Friday, November 26, 2010

Willow Palin gay-bashes critics on Facebook

Willow Palin, the 16-year-old daughter of Palin, had had it up to here with critics of "Sarah Palin’s Alaska," reports TMZ. A young man called Tre, who evidently went to school with the Palin daughters, submitted a Facebook status update that read "Sarah Palin’s Alaska is failing so hard right now". Willow Palin responded by lashing back with numerous homophobic slurs, based on TMZ.

Response from Willow Palin to Tre

"Sarah Palin’s Alaska" is not so darling to many television critics, so it’s understandable that there may be some embarrassment or hurt feelings for the Palin family, Willow Palin included. But Willow Palin appears to have had quite an ax to grind. On Facebook, Tre's wall had comments from Willow. They were quite humorous too:

  • “Haha your so gay. I have no idea who you are, But what I’ve seen pictures of, your disgusting … My sister had a kid and is still hot.”
  • "Tre stfu. Your such a f**got.”
  • “You’re running your mouth just to talk sh*t.”

At that point, the war had been on. Then a Facebook user Jon got it from Bristol Palin who is on "Dancing with the Stars," abstinence talk and Levi Johnston:

“You’ll be as successful as my baby daddy, And really I do work my ass off. I’ve been a single mom for the last 2 yrs.”

Knowing about this miss president

TMZ explains that "baby bear defending Mama Grizzly" is all that is happening although Sarah Palin's campaign for 2012 president hasn't been helped by this. Willow Palin came back to say this after Bristol's comment:

“Sorry that you guys are all jealous of my families success and also you guys aren’t goin to go anywhere with your lives.”

More agitation coming to those already feeling it

Willow Palin better hope that nobody in her Facebook crowd that is made gets to angry. They might end up being like Steven Cowan of Vermont. Cowan was so mad when watching "DWTS" and Bristol Palin wasn't kicked off. So angry had been the financially stressed, intoxicated mental health patient over this that he went upstairs, grabbed his shotgun and fired it at the television. Cowan had been arrested after a 15-hour standoff with Dane County Police.



Wisconsin State Journal

How not to reign in Willow Palin’s boyfriend

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Levy case ends with Guandique responsible judgment

The Chandra Levy homicide court case appears to be closed. The defendant, Guandique, has been found guilty. Guandique, an immigrant from El Salvador, was found responsible after the jury deliberated for four days. Guandique is believed by some to have been fingered as a fall guy, as there are some inconsistencies with the evidence.

Death of Levy gets Ingmar Guandique convicted of homicide

The Levy murder court case went unsolved for year, accounts MSNBC. Now, Guandique was found guilty on trial. Prior congressman Gary Condit was supposedly having an affair with Levy while she interned in WA D.C. Because 2 women were attacked by Guandique in Rock Creek Park in WA D.C., he is already serving a 10 year sentence. 2001 was when it began. Levy’s remains were found in Rock Creek Park in 2001, a year after she was reported missing. What led prosecutors to try the already incarcerated inmate was testimony from his cellmate, who claimed that Guandique had admitted to murdering her, but nothing else. However, the murder trial remains controversial, as many believe Guandique has been made a scapegoat.

Oddities with proof

Gary Condit was always acting suspiciously at the trial while even taking the Fifth Amendment at one point. This is what the illegal immigrant, Guandique, had his defense explain. A witness can take the Fifth Amendment to stay away from incriminating himself, which Condit did. The Washington Post explains that there are also some concerns with the physical evidence pointed out by the defense. There is little physical proof that Guandique ever came in contact with Levy. A murder weapons was never discovered by anybody. Also, the DNA on Levy's running tights didn't match Condit or Guandique's DNA. The prosecution countered that an investigator could have improperly handled the evidence, contaminating it with their DNA, but no testing was done to confirm it.

Horrible high profile court case end

The problem is the evidence does not all match up like it should. Because of Guandique's past crimes though, he might very well be guilty when it comes to Chandra Levy. Hopefully justice has been done for Chandra Levy.

Details from


Washington Post

Cash advance payday loans in Atlanta, Georgia

Cash loans for Atlanta, Georgia

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Payday loans online for those in Atlanta

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Atlanta, Georgia on the internet loans

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A payday loan trap would be preferable to contemporary customer debt

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Pay day loan are not the cause of the $11 trillion debt trap

According to Fortune, the mortgage industry does far more in business than payday payday lenders do. In fact, there is $10.6 trillion in outstanding mortgage debt. Both credit cards and mortgages have one thing in common, they are meant to keep people paying to them for long periods of time. The debt from credit cards alone is around $822 billion. To come up with the $1.6 trillion in debt left you have to add student loans, automobile loan and installment loan. This debt is still lower than previous years.

Pay day loans aren't even playing the same game

The credit card industry is far larger than the pay day loan industry. In fact it is 20 times larger. If you add up the total amount of each payday advance loan given out, you still would not hit $50 billion. Furthermore, most studies of profitability of the unsecured loans industry indicate profits at the largest of payday lenders are 10 percent or less. Pay day loan are actually a convenient and efficient choice for lending despite what people lead you to believe.

Smaller than expected

Payday loans are such a small portion of the overall credit market, that it seems ridiculous to single them out compared to other sources of debt. The credit industries make enough money to market to the masses and slander payday lender. When payday lenders don’t make enough money to fight back. To learn more for yourself, simply visit the Payday Loan Facts and Statistics Report on Personal Money Store.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Brandy off DWTS after getting flawless score

A fair quantity of individuals have been shocked with the unceremonious boot of Brandy off "dancing with the stars" What makes it worse is the scores she and her companion received. Both received flawless scores the night before the outcomes show. There may be a conspiracy theory, as individuals voting against one of the best couples within the TV show seems incredibly odd. Resource for this article – Brandy off Dancing with the Stars after achieving perfect score by Personal Money Store.

‘dancing with the stars’ eliminates Brandy after perfect rating

Many people are extremely surprise that Brandy and dance companion Maks Chmerkovskiy were eliminated from “Dancing using the Stars”. Brandy and Maks achieved a flawless score the night before the voting results show, acquiring a full 10 points from each of the judges. After being eliminated, based on USA Today, Norwood and Chmerkoviskiy went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”. Many have guessed the Tea Party is trying to get Palin blood more well known by having Bristol Palin win the show perhaps even though she might not be able to dance very well. This is what Kimmel asked them about. The dancing done by Bristol Palin has not been too bad really. However, it has certainly not been as good as the other dancers. Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Palin will have to showdown. This is what the "DWTS" finale will look like.

TV shot because of man's anger

Bristol Palin is nevertheless on the TV show. A number of people are quite angry over it actually. A Wisconsin guy was so disgusted with Bristol Palin not getting booted from the TV show that he really shot his television set, based on Columbia Broadcasting System. Steve Cowan, of Vermont, Wis., was so incensed by Palin’s lackluster performance that he took his shotgun and blasted his television set, resulting in SWAT team officers talking him out of his house to surrender. Reckless endangerment might get him 10 years in prison.

Pro-Palin conspiracy theory not implausible

"Dancing with the Stars" is just like "American Idol." The judges aren't responsible for making the choices; the viewers vote. Bristol would not have made it this long if the judges were to make the decisions. The rules of the show allow Palin to get voted for by Tea Party members jut because she is a Palin. The quality of her performance doesn't really matter.

Articles cited

USA Today

CBS News

Murkowski slams Palin and takes AK vote count up lead

The AK vote count up doesn’t appear to be going Joe Miller’s way, as Murkowski has taken the lead. Miller is attempting to receive some of the votes voided through a lawsuit in federal judge. Murkowski also took some significant shots at previous governor Sarah Palin.

AK vote count has Murkowski within the lead

Within the AK vote count up which is much contested, for the Alaska U.S. Senate election, Lisa Murkowski is now doing better than Miller. A write-in campaign is something Murkowski decided, and previous governor Palin didn't like the idea of, to accomplish. She lost the Alaska Republican primary to Joe Miller which sprung this though. Palin backed Miller as a Tea Party Republican very heavily. An endorsement from Palin might end up meaning little for Miller. The Anchorage Daily News explains that Murkowski has a 92,164 to 90,458 lead to miller right now. There are nevertheless over 8,000 ballots that remain to be counted, however so far 97 percent of write-in ballots have gone to Murkowski. The judge has not granted anything to Joe Miller yet even though he has challenged 7,601 of the votes. The law can hopefully be interpreted. This is what Murkowski would like.

Murkowski blasts Sarah Palin

Murkowski and Palin have a past that is pretty bitter. Palin has already in the press slapped Murkowski within the face a few times. Columbia Broadcasting System reports that Katie Couric interviewed Murkowski where she said that the "leadership skills" are something Palin doesn't have while she "lacks intellectual curiosity" like a President needs. She pointed out that she was not engaged in office at all while being governor for half a term. She then explained that Palin got out as fast as she could afterwards.

Final vote count almost there

The last ballots are being reviewed and gathered which indicates the last AK vote count will be here shortly. The lawsuit by Miller might end up just getting thrown out if it does not progress fast enough as it is still pending. The 1st write-in candidate to receive into office in 50 years will be Murkowski if she wins.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

National Unfriend Day - Jimmy Kimmel promotes cutting the unwanted fat

On his TV show, Kimmel discussed a brand new national “holiday.” He announced November 17 being “National Unfriend Day”. Jimmy Kimmel argues that we’re “devaluing” friends by having as well many on Facebook. Though meant merely as a gimmick, the thought behind National Unfriend Day has a solid basis in sociological analysis.

Really viewing due to Kimmel, National Unfriend Day

On his late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel had a long discussion about exactly what a “friend” really is. Just because a person went to middle or high school with you does not make them your buddy. They may or may not be in fact. He doesn't like that there is not much meaning to the word "friend" anymore. He hopes that people will help get back to the real meaning. There is one thing you need to do on National Unfriend Day. Everyone you don't really want a relationship with that is really a Facebook buddy, just delete.

Psychological reason behind National Unfriend day

Though it seems humorous, National Unfriend Day does have some scientific basis. Researcher Robin Dunbar published a book called “How Many Friends Does One Person Need” that argues that the upper limit of relationships any one person can maintain is 150. The social networks in human history have helped him come to this conclusion. Only so many things can go on at one time within the brain while it is almost impossible to maintain more than that.

The problem with National Unfriend Day

National Unfriend Day, much like Facebook, presents several sticky social situations. A buddy limit of 50 is put on the social networking and photo sharing site Path. We try to build relationships through issues like Facebook with networking. "Friending" individuals ends up staying exactly what you do on those sites. It can be hard to limit friends to just 50, or perhaps even 150 since having somebody as part of your life just a little bit typically signifies they will be with your social networking. So exactly what do you believe? Will you be “celebrating” National Unfriend Day, or ignoring it?

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It's arrived at this: TSA pats down three-year-old

Following 9/11, airport security became an entirely different animal. What was once a tedious process has now become and invasion of personal space and liberty, argue many. In Chattanooga, Tenn., the way one Transportation Security Administration official handled a young child proves that the process is in need of revision, writes Hot Air. As seen on video, the TSA screener pats down the 3-year-old aggressively, despite the child’s screams.

Meltdown over teddy bear results in pat down by Transportation Security Administration

3-year old Many Simon had a pat down by Transportation Security Administration when she threw a fit following her teddy bear was taken at scanner checkpoint. She is the daughter of Houston TV news reporter Steve Simon. A huge fit with crying was what Mandy did here. The Transportation Security Administration said she needed a pat down and hand scanner, or a "closer inspection," because of this. Whether TSA officials had significant reason to believe that Mandy Simon was an explosives mule for al-Qaeda is unclear; such things have occurred with children and the mentally impaired in Iraq. Thus, the United States Department of Homeland Security mandates that such invasive procedures occur, despite their intensely unpopular standing with passengers and airport staff.

The incident video is fairly bad though. As Hot Air suggests, perhaps Transportation Security Administration could have taken mom and dad aside for questioning, to see if an inspection was truly necessary.

The United States could take a page from Israel’s book

According to reports, Israel has not had an airport security breach in decades. The TSA in the United States is not nearly as subtle or comprehensive as their methods are. It isn't necessary to have random sampling like this the Wall Street Journal suggests. In fact, the right training for TSA screeners would make a huge different. Hot Air explained that "Mugging random 3-year-olds" is something that would no longer take place. Searching a young child does not have to happen though. Instead they might consider redirecting the child's fear or anger to determine what is going on. Janet Napolitano and the TSA's images that are now really bad and might get better if there were proper training and proper attitudes with consumer service.

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TSA must learn how to work with children

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter premiere anxiously looked forward to by followers

One week prior to the theatrical release, the superstars came out for the "Harry Potter" premiere in London. The first half of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" debuts on Friday, November 19th, and also the 2nd half comes out next July. It is the end to the greatest success of a film franchise ever.

Beginning of the conclusion of Harry Potter

The forthcoming “Harry Potter” premiere, or the 1st half of the movie version of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", will be the introduction of the end for the series. The “Harry Potter” films are collectively the most successful movie franchise of all time. 2nd on the list is the "James Bond" franchise. "Star Wars" is the third. As the series became darker over time, the next 2 films could be darker than all the other films. The plot of the films involved Harry Potter and Voldemort. They’ll be meeting for a final time. Friday will be when the 1st installment comes out while July 15, 2011 can be when the second and final film is released.

A big premiere in London

Prior to the release in theaters, there was a premier on Thursday in London. Invited were cast, crew and other celebrities. Numerous talked all about Emma Watson. She got a haircut that has astonished many. After years of playing the long-locked Hermione Granger, Watson cut her hair incredibly short, based on USA Today. Numerous enthusiasts of the series were shocked when they saw her with the short hair. Of course you'd see Harry Potter, or Daniel Radcliffe, in London at the premiere. Also, Rupert Grint playing Ron Weasley had been there as well. The second film could be premiering at a fantastic time. It will be about the 10 year mark for the release of the first movie.

A whole new begin

The members of the cast will likely have a difficult time finding any other work. The franchise film series has brought on them to be a typecast. The "Harry Potter" cast might do more than we think they can though.


USA Today

Friday, November 19, 2010

Questioned missile claims by GOP jeopardize NewSTART treaty

Missile security is a bone of contention among countries that compete against each other for a global advantage. But conflicts over missile defense have become internalized within the United States Senate. The issue has been co-opted by GOP senators to stand in the way of President Obama’s national security goals. In this case it is the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty signed by President Obama and Russian President Dimitri Medvedev in April.

NewSTART associated with relationships between the United States and Russia

Many Republicans are using the NewSTART treaty which relies on missile security for making for fun politics even though it was supported until this week. The Obama administration trying to improve national security and U.S./Russia relations has relied on NewSTART treaty for this. It’s extremely significant that the NewSTART treaty go through by the Senate. Even U.S./Russia relationships haven't been hurt by the extradition of Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout to the United States of America or the Russian spy scandal that happened last year due to this. But this week, veteran Arizona Republican senator Jon Kyl and 10 freshly elected GOP senators are trying to get the vote delayed until next year, when Democrats lose six u.s. senate seats.

The GOP taking the steps to START again

Starting back up on-the-ground inspections and stopping strategic nuclear missiles is actually essential for the NewSTART treaty. The old START treaty expired in 2009 meaning this is even more important. Kyl and his new acolytes are saying the U.S. Senate needs to start over because more cash is needed for modernizing the arsenal that remains after the reductions. The point had already been brought up and addressed though. $4.1 billion was added for that. In the treaty, specific language is used for the treaty. They say that U.S. missile security choices may be restricted because of this.

Exactly what the NewSTART is actually about

The NewSTART treaty does not talk concerning the number of missiles the United States of America can build. No limit was put in there. It also does not require the United States to cut any already existing systems. The NewSTART treaty reduces restrictions on missile security based on Military Security Agency chief General Patrick O'Reilly who said this in front of the Senate Armed Services committee in April. The United States of America can now test missiles that would be there to take out other missiles; which was limited within the old START treaty.


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E-marriage clears door for additional same-sex events

E-marriage - Matrimony by proxy for same-sex partners

The majority of states don’t permit same-sex matrimony by law. However as Time magazine reports, technology is giving same-sex partners more possibilities for holding a ceremony than ever in the past. For instance, one same-sex couple in Texas most recently tied the knot via the online communication service Skype, in what is being called an "e-marriage".

E-marriage possible in Texas, despite state regulations

In Dallas TX, Mark Reed and Dante Walkup were able to have an e-marriage although gay marriage isn’t lawful. Reed, a board member of the LGBT group GetEQUAL, arranged for the e-marriage to be officiated by a party in Washington, D.C., where same-sex marriage is legal. The couple had to wait for the marriage license in the mail after really going to WA D.D. to register for the license. It was worth it to Reed and Walkup to be able to have a ceremony in front of family and friends though.

Sheila Alexander-Reid appeared via Skype on a 6-by-8 foot screen to officiate the wedding ceremony. She is a marriage equality activist too.

"When we walked down the aisle, as soon as we reached the front, she comes on the screen like The Wizard of Oz," Reed said. "It had been beautiful. It wasn't make-believe. It had been like she was really there."

Experiencing other proxy partnerships

Reed thought it would be perfectly fine to have a same-sex e-marriage considering many military couples are married through a teleconference when one party is oversees. While you will find no specific regulations governing e-marriages, Reed is at the moment working with state and national legislators to ensure that other same-sex partners could have the right to marry via Internet proxy ought to they choose to do so. Later the same-sex marriage ban in TX could be what he works on. He wants to get rid of it too.

Discovering innovative ways around inequality

The hope that Dante Walkup and Mark Reed has is that this will help people see that change can take place. They know that they are getting all this attention and are glad they are. Many will breach horizons while technology is expanding. Getting around the law artistically is what Reed is doing. He says this is the only way to change people's minds.

"It's like the more equal we can get through innovative techniques, we're going to do it," is what Reed said. This is what he believed.

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Ellen grills John McCain

Sweet potato casserole and sweet potato pie - Course flawlessness

Sweet potatoes are often a part of a basic Thanksgiving meal spread. A few families have come to near-blows above one major debate, though. Ought to there be sweet potato pie or sweet potato casserole on the table?. The secret to tasty sweet potato recipes is to get the right tuber mixed with the right supporting cast.

The thing you need for a sweet potato recipe

A sweet potato recipe will sometimes use the term “yam” interchangeably. You might possibly even have a course lying around. "Thanksgiving yams" might possibly even be the name of it. A yam and sweet potato are different things though. Thanksgiving recipes typically will include sweet potatoes in them. Within the United States of America, yams are becoming less limited. Make sure that if you buy it, you know what to do with it. A yam looks very different from a sweet potato and will cook and taste differently also as it is from Africa.

How to cook that sweet potato casserole

A classic sweet potato casserole recipe typically mashes the sweet potatoes up with butter and brown sugar, then tops them with marshmallows. This recipe outcomes in a cloyingly sweet dish that is more suited for dessert than a side dish. Instead, try steaming 1 pound peeled sweet potatoes, then mashing them together with just 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup butter, 1 teaspoon ginger, 1 teaspoon kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. If you feel like the marshmallow crust is an absolute necessity, try sprinkling the marshmallows with a little kosher salt before you put it in a 300 degree oven for 20 minutes.

How you can cook some sweet potato pie

Sweet potato pies are really for dessert which makes them perfectly okay. By adding eggs to a sweet potato pie recipe, you give it the structural integrity it must be a true pie. Mash sweet potatoes after steaming 1 ½ pounds of it. Then, add 1 ¼ cup sour cream to it. Next you'll add more ingredients. This will include 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon nutmeg, 5 egg yolks and ½ cup dark brown sugar. you can put 1 cup toasted pecans on top of it after you put the filling into a 9-inch frozen pie shell. You can get your sweet potato pie right after baking it at 350 for 1 hour.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chinese vase brings about impression following huge selling price

An uncommon Chinese vase has caused a sensation following selling for an incredible value. The vase was discovered in an attic. The vase became probably the most expensive ever sold, fetching more than 53 million pounds or $85 million. The vase had been stored in an attic for years, as the owner was oblivious to its value. It is likely from the late 18th century.

Vase that's Chinese located in an attic

It’s nevertheless unknown who the woman and her son was that marketed the vase. The Telegraph accounts that her brother left her the vase though. The vase was sitting in the woman’s attic room following her brother inherited it from an uncle, an “adventurer” who brought the vase back from China and left it to his nephew, who left it in turn to his sister. The vase just sat someplace getting dusty. The woman then put it on her bookshelf. She had it appraised at 800 pounds or $1,300 eventually. The woman was told that the vase was worth much more than that following she took it to the auction house Bainbridges. The vase was suspected to be from the royal collection of the Qianlong emperor of Hongli as it was from the Qing dynasty. It will go back to the 18th century in how old it is. It’s expected to have been fired within the imperial kilns. The royal seal in it implies this.

Uncommon Chinese vase rumors fly

Many Chinese collectors came to try to purchase the vase at an auction after message got out. It took a long time for the bidding to end. It was a 30 minute round of bidding. More than 53 million pounds or $85 million were paid for the vase in the end. The Daily Mail explained that the winner had missed out on an uncommon Chinese vase earlier this year. This Chinese industrialist wasn't about to let that take place again. Peter Bainbridge was the auctioneer. He made the gavel shatter because it was banging to hard. Rare Chinese porcelain is incredibly valuable.

Next we collect some taxes

After paying the auction commission, just less than 9 million pounds, the family may also face a tax bill of about 12 million pounds. The selling was an incredible discover for the auctioneer, who doesn’t normally deal with lots valued more than 500 pounds.

Data from

Daily Mail

The Telegraph

Mister Goodwrench has taken its last turn

GM is dropping the Mr. Goodwrench name from its dealerships and service stations. GM is not canceling all dealership and brand service stations though. The signs are just going to change to brand specific service stations. Mr. Goodwrench, launched in the 1970s, was changed to Goodwrench Service Plus within the 1990s. The manufacturer is being dropped to accommodate the newest GM advertising techniques.

Mr. Goodwrench loosened from Gm

Anything that General Motors owns will no longer be connected to Mr. Goodwrench and Goodwrench branding. The company has decided instead, according to CNN, to shift its marketing focus concerning General Motors qualified service stations. General Motors started using Mr. Goodwrench in the 1970s. This is what all service stations were called for the purpose of advertising to families. The Goodwrench Service Plus stations had been what the name had been within the 1990s. There could be a rebranding on all service stations with the name starting February 1. Anywhere a Goodwrench station was there can be a new brand introduced. General Motors will be changing all certified stations. Chevrolet Certified Service or GMC Certified Service will be written on the signs. The four different brands could be marketed individually. This will be instead of marketing General Motors as a whole.

Profits high

The highest profits in 11 years were posted by General Motors, the brand new York times reports. Gm went through a bankruptcy. For the third consecutive quarter, it has shown profit since then. $2.1 billion was the profit General Motors posted for the third quarter of 2010. The business will do well with the large boost posted since the Gm IPO is about to happen.

All the car making going on

Overpaying is something General Motors is known for. In fact, car companies see this. However, after a quick bankruptcy and seeming change in attitude, the car giant appears to be turning around. The Treasury still holds a substantial number of shares in the company, but the initial public offering of General Motors stock will pay back large portions of that.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Financing the arts in the Nutcracker Market 2010

It’s the season of arts and craft fairs, and the Nutcracker Market 2010 is one of the biggest. The four-day Nutcracker Market 2010 is hosted in the huge Reliant Center, and benefits the Houston Ballet. The artistry are having a tough time getting funding within the recession. The Nutcracker Market 2010 helps the artistry fund themselves.

Nutcracker Market 2010 basics

The Nutcracker Market 2010 is being kept at the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas. The 30th annual sale had been opened by former First Lady Barbara Bush, who also opened the fair in 1981. There are 325 vendors at the Nutcracker Market 2010, covering a range from high-class to shabby chic. From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., you are able to get to the fair on Saturday and Sunday. If you prefer to go Friday, the fair is open just a little longer form 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you buy the tickets beforehand then you only have to pay $11 when at the door it will be $12.

Getting the Houston Ballet money

The Nutcracker Market 2010 is expected to draw more than 85,000 shoppers. About $14 million in merchandise had been sold when raising $2.5 million for the Houston Ballet at the Nutcracker Market last year. The 4th largest ballet company in the nation is the Houston Ballet company. It only has a $20 million a year spending budget too. Fund-raising events like the Nutcracker Market 2010, endowments and ticket sales all go to the Houston Ballet to fund it.

The problem of arts funding

It is always hard to be a nonprofit art organization like the Houston Ballet. In general, performing arts organizations have a high fixed cost and limited audience, meaning that they are difficult to fund at times. With the recession, fewer people are donating to or making use of arts and performing arts organizations, and across the nation they are being forced to cut events, budgets and performances. Events like the Nutcracker Market 2010 represent an important development — large fundraising efforts that help arts organizations support themselves. The Houston Ballet will only be able to get about 10 percent of its budget filled with the Nutcracker Market 2010 though. This means that arts funding, like all other nonprofit funding, will continue to face a challenge.

Info from


Houston Ballet

Gingerbread Android model creeping nearer to release

The Black Friday showdown among Apple and Android may have gotten a little more epic. The rumored Gingerbread Android operating system might be nearer to release than believed. The name Gingerbread for Android 2.3 had been never confirmed, however Google most recently posted images of gingerbread cookies baked in the shape of the Android emblem. Rumours are that Android 2.3 will come stock on the upcoming Nexus S.

Rumors of Gingerbread Android

Many await the brand new versions of Android OS just as much as they do for Apple updates. In late 2009, probably the most recent Android OS came out. It had been called Froyo as the Android 2.2. The previous Android system had been named Éclair. Google's Twitter page put up pictures of gingerbread cookies shaped within the Android logo which started the rumors although there is no release date for the Gingerbread Android OS yet. PC Magazine reports that a new statue within the Android statue area of the Google campus was there which was shown in video footage. There haven't been any information released on the OS for the smartphone meaning features are unknown. The release date for Gingerbread is not known yet.

May come with Nexus S

The Nexus One sequel has been talked about for a while as the next generation of Google phones. The release by HTC Of the Nexus S which is the newest Nexus phone is something many are waiting for. It might also be the first phone to come with Android 2.3, according to Daily Tech. Nobody has confirmed anything. That doesn't stop the rumors of the Nexus S being the first phone with Gingerbread on it. Hopefully it releases quicker instead of later. Google will benefit from this.
Many get into brawls over it all

Christmas is what most retail is all about. The Android Gingerbread OS and also the Nexus S are just rumors at this point. That said, with the looming release of iOS 4.2, the stage for an epic showdown for Black Friday supremacy is seemingly set.


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Monday, November 15, 2010

Brand new smoking safety measures aim to surprise people who smoke clean

Smokers are getting polite alerts about cancer and passing away on cigarette labels for many years, to little avail. That will change, according to the FDA. New smoking caution labeling are being proposed that the agency dreams will reduce smoking cigarettes within the United States of America. The new cigarette warning labels are a result of congressional legislation that of course the FDA authority to regulate tobacco as a drug.

New cigarette labels shock many

At you are able to see what the FDA posted for public remark that are the brand new cigarette warning labels that show the consequences of smoking graphically. The FDA’s proposed cigarette warning labels cover half the surface area of the pack. The pictures illustrate scenes that happen when people smoke. A body lying in a morgue with a t-shirt that says "I quit" on it, a woman smoking with a baby in her lap and a man smoking from a tracheotomy tube in his throat are all parts of these scenes. There are needs for graphic labels in over 30 countries already. Images of cancerous mouths and organs and blackened teeth are among these.

FDA seeks public remark on cigarette warnings

The Food and Drug Administration hopes that the public will remark on the cigarette labels. Until January 9, the public can see and make comments on 36 cigarette warning labels. Nine cigarette warnings can be chosen by June 22. New warning labels could be on cigarettes before October 22, 2012. This is the deadline for companies. The nation's largest cigarette manufacturer supports the newest warnings. This is Philip Morris USA. The New York Times spoke with director of the Nicotine Dependence Center at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Richard Hurt, who said that a change in packaging may be done by cigarette makers in order to make the message less hurtful to the product.

Tobacco use statistics

The Federal Government states that $96 billion is spent on tobacco which causes 443,000 deaths a year within the U.S. More than 46 million adults and nearly 3.5 million teenagers smoke. Each day about 1,000 teenagers and children become regular smokers and 4,000 more try smoking for the very first time.


New York Times

Washington Post



Saturday, November 13, 2010

GM has $ 2 billion 3Q, Initial Public Offering appears gold

General Motors rides $ 2 billion 3Q profit, will offer stock options

GM is free of bankruptcy woes and back on top, reports Reuters. Reuters accounts that GM documented $ 2 billion in profits for the third-quarter, with an earnings per share increase of $ 1.20. This turn of success has spurred the recently bankrupt automaker toward an first public offering of stock options by in the near future.

GM $2 billion 3Q profit largest since bankruptcy

$2 billion in profits reported by GM is great. It is the best quarter since the bankruptcy in July 2009 that General Motors has seen. The profit margin has gone up since sales incentives were taken away and operating costs were lowered. Recent results certainly put a good shine on the automaker’s upcoming $13 billion IPO. The company predicts that 2010 as a whole will be profitable, the first time it has produced such results since 2004, writes Reuters.

The third quarter of 2010 is the 3rd consecutive quarter in which GM has increased cash earnings in North America. GM CEO Dan Akerson is concerned though since General Motors has been losing a lot in Europe while international sales have seemed to stop.

“We still need to fix Europe," he said in a statement. "We continue to be vigilant in reducing cost within the enterprise, and we have just started doing a better job in marketing our brands to consumers.”

Getting back to public investors

Slashing costs and setting up Europe for future growth are major elements of the sales pitch GM executives are offering to investors on the eve of the automaker’s IPO. The U.S. Treasury will own only 43 percent of the business rather than the current 61 percent with the common and preferred shares being offered.

Don't forget about the fourth quarter

GM’s fourth quarter should prove to be productive, as the Chevrolet Cruze compact could be introduced to compete against the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. The Cruze is expected to help General Motors significantly. Reuters writes that the automaker will stay at the top in the U.S. as a result of this. In the third quarter, Ford was the closest rival at $1.7 billion in profits, when at the other end of the scale, Chrysler posted an $84 million net loss.

Don't worry about automobile loan rates

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Peace of mind when traveling as a result of the Bed Bug Registry

The concern of bedbugs has been resurging again in the United States. An upsurge of bed bugs within the United States has led to the Bed Bug Registry. Bedbug sightings are documented by customers. The Bed Bug Registry maps these accounts and makes them searchable. Article source – Bed Bug Registry – Finding reports of the bloodsucking bugs by Personal Money Store.

All about the bedbug

Want to know what a bedbug is? It feeds on blood as a parasite. Mainly active at night, bedbugs are generally found in beds, couches, and other upholstered furniture. Bedbugs that are resistant to normal pesticides are showing up recently. More bedbugs have come for a reason. The increased international travel is why many people think it is. Bedbugs can be anywhere and may be something you have to work hard to get rid of, although there is a stigma with them. Spiders, ants, cockroaches and centipedes are the predators of bedbugs that everyone tries to get out of their home.

Bedbug registry info

Computer programmer Maciej Ceglowski was bitten by bedbugs in 2006 which led to the Bedbug registry being started. Bedbug reports are submitted by users on the site. There isn't any kind of verification done by the bedbug registry. That's not what the site is for. The author's report can't be removed without permission if the report meets posting guidelines although any location can dispute a report submitted to the bedbug registry. A location could be reported once and then have no other reports. If there aren't any other reports after two years, it is removed.

Protecting yourself from bedbugs

In case you are going to travel, protect yourself. You can do this with the bedbug registry. Remember that the reports submitted to the Bedbug Registry aren’t confirmed, by any means — so search for patterns. Much like most user-submitted reviews, some may be inaccurate. If you do suspect that you’ve found a bedbug problem, report it immediately. The hotel needs to address the problem easily in order to fix it and may have a better chance if they learn about the infestation faster.

Details from

Bed Bug Registry

For Colored Girls film is powerful, if not ideal, translation

In 1975, a new performance hit the platform in California. “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf” became nearly right away popular. Perry, translated this play for the big screen. This interpretation opens on November 5 around the United States. The movie is mostly successful. Reviews, nevertheless, are somewhat blended.

'For Colored Girls’ is a play going on

Ntozake Shange in 1975 wrote “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.” Poems are told in the play. Seven black women have their stories told through this. Each of the women is identified with the color they wear – Lady in Red, Lady in Green, etc. The play was nominated for a Tony award for Best Play in 1977, and has been awarded the Drama Desk Award, Theater World Award, and Tony Award for Best Featured Actress.

‘For Colored Girls’ movie adaptation

Tyler Perry is directing the movie "For Colored Girls" after writing and producing it. Tyler Perry’s participation in the “For Colored Girls” movie has been questioned by many people. The adaption into a movie is actually quite good though. The movie attempts to weave the poems of the original “For Colored Girls” play in with the new movie script. Sometimes it is powerful. It is moving too. Occasionally the poems don't really work. They just are distracting.

Strong performances in ‘For Colored Girls’ movie

The strongest part of the “For Colored Girls” movie is most certainly within the performances. The movie was much stronger with the all-star cast of strong women. Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Jackson and Macy Gray are all within the movie. They all do well in their parts. There are moments that the movie feels a bit “off” — but that could well be the fact that the movie maintains much of the language from 1975, which feels a bit “old” in a modern context. The movie "For Colored Girls" is a movie you need to go see. You need to watch the play though if you ever get the chance.



Hallow's eve marked the end of Pontiac

After being put on the chopping block this past year, Pontiac no longer officially exists. Pontiac was scheduled to be cut after General Motors had to get rid of its non performing brands. Hummer and Saturn went into that good night along with it. The brand was launched before the Great Depression. Pontiac was the embodiment of the muscle auto, and its machines sold for incredibly sensible costs.

A long goodbye to Pontiac

Pontiac was just one of the brands that General Motors got rid of during its bankruptcy. The brand had been suffering as of 2008, and GM decided to allow Pontiac to pass away. USA Today reports that Pontiac isn't a corporate entity anymore, as of Sunday. General Motors wasn't doing anything right when it came to the car since Pontiac had been simply being put into Chevrolet and Buick models. The muscle cars known and loved are often Pontiacs as there is a lot of raw horsepower in them in the last 1950s and 1980s.

History of a car

Pontiac was launched in 1926 as a budget brand for working class families. By the 1950s, sales were struggling and General Motors decided it was time to rethink the brand. Racing cars tended to be Pontiac cars for a when there. Then, the Detroit muscle car came out at the Pontiac GTO in 1965. The GTO, or “Gran Turismo Omolagato,” was inspired by Italian sport tour cars. A small team, headed by John DeLorean, created the car, built it on the Tempest frame and put a powerful 389-cubic-inch engine under the hood. The car became extremely popular. This is why, in 1968, 17 percent of GM sales came from this car. By the 1980s the brand lost the horsepower focus although there were other successes such as the Pontiac Trans Am of the Firebird line.

The decline and fall

Pontiac changed to be not as much about performance from the 1980s to the 2000s. This was shown in the sales. There were less than 275,000 sold each year starting in 2008. The legend of Pontiac could be leaving us now which could be a really sad thing.

Information from

USA Today

Friday, November 12, 2010

Charlie Villanueva tweets that KG called him a cancer sufferer

Trash talking is a fact of life within the National Basketball Association, and Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett (known to followers as "KG") is better at dishing it than most. During a current blowout win over the Detroit Pistons, however, the Celtics main man pushed the trash talking envelope too far, writes ESPN. Within the tweeted words of Pistons forward Villanueva, "KG called me a cancer sufferer," apparently in reference to Villanueva’s complete insufficient hair. The Detroit Pistons have confirmed that Villanueva was the tweeter in question, but that’s all they have said, pending further exploration. Source of article – Tweet – KG called me a cancer patient, says Charlie Villanueva by Personal Money Store.

Other NBA players bald like Villanueva

The follicly challenged condition Charlie Villanueva has is different than other like Kevin Garnett who shaves his head in the NBA. The condition of alopecia universalis which ends in hair loss is what Villanueva has. Hair is something not on his head. Kevin Garnett looks this way too. Yet in contrast to Garnett, Charlie Villanueva takes references to cancer seriously.

"I’m pissed because, u know how many people died from cancer, and he’s tossing it like it is a joke,” Villanueva tweeted. “I wouldn’t even trip about that, but a cancer patient; I know way 2 many people who passed away from it."

Then Charlie Villanueva continues

Despite the 23-point drubbing the Celtics handed the Pistons, Charlie Villanueva was not ready to back down from Garnett’s comments. Villanueva tweeted some more about this. Seems like like there might end up being some fights. That’s something that will no doubt lead the Pistons and also the NBA to intervene with a potential fine or other disciplinary measure, although neither the team nor the league have commented on the matter yet.

Understanding alopecia universalis

Wikipedia explains that Alopecia universalis, also known as alopecia, has rapid hair loss as part of it being a rare autoimmune disorder. There is a further disease called alopecia areata. Eyebrows and eyelashes are lost at this stage. There is no age where the symptoms of alopecia start showing up. All treatments are unknown at present. Approximately 1 in 100,000 people have alopecia universalis, including Charlie Villanueva. Edith Bouvier Beale, Standard Oil magnate John D. Rockefeller and David Ferrie, previous CIA operative who worked with Lee Harvey Oswald in the Civil Air Patrol and worked on the Cuban Missile Crisis, have all had the disease too.

Articles cited



Boston Globe coverage of the ‘event’

Richardson cash advance - TX cash loans easily

Richardson money advances and Texas payday loans

Advance pay day loans may sound intimidating, however in Richardson, they can be very simple. You are able to fill short-term financial gaps with a payday advance. Really soon after you fill out the fast cash advance application, you could have your answer. The cash could be deposited very easily, too, meaning you have help when and where you need it. Source of article – Richardson payday loan – Texas cash loans quickly by Personal Money Store.

Richardson, TX cash loan

From time to time you have an expense in Richardson. This needs fast cash which is hard to get. Accessible 24 hrs a day are online pay day loans. They are fast too as they could be deposited into your banking account in about 2 hours. This means that you have the cash you need easily. You can use the cash nevertheless you have to — automobile repair, medical bills, or just an unpredicted trip out of town. Any cash loan you can get would not be as fast as your loans if you get them online.

Online pay day loans in Richardson

Want to know how to get your payday advance in Richardson? Start with a no-obligation application that is fast. You need a banking account, an income of some kind, a phone number and an ID. With just those four pieces of info, we can scour online loan offers and match you with the best possible deal. You can review each and every offer, and decide to accept or decline any offer presented to you. Anything can be stated evidently for you. This involves the amount and dates of repayment. No surprises — just fast money in Richardson.

No credit check loans for Richardson

Occasionally you need a little boost to help you pay for everything. You don't want to worry about your credit score getting black marks either. The money advances you can get through Personal Money Store usually require no credit check. That means that for those who have a bad credit score, no credit, bankruptcy, or even a fixed income, you can qualify for a loan. In Richardson, TX, payday loans are accessible online. They’re quick and easy too.

Are you waiting? Why? Just apply!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Google caught in center of row in between Costa Rica and Nicaragua

A border argument in between Costa Rica and Nicaragua has simmered for many years along the San Juan River. The Costa Rica/Nicaragua border dispute got serious last week when a Nicaraguan military commander led troops into Costa Rican territory. Costa Rica said Nicaragua had invaded its territory, when the commander said he was just following Google Maps, which showed that he had been still in Nicaragua.

Boundary incursion in Nicaragua held responsible on Google Maps

Heavily armed Nicaraguan and Costa Rican security forces are standing off against each other across the San Juan River because of an error on Google Maps. Eden Pastora, a Nicaraguan military commander using Google Maps, moved troops into an area along the border with Costa Rica. Costa Rica accused Pastora of setting up camp, removing a Costa Rican flag, raising the Nicaraguan flag, dredging the San Juan River and dumping sediment in Costa Rican territory. The area, although it’s disputed, is Costa Rican territory on maps that are used in both countries despite the fact that Pastora showed Google Maps said differently, the Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion reports.

Chinchilla and Sandinistas both fault others

The Nicaraguan army was said to are doing an act of aggression by president of Costa Rica, Laura Chinchilla, who said this to the whole nation starting the difficulties between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. She sent seriously armed military police to the disputed territory an uninhabited river island in the jungle about 18 miles inland from the Caribbean Sea. Costa Rica was said to have been invading territory too by the Nicaraguan Sandinista govt. Costa Rica was said to be threatening Nicaragua in a Chinchilla national address that President Daniel Ortega responded with.

It's Google's fault

Google has admitted to making the mistake that has fanned the flames of the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border dispute. The business said that the border on Google Maps had been off by up to 2.7 kilometers due to an error in data obtained by the State Department. Last week Costa Rica spoke with Google. It asked the island be shown to belong to Nicaragua on the map. Nicaragua's foreign minister told Google that the map is just fine the way it is and not to change it though just the next day.



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thirty tons of marijuana seized in Mexico tunnel bust

The digs in Hogan’s Heroes and also the Great Escape had absolutely nothing on the Mexico canal. The Mexico tunnel is an elaborate drug smuggling route. It connects San Diego and Tijuana through an undercover passage. When DEA agents found the Mexico canal, they scored a 30 ton pot bust.

Mexico tunnel might have been dug by a drug cartel

Warehouses in San Diego and Tijuana where drug smugglers stored a stash were where the Mexico tunnel led to. The sophistication of the Mexico tunnel and also the cost of digging it suggests that the operation is associated with a Mexican drug cartel. A Drug Enforcement Agency investigation began Tuesday when DEA agents noticed a suspicious looking semi-truck leaving a warehouse in an industrial area near the Mexican border. A Border Patrol checkpoint stopped the truck. Inside, 10 tons of marijuana was found. DEA agents then raided the warehouse and found another 10 to 15 tons of weed.

$20 million in pot taken

The Mexico tunnel had been discovered when DEA agents looking inside a closet found a small opening within the floor. They found a lighted, ventilated passageway complete with a rail system running 20 feet underground about the length of six football fields to one more warehouse in Mexico. Another 4 tons of marijuana were found at the other side and Mexican authorities were alerted. The DEA estimates marijuana it confiscated is worth $20 million on the street.

Not much of a dent in drug traffic

Drug cartels have been going more and more underground since there has been a crackdown on drug smuggling leading to the Mexico tunnel. In Mexican history, the largest drug bust happen in Tijuana last month when Mexican authorities found 150 tons of marijuana. The amount of illegal drugs coming from Mexico into the U.S. probably won't stop with these seizures, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The Monitor's Sarah Miller wrote her opinion on it. She said the Mexican government has just a PR victory. Her comments prompted the Mexican U.S. ambassador to write Miller an angry letter.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wheel of Fortune one letter solve beats amazing odds

Solving a "Wheel of Fortune" puzzle with 1 letter showing is a difficult task. Only blind luck or an inside job might make such an extremely hard prospect possible. However Caitlin Burke, 26, shocked the world and left Pat Sajak shaking his head when she got a "good feeling" about a puzzle in a recent episode of the long-running game show.

Watching the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ 1 letter answer happen

You need to have seen Pat Sajak's face. Burke's answer to the 27-letter puzzle was obviously surprising. Since the "Wheel of Fortune" game show first hit the airwaves in 1975, it is doubtful that there has been a contestant who beat the odds like Burke. "I've got a good feeling about this" was the answer to the "Wheel of Fortune" puzzle.

The letter "L" was the only one on the board then. "R" was eliminated for choices though.

When Caitlin Burke answered like this, numerous begun to question the truthfulness of the game. Access Hollywood explains this. However, no meaningful evidence exists to support such states.

Had been it simply good luck?

In an interview with the Columbia Broadcasting System "Early Show," Burke revealed her thought process leading up to the "Wheel of Fortune" one letter answer. She knew the first word had been a contraction that began with one letter, which had to be an "I.". On the "Early Show," Burke explained that the amount of letters missing didn't bother her. Burke said her guess was 50 percent educated, half luck as she had "years of practice and watching". A $6,500 Caribbean escape is what she ended up with. In total, she won $53,618 in money and prizes during her run as champion.

The reason why did Burke quit?

Caitlin Burke stopped spinning and many wonder the reason why. Some say that she had been being safe in her bets. Clearly she knows how to work with a puzzle, however she’d already hit "Bankrupt" with a spin earlier in the episode. Rather than trying to spin again, she simply got the "L" and then guessed.


Access Hollywood

The "Wheel of Fortune" one letter phenomenon

Kik the network with data-based texts

In April 2010, startup company Kik launched their 1st smartphone app. The app is for all sorts of smartphones, and is downloadable on nearly each app store or marketplace. Kik messenger separates texting from the cell phone provider. Kik is adding several thousand users a day. You will find plans for expansion of the service, too.

How Kik messenger works

There is one system the Kik messenger had been made for. Smartphones are these devices. Kik is downloaded onto a smartphone, and can then be used, basically, for text messaging. A "personal assistant" on the program will reply automatically if you can't respond the message automatically which is more than regular texting. Data networks are where the information is sent instead of on SMS systems like normal. The point is that your cellular phone community will recognize the message as data. It can't see it as anything else from Kik. Additionally, Kik works on iPhone, iPod, Android, and Blackberry.

The advantages of Kik messenger

There are a lot of Kik messenger benefits. Text messaging without a large cell phone bill is one benefit. You can buy a phone plan that is really basic with a lot of data since cellular phone corporations often separate data plans from calls and texting. With that minimal plan and data access, you are able to text message and chat to your heart’s content. Kik messenger also says that they plan on broadening into personal profiles and even music service.

Connections with network unnecessary with Kik

The cell service might have to change things quite a bit since Kik has shown it is a great data network texting service. This and with Google Voice work together to make having a cell phone less necessary. It is possible to have a cell phone that works with only a wifi connection and not a network. Data traffic is becoming worse and worse. This is because smartphones have become so popular. the public has begun to get more involved in these issues. The issues of public wifi and high-speed data connections are part of this. What do you think about this? Are you thinking of just sticking with only wifi, or are you keeping the Smartphone?

Information from


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Meal Ban bans the toys in fast food meals

In a measure that had been first introduced in Oct and voted on today, the so-called “Happy Meal ban” has been passed. This San Francisco measure limits which meals can contain a free toy. Bay Area is not the first place to enact a Ban like this. In Santa Clara County, a similar Ban was passed a couple of months ago.

Ban on Happy Meals due to the fat that is so high

The San Francisco's board of supervisors passed the "Happy Meal Ban" on Tues. They were considering the nutritional content of a meal when doing this. Restaurants cannot put toys in meals. This is only for some meals though. Offering a toy is only allowed with a meal that has 600 calories or less. This will include the drink in it. Less than 35 percent of the calories within the meal can come from fat, as well. The meal must have vegetables in it too. There has to be a half cup. In short, in order to offer a free toy, a restaurant has to have a meal that follows basic good nutrition.

Happy Meal Ban does not really Ban meals

It isn't true even though the "Happy Meal Ban" is just a Healthy Meal Motivation. There is just one thing that is involved in the Healthy Meal Incentive. Meals with high fat and high sugar cannot have a toy offered with them. Opponents of the measure come down on two very distinct sides of the debate. The toy being removed from the meal is a bad thing for business some say. It makes consumer choice impossible. Others argue that parents who can’t say no to their children and help their children make good nutritional choices need education, not legislation. There was a large majority that passed the city legislation though.

Healthy Meal Incentive Act a trend that is occurring

The Healthy Meal Motivation legislation wasn't the first of its kind. Cities have tried to control what is eaten before. Trans-fats in restaurants were restricted in NY City in 2006. After that ban was passed, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Burger King, Arby’s, Applebee’s, Cheesecake Factory and thousands of other restaurants quit using trans fats. Crisco shortening had been redone also. Trans-fats are no longer in it. Do you think there should not be bans like this, or will the Healthy Meal Motivation Act be a good thing for limiting the food we eat?


LA Times

The top 10 vehicles of 2011, part 1

When it comes to the very best in both form and functionality, the car market will have a fantastic deal to offer consumers in 2011. Popular Mechanics has released its top 10 vehicles and trucks of 2011, and followers ought to have a great deal from which to choose. Not surprisingly, a resurgent Ford grabs 3 slots out of 10. See how your favorite automaker fares. Prices listed below are base prices.

2011 Grand Cherokee will cost you $30,215

This off-road-capable adventure machine brings 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 power at 290 hp and 260 foot pounds of torque. If you need more power, there is also the option of a 360-hp V8. The inside of the Grand Cherokee is really roomy and luxurious. The four-wheel independent suspension is adjustable from 10.7 inches of ground clearance all the way down to luxury ride height, so this Jeep tackles the best of trail and town.

$74,675 price tag on the 2011 Lotus Evora

The 2011 Lotus Evora will get you down the road in a very fast way. It also has a connection with the road to make it fast. This can be a car the average spender could never afford but has the comfort and sports car atmosphere desired.

The 2011 Hyundai Sonata will cost you about $19,195

A real MVP in terms of value and driving intangibles, the Hyundai Sonata captures Popular Mechanics’ Value Award. There is 274 hp, 30 mpg, safety standard equipment along with a 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty on this luxury car. With a luxury car with those benefits, it is at a great price.

The 2011 Sienna will only cost you $25,270

Behind the 3rd row seat, there is 39.1 cubic feet of cargo space in this minivan. The second row slides and folds when the 3rd row can fold flat so no matter what load you have to carry can fit. This baby can tow too. Up to 3,500 pounds could be carried. It is a six-speed automatic transmission with a 2.7 liter, four cylinder engine. Those on a budget will love this. It also has all-wheel drive which is helpful.


Top Cars 2011 part 2

Popular Mechanics

Top 10 fastest consumer cars of 2011

Job increases in October report no solace to unemployed

Gains in October jobs report not enough to dent joblessness

The United States economy added 151,000 jobs last month according to the Labor Department’s Oct careers report. Work increases in October exceeded expectations, however were not sufficient to outpace the growing labor force. Although job creation increased over the month before, the advances were not enough to chip away at the unemployment rate, which remains at 9.6 percent. Article resource – Gains in Oct jobs report not enough to dent unemployment by Personal Money Store.

Jobs report and October numbers

A 60,000 net boost in jobs was expected by economic forecasters which is why the Oct jobs report had been a surprise. 41,000 jobs were lost in September. That is what the Labor Department report showed. After negative numbers for two years, the private sector is growing. For 10 straight months, there has been job growth reported. The October numbers were great. Since Might, they haven't been this good. U.S. companies hired an additional 159,000 people in October, exceeding the 92,000 jobs forecasted by economists. The government cut 8,000 jobs in October, which resulted within the 151,000 total.

Industries to look in for jobs

There is hiring happening in many areas, the October jobs report shows. Small businesses, mining, temp workers, retail and health care are the areas to look. Health care providers hired 24,000 workers. 28,000 got jobs in retail. Food services hired 24,000. The short-term work force grew by 35,000. The dollar being weaker made mining jobs grow. 8,000 jobs were added. The Labor Department doesn't hear from the small businesses as easily as the rest. That means an upwards of 110,000 was a change for Aug. and Sept.

Still have more to do

Despite the October job creation, the U.S. has a long way to go. Economic growth is still too weak to affect the 9.6 percent unemployment rate. At least 15 million people are searching for work. Taking into account part-time workers who can’t find full-time jobs and people who have given up looking, the unemployment rate is 17 percent. Even if there had been a 208,000 jobs a month boost, the gap between growing labor and accessible jobs still wouldn't be closed for 12 years. This is what the Brookings Institution explains.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Does Obama really need $200 million per day for India journey

This weekend, President Obama is taking a working trip. This journey will include a visit to India, as well as Japan. The Obama India trip is mostly for relationship building, and when no huge changes in the relationship are expected, it has been highly envisioned. The cost of this trip has been reported as high as $200 million a day. Is this a true report, and is the trip worth it.

Over-reported expense of India trip for Obama

One Indian news outlet reported the cost of the Obama India trip at $200 million per day. The $200 million per day estimate is probably a little too high although the White House won't say what the cost of the journey was. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor addressed this India trip cost rumor:

“Due to security concerns, we are not able to outline details associated with security procedures and costs, but it’s safe to say these numbers are wildly inflated.”

India somewhere Obama went for relationship building

The four day journey to India had been made by Obama for a reason. This had been so the two nations could have stronger interactions developed. The United States of America trades about $40 billion a year with the country. Also, a civic nuclear agreement is there between the two countries. India’s foreign minister, Nirupama Rao, addressed Obama’s India trip by saying “We aren’t at a stage in our relationship maybe for one more big bang, but certainly there can be positive outcomes.”

Why presidential vacation carries a heavy cost

The trip Obama made to India surely expense cash. Various million each day had to be paid for it. When a president travels, it's not by himself. The White House has to tag along. This is so they can talk about any major issues while on the journey along with making sure they continue working. Most of the cost of any trip is really for security for the President, and on trips such as this, media organizations pay their own way – with a no payday loans no fax if necessary. The Obama India trip is going to be the exact same amount as usual for an international trip. U.S. working class individuals do not have to worry about paying extra.

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Pancreatic cancer research focuses on early detection

Pancreatic cancer awareness month was declared to help draw attention to a deadly disease. Pancreatic cancer does not occur as often as cancer of the breast, however patients have very little chance at survival. The disease that claimed actor Swayze’s life had been thought to kill quickly, however new research suggests that pancreatic cancer spreads slowly over years and there are recent breakthroughs in earlier detection and treatment.

Going over Cancer of the breast Awareness Month

192,370 new cases of breast cancer begun in 2009 while 62,280 early stage cancer of the breast was diagnosed, accounts American Cancer Society. Of those, more than 40,000 were forecasted to result in death. Breast cancer was also estimated to be diagnosed in nearly 2,000 men last year. Of those, about 440 were forecasted to die.

Myths about breast cancer

  • Underwire bras are bad. They make cancer of the breast more likely

It is not true that underwire bras constrict breast tissue causing toxins to be released. Many believe cancer comes from these toxins. Dr. Deborah Axelrod explains to CBS that this isn't true.

  • Breast Cancer comes from deodorant

This isn’t true. Dr. Schnabel explains this. Studies don't have anything in them about cancer of the breast being linked to deodorant. It hasn't been proven.

  • Don't drink from plastic water bottles. They trigger cancer

Numerous say there isn't any kind of link between plastic bottles and cancer-causing dioxin while others believe that there is a link. The connection to cancer with BPA (bisphenol) is an additional major concern. There is not any proved links though.

  • Stay away from mammograms. They trigger breast cancer

A mammogram gives a woman .1 to .2 rads of radiation per picture, accounts CBS News. Dr. Schnabel explains that over three months a woman is exposed to more radiation than that naturally.

  • More of a risk with lumpy breasts

Detecting breast cancer is harder with lumpy breasts. There is not a greater risk for it though. Dr. Axelrod does explain that a women should investigate all treat newly discovered breast lumps and be cautious.

  • Family history doesn't have cancer of the breast. I'm home free

While breast cancer can run within the family, studies indicate that 80 percent are sporadic cases.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Subscriptions to Comic-Con 2011 are facing delayed product sales

Comic-Con 2010 is just barely over for most individuals. There are currently plans for Comic-Con 2011, though. Comic-Con 2011 four-day passes were designed to be on sale today, but complex issues delayed the release. Comic-Con 2011 organizers will announce on Nov. 8 when the four-day passes will go on sale.

Comic-Con 2011; get your passes

Four day passes for Comic-Con 2011 went up for sale today. Registration opened and then crashed. There had been an overload for the Comic-Con website. The site came back up easily, but the registration company’s website was not processing registrations properly. Registrations got shut down totally by Comic-Con and registration partners after just a short time period. Pre-sales to special customers were almost the only ones which were able to get their badges, which had been about 13 percent of all badges.

Selling Comic-Con 2011 badges once again

Comic Con badges in 2011 are rare. There aren't numerous that will sell. There is the concern of scalped Comic-Con badges while memberships are very limited. Today there were some Comic-Con 2011 badges sold. Hardly any originated from registration. Planning a trip to CA will be easier to do after followers know when registration will re-open in seven days.

Get ready for 2011 Comic-Con

Comic-Con in 2011 can be in July in San Diego. The days could be between the 20 and the 24. This is the 41st year for Comic-Con. Not it is considered the largest science fiction/fantasy/film/television conventions within the world. The San Diego Convention Center has been filled for years in a row to capacity although it can only hold 125,000 individuals. Comic-Con and the San Diego Convention Center are contracted until 2012, although overcrowding is a main concern. You will need to plan to get to Comic-Con 2011 really early since there are already problems with marketing subscriptions and overcrowding. Since a regular membership doesn't mean you'll get to attend a presentation, they’re over-sold too.


Comic Book Resources

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

800 homes evacuated because of Boulder fire

A large fire in Boulder, Colo., is forcing residents and companies to evacuate. There are two small fires that are combining. The total acreage of the fire is about 20. There can be power outages as firefighters set back burns to control the fires.

Wildland fires cause evacuation

The two Boulder fires that are burning outside the Colorado city are causing severe difficulties. Evacuation had to happen for about 1,700 residents. The Coors Event Center and Boulder Judicial Complex were opened up for everyone evacuating their homes. The Boulder Humane Society and Boulder County Fairgrounds are where animals of those being evacuated could be taken. They have also asked patients to stay out of Mapleton and Maxwell. This is where the Boulder Community hospital is at.

Boulder fires have 100 firefighters on the case

100 firefighters from seven different agencies were brought together to fight the two Boulder fires. The firefighters will be setting a “back burn” that will remove fuel for the wildland fires. Shutting off the power in a lot of Boulder is what the back burn does. For four or more hours, Boulder residents won’t have power. Now air tankers are starting to get involved. They’ll be needed to drop fire retardant over residences. The fires were both reported to have started on Friday. About Friday at 8:45 a.m. they were both called in.

Boulder fire ends up being hard to stop

We probably won’t see the two Boulder fires gone anytime soon. A red flag warning had been put out by the National Weather Service because of this. This means that critical fire weather conditions could happen if you will find any kind of “gusty and erratic winds”. A warning about the negative health effects of the smoke and debris coming from the Boulder fires was issued by the Boulder County Health department. If the weather cooperates, firefighters hope to have the Boulder fire out within the next day or two. If strong winds continue, the Boulder fire could continue to grow and last a week or more.


Denver Post

Gretchen Jones takes home Project Runway Season 8 award

The fashion in Project Runway Season 8 was not the most surprising. The Project Runway finale had been a long slog towards a mostly disappointing result. The biggest surprise came within the Project Runway finale results. The winner of this year’s Project Runway was a hotly debated subject — and will probably continue to be.

‘Project Runway’ season 8

"Project Runway" is on the Lifetime Network again. It is in the eighth season too. There were fourteen episodes to get a winner. There had been one winner out of the seventeen contestants. "Models of the Runway" had been changed so the episode could go for an hour and a half rather than just an hour. Of course, product placement was all that happened in that additional half hour.

’Project Runway’ ends with a final episode

The “Project Runway” finale this year started with the season recap. After the contestants discussed what they had been via and during “Project Runway” season 8, it was time for the actual “Project Runway” finale runway show. Generally, the "Project Runway" finale is filled with drama. This year, it wasn't and ran really well. Andy had no chance of winning with the judges. This is because his green-and-silver collection was so unusual. The judges had a hard time deciding between Gretchen and Mondo though. They were both fabulous. Nina and Michael thought Gretchen’s 1970s easy, casual line “had her finger on the pulse of fashion.”. If you were to ask host Heidi Klum and guest judge Jessica Simpson, Mondo should win. This had been because his style and creativity was so good. When the judges are choosing, a two against one vote will always win. This meant Gretchen won the competition.

The ‘Project Runway’ direction

Season 6 of the Lifetime "Project Runway" left she show predictable. This was especially true during the finale. The judges when the show had been still on Bravo TV would make decisions based on the clothes. The clothes didn't seem to matter as much in season 8 of "Project Runway." This had been just like Season 6 and Season 7 were. During season 8, clothing that should have gotten designers eliminated did not because they were “good for TV” personalities. There had been an extra half hour mostly for product placement showing us just how much product placement has taken over. Season 8 of "Project Runway" showed one thing to everyone watching. It isn't about the clothes anymore. Nobody is wearing anything like the "rewind" designs Gretchen came up with. There's a good chance Fashion is not going in that direction.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diabetes might affect 33 percent of U.S. in 2050 based on obesity trends

One 3rd of all Americans could be dealing with diabetes by 2050 if the disease continues spreading at the current pace. The Centers for Disease Control released a report Friday attributing the projected trend to increasing obesity rates and an aging population. To stem the increasing cost of diabetes treatment, which will triple at current rates, the CDC has implemented initiatives to fight the spread of the disease.

Millions don’t know they’re diabetic

As outlined by CDC, about 23.6 million Americans have diabetes. That is 1 in 10 Americans. According to a CNN article, obesity continuing the way it does will severely affect diabetes. By 2050, diabetes are expected to double, if not triple. Right now, diabetes is a condition that 6 million people have but don’t know over it. Those who are pre-diabetic and will develop diabetes unless their lifestyle changed are 57 million Americans with excess fat around their midsection, the CDC reports. Most of will end up with type 2 diabetes, and their bodies will lose the ability to produce insulin.

Diabetes treatment costs skyrocket

There is nothing to do to prevent growing older and preventing diabetes that way. Since obesity is the biggest factor that raises risk, everyone can get more exercise and have a healthy diet. Avoiding obesity will conserve a lot of money also. According to the American Diabetes Association, Americans already spend $174 billion annually to treat diabetes. The ADA recommends that everybody, even if they’re not obese, get screened for diabetes by age 45. Obese people should think about getting tested at an earlier age.

Cure an ounce with a pound

There is a plan in motion for the CDC to help people make better lifestyle choices in order to lower diabetes. You will find some areas where it is hard to discover food that is healthy for people. These areas, along with areas where safe exercise places are hard to discover, are being targeted. Even so, the CDC report found that prevention efforts could reduce the number of cases but not keep them from increasing overall. The authors wrote that without preventive intervention, 3.5 million cases are expected in 2050. Prevention will only give a net reduction of 344,000 by 2050. That means there will still be 3.1 million cases.

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Go somewhere with an elliptical bicycle - ElliptiGO

The ElliptiGO is a hybrid bicycle elliptical. Designed by an Ironman who could no longer run because of an injury, the ElliptiGO has been gaining popularity. The elliptical has wheels and moves like a bicycle. The machine can go just about anywhere a bicycle would. It uses eight gears to provide a high intensity workout without impact.

What the ElliptiGO design looks like

An “outdoor elliptical bicycle,” the ElliptiGO takes the chain drive of an elliptical machine and uses it to drive a set of bicycle tires. The machine is made with an adjustable stride length and steering column so many individuals can ride it. In fact, those between 5 foot and 6 foot 6 can ride the machine. Riders up to 250 pounds are held by the carbon-fiber frame which also has a bicycle gear shifter with eight gears.

ElliptiGO working out for you

It isn’t as good to just bicycle or run alone. The ElliptiGO is supposedly better than both. A reasonable pace on the ElliptiGO is similar to a bicycle, at about 12 to 18 miles per hour. There is a really wide range of motion of your hips and knees on an ElliptiGO, wider than a bicycle but with less impact than running. You are standing rather than sitting on the ElliptiGO. This causes more calories to be burned. The full leverage of legs and hips is behind you when your body is always moving. This means, the ElliptiGO makes it easier to go up hills than it would be on a bicycle.

Should I try the ElliptiGO?

It is quite pricey to buy the $2,200 ElliptiGO. The high-end carbon fiber bicycle will cost about this anyway. The ElliptiGO is part transportation and part crosstrainer when thinking about the “investment” of it. With bicycle commuting, most of the time ruining clothes is a concern, although the ElliptiGO allows you to stand so it won’t be a problem. The ElliptiGO might be a transportation system worth it since it is one-tenth the price of a car.

See the ElliptiGO in action