Friday, October 8, 2010

Terror warning gives a warning to Europe destined vacationers

There was a just lately released terrorist alert by the United States of America govt. It was released Oct. 3, as a caution. The warning is for Americans to be cautious of possible terrorist threats while traveling in Europe. The United Kingdom and Japan also issued similar cautions to their citizens. The advisory has to do with some recent events in Germany. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of skepticism from the German govt.

Japan terror warning issued following American warning

The government in Japan issued a terror warning. This was issued to all citizens abroad and going abroad at the time. Caution was warned to Japanese nationals. It was given to those going to Europe for travel. the warning suggests caution in public. This is for any person going abroad for holiday or even for business. The Christian Science Monitor explains the alert suggests caution in public transportation and when in popular tourist locations. The Japan terror alert was issued a day after the U.S. State Department given a comparable caution. A U.K. terror alert was also issued following the announcement from Washington. The who everybody wants to hear from. There hasn’t been anything yet.

A risk originating from Germany

Cable News Network explains that the arrest of a German citizen is where the Al Qaeda plot for terrorism in Europe was first heard of. Ahmed Sidiqi, Algerian by descent, left Hamburg for Pakistan in 2009 with 10 others, where they were recruited by a jihadist group. In Afghanistan, coalition forces were being fought with this group. That was when the capturing of Sidiqi happened. Sidiqi decided to convert to Shia from Sunni. He attended, in Hamburg, the Taiba mosque. That’s where the group recruited. The 9/11 attacks were lead by a man named Mohammed Atta who also attends the Taiba mosque supposedly.

Actual danger?

It sounds like the threat is serious thinking about the warnings from three governments. Seems like like the German intelligence services aren’t so sure. They seem skeptical of the whole thing. The German govt has assured that it is totally safe to go to either Hamburg or Stuttgart if one pleases.



CS Monitor

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