android tablet PC isn’t much bigger than a wise phone. He explains the Android tablet PC could be “dead on arrival” due to this. He explains that every little thing Apple makes is made in house. This means you’ll always get much more for a cheaper price with Apple.

Let’s go ‘Back to the Mac’

An additional Apple event is being planned. It can be on Wed though. New hardware will be added to the Mac operating system at this. CNET reports it is called “Back to the Mac” due to this.

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