Saturday, October 2, 2010

On Good Morning America, Katy Perry is defended by Elmo

The 41st season of “Sesame Street” was supposed to start with an episode with a special celeb appearance. Most already know that Katy Perry was supposed to star in it. The kid’s program has celebrities, including Katy Perry, on the show all the time. She would have been in the episode if her scene with “Street’s” Elmo had not been modified out since it was racy. And Elmo had something to say about it.

Elmo appears on ‘Good Morning America’ with George Stephanopoulos

The brand new York Times explains that Elmo was there. He wanted to defend his friend there. Elmo, super Grover and Executive Producer of “Sesame Street” Carol-Lynn Parente all appeared in front of an audience that thought Katy Perry’s mostly-covered breasts were inappropriate for kids to view on the show.

Miss Perry created a parody of her song “Hot ‘N Cold” about Elmo and Perry having a play date for the scene in question. YouTube has the video on there. It is easy to find. Elmo isn’t interested in playing with Perry although she was ready. The dress up clothes she has on are what many think about too revealing. This is what has caused such extreme controversy amongst parents. This has given Puritanical members of the extreme right a “cause” to caterwaul against.

Parente explains that she’s ’surprised at the volume of disapproving responses’

Parente told Stephanopoulos that “Sesame Street” would “never, never produce anything that we thought was inappropriate.” By booking a guest like Katy Perry, the intention was to perhaps grab the attention of younger parents who may not have grown up with “Sesame Street.” The production team decided it was something that needed to be scratched after enough complaints came in about how inappropriate it was for a children’s show.

Elmo, as a 3 and a half year old monster, said that he hoped Perry would come have a play date again sometime on “Sesame Street”.

“Elmo loves Miss Katy,” he said.

Complainers get made fun of

Super Grover decided to play a part in making fun of the conservative parents. He wore a costume and asked if Stephanopoulos liked it. He then said really quickly, “It is not too revealing, is it?”

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