Sunday, October 17, 2010

Obama denies the presence of shovel ready work

A recent meeting with Obama asked him about the lack of job creation during his administration so far. He answered that “shovel ready” jobs do not exist. One of the constant criticisms of his administration thus far is the lack of job creation. The economy had been one of the biggest issues during his election campaign. He did promise some job development as a candidate. Nevertheless, he hasn’t had a huge impact on joblessness so far. Unemployment has fallen only 1 percent since he took office. Economic issues are the largest criticisms of the president’s term so far.

Shovel ready doesn’t exist

The first term of presidency is practically half up for Obama. Everybody thought more work are intended to be created with the stimulus programs he begun. Stimulus programs are considered wasteful and ineffective by fairly much everyone now. The NY Times got to interview Obama most recently. Job creation hasn’t occurred much. Obama was able to address this within the interview. He said that it became clear to him once he got to Washington that there were no such thing as shovel ready projects in the public works sector to get individuals working. Public work projects were used a lot during the Good Depression. This was how Franklin Delano Roosevelt kept work for people.

Long-run for Obama

Obama keeps saying that doing good for a long term is what he wants to do. He agrees with David Axelrod who says that the short term is what the popular opinion tends to want. Obama is often seen as a villain right now. This is because his policies make for a long-run outlook that nobody can see right now. Patience is what the individuals in the United States have to have, Obama told Peter Baker, because it always takes longer to get things done in a democracy. Obama made his “shovel ready” remark. This makes it all seem true.

Wither Washington

The Washington machine breaks down a Congressman who’s an idealistic in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” which is a classic movie. It is difficult to know whether Barack Obama is falling victim to similar circumstances. Departures of high level staff, for instance Rahm Emanuel make it appear he is struggling.

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