Wednesday, November 3, 2010

800 homes evacuated because of Boulder fire

A large fire in Boulder, Colo., is forcing residents and companies to evacuate. There are two small fires that are combining. The total acreage of the fire is about 20. There can be power outages as firefighters set back burns to control the fires.

Wildland fires cause evacuation

The two Boulder fires that are burning outside the Colorado city are causing severe difficulties. Evacuation had to happen for about 1,700 residents. The Coors Event Center and Boulder Judicial Complex were opened up for everyone evacuating their homes. The Boulder Humane Society and Boulder County Fairgrounds are where animals of those being evacuated could be taken. They have also asked patients to stay out of Mapleton and Maxwell. This is where the Boulder Community hospital is at.

Boulder fires have 100 firefighters on the case

100 firefighters from seven different agencies were brought together to fight the two Boulder fires. The firefighters will be setting a “back burn” that will remove fuel for the wildland fires. Shutting off the power in a lot of Boulder is what the back burn does. For four or more hours, Boulder residents won’t have power. Now air tankers are starting to get involved. They’ll be needed to drop fire retardant over residences. The fires were both reported to have started on Friday. About Friday at 8:45 a.m. they were both called in.

Boulder fire ends up being hard to stop

We probably won’t see the two Boulder fires gone anytime soon. A red flag warning had been put out by the National Weather Service because of this. This means that critical fire weather conditions could happen if you will find any kind of “gusty and erratic winds”. A warning about the negative health effects of the smoke and debris coming from the Boulder fires was issued by the Boulder County Health department. If the weather cooperates, firefighters hope to have the Boulder fire out within the next day or two. If strong winds continue, the Boulder fire could continue to grow and last a week or more.


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