Friday, October 1, 2010

Video clip punk O'Keefe thought he could seduce Abbie Boudreau of Cable News Network

Abbie Boudreau, a reporter for CNN, has been focusing on a running documentary about right wing activist youth. Her work captivated the attention of conservative video provocateur James O’Keefe. Best known for a bogus video clip investigation in which he posed as a pimp to publicly embarrass ACORN, O’Keefe prepared to discredit Boudreau’s investigation of the young conservatives, strangely enough, by sexually attacking her as concealed cameras rolled. When Boudreau arrived for the “interview,” a female working with O’Keefe thought the better of things and let her know what was about to take place. Source for this article – CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau turns tables on right wing punkster by Personal Money Store.

O’Keefe seduction does not trick Boudreau

Abbie Bourdeau is an award winning investigative journalist. Recently she’s been focusing on a piece with right wing video clip producers, reports CNN. Boudreau was preparing on attending a video clip shoot. This shoot had O’Keefe in it. Boudreau was expected to ask O’Keefe for permission to do this. That is what the director shared with her. O’Keefe’s video is called “Project Veritas.” He asked Boudreau to meet him alone in person because of the chance he thought he had. He was preparing to get Boudreau to go with him to a place that was being filmed and had a lot of champagne, condoms and sex toys. Somehow, O’Keefe believed he could seduce Boudreau. He was hoping to get a viral video by capturing it all on camera. He may have ruined his personal career in the process rather than hurting Boudreau’s like he had prepared.

Destroying O’Keefe by his personal self image

O’Keefe’s’ plot was thwarted by one of his own, executive director of Project Veritas, Izzy Santa. As soon as Boudreau got there, Santa shared with her not to go in. He warned her of the plan and ended the whole thing before it started. The media has already found O’Keefe’s plan something to be made fun of. Jon Healy at the Los Angeles Times said O’Keefe’s latest effort to embarrass alleged liberals with a hidden camera was “beyond brain dead.”. Healy wrote that O’Keefe must get his romantic advice from Smoove B, and rather than attraction, sexual harassment on camera was more accurate. O’Keefe had a script planned to say, “So, I’m going to seduce her, on camera, to use her for a video. This bubble-headed bleach-blonde who comes on at five will get a taste of her own medicine; she’ll get enticed on camera and you’ll get to see the awkwardness and the aftermath.”

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