Saturday, October 23, 2010

NBA ban delivers Athletic Propulsion Labs to the lead

Athletic Propulsion Labs has seen a large lift in attention after only one year in business. The business is tiny, however the attention is real. The National Basketball Association has utterly banned a shoe made by this business. The Concept 1 is one of the first footwear made by the company. These footwear could be called a true technological marvel. Numerous, though, are calling this a great marketing move.

Athletic Propulsion Labs come out with Concept 1

You can get help with your vertical leap with the Athletic Propulsion Labs Concept 1 footwear. A combination of an internal spring system and design create more energy return when a wearer is jumping. A technological advantage is given when competing athletically. That is the purpose of the shoe. The player’s height, weight and athletic ability factor into this too.

A large restriction on Athletic Propulsion Labs shoes

The Athletic Propulsion Labs’ Concept 1 shoes were banned by the National Basketball Association today. Any shoe that “creates an undue competitive advantage” is banned by the NBA. This is the first time a shoe had been banned from the NBA due to an advantage. It is the second shoe to be banned though. The Air Jordan was the other shoe banned and visual distraction was the reason.

Is the issue technology or is it all promoting?

As soon as the NBA officially banned the Athletic Propulsion Labs shoe, the APL site featured a prominent “banned by the NBA” banner. The customers that love sports became more interested into the company that is only a year old. Becoming restricted by the National Basketball Association was probably an advertising plan anyway. It was a good move for Athletic Propulsion Labs. Are the shoes that good? Did the restriction only happen due to marketing? The Concept 1 shoe costs $300, and Athletic Propulsion Labs could be selling more of them. The one line of basketball footwear is all the company has right now. Now, the business has more attention too. New running technology is within the plan for 2011. This is what Athletic Propulsion Labs is working on.



Athletic Propulsion Labs

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