Friday, October 29, 2010

A vehicle that will not start can be very easily figured out

There is nothing close to the panic induced by an automobile that won’t start. Panic can set in, and so can terrifying rage. The first thing a person ought to do within the face of a car problem is to take a breath and stay calm. Automobiles are neither magical nor incredibly mysterious. There is a science to them, and with a little knowledge, figuring out why the darn thing won’t turn over is easy.

The key must be turned

There are two parts to the ignition system. They are 2 processes. The cam shaft is operated by the flywheel begun with the starter motor. This gets the pistons working. The spark plugs ignite the fuel injected to the engine. This makes the piston cycle and combustion begin. When the process doesn’t work, panic, anger or desperation can set in. The car is something you then start to swear at. This only takes place for some people. Figuring out what happened is the next step. That’s what you should do.

Just listen to the problem

Listen as you try to get the motor to turn over. You will find usual suspects based on the sound heard. Listen to this:

  • Flywheel-listen for the flywheel engaging which ought to have a “click” sound. Do not hear a click sound? It is probably your flywheel.
  • Starter – If the flywheel is not engaging, however the starter works, there can be a series of clicks from the starter.
  • Fuel pump – the fuel pump will make a “whirr” sound. Within the tank there is the fuel pump occasionally. It sits in coolant often. The pump from time to time burns out if the automobile is run out of gas.
  • Finding out if there is a bigger issue

    Occasionally the battery fails. It’s entirely dead in this case. However, if all these sounds are heard and also the battery is charged, that is when a real issue might exist. A dead wire could be one more issue. It might also be that the battery terminals need cleaning or there’s a issue within the spark plugs or plug wires. You ought to talk to a mechanic though if your automobile won’t start and also the issue is not one of these.

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