Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kringle Candle Company wants to be the next tourist destination

While scented candles have not always been large business, the Kringle Candle Company is hoping to bring them back. Kringle Candle Company opened the doors of their retail store a couple of weeks ago. The company is founded and owned by the son of the founder of Yankee Candle Company. There has already been a noticeable effect on the economy of the region. If Kringle Candle Company becomes a tourist desired destination as they hope to, the impact should continue to grow. Source of article – Kringle Candle Company offers family history with candles by Personal Money Store.

The interesting history of the family of the Kringle Candle Company

The candle-making business is what the Kittredge family is known for. Yankee Candle Company started with Michael Kittredge II in Deerfield Mich. Kittredge sold the Yankee Candle Company 10 years back though. It went for $400 million back then. 20-year-old Michael Kittredge III had a business class. In the class he had been asked to start a company and marketing plan. He created a Kringle Candle Company based upon off anything he knew. The Kringle Candle Company is now open for business after getting support from the Kittredge Industries LLC.

The Kringle Candle Company hopes modern customers will come in

The Kringle Candle Company provides some scents and designs that enthusiasts of Yankee Candle Company will recognize. There are 36 scents offered by the Kringle Candle Company. Candles at Kringle Candle Company are different than Yankee Candles. They all have a white color that is translucent. Candles ought to be able to match any decorations with the lack in color on them.

Future plans for Kringle Candle Company

A candle store won’t be the only thing the Kringle Candle Company makes. The company has purchased a 128-acre farm and large nearby retail store. A restaurant is the next thing the Kringle Candle Company will create with an organic farm and storage facility for that restaurant. In short, Kringle Candle Company aims to become a real competitor to Yankee Candle Company, which is in and of itself a vacationer destination. If any family has the know-how, it is the Kittredge family.

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