Monday, November 22, 2010

Brandy off DWTS after getting flawless score

A fair quantity of individuals have been shocked with the unceremonious boot of Brandy off "dancing with the stars" What makes it worse is the scores she and her companion received. Both received flawless scores the night before the outcomes show. There may be a conspiracy theory, as individuals voting against one of the best couples within the TV show seems incredibly odd. Resource for this article – Brandy off Dancing with the Stars after achieving perfect score by Personal Money Store.

‘dancing with the stars’ eliminates Brandy after perfect rating

Many people are extremely surprise that Brandy and dance companion Maks Chmerkovskiy were eliminated from “Dancing using the Stars”. Brandy and Maks achieved a flawless score the night before the voting results show, acquiring a full 10 points from each of the judges. After being eliminated, based on USA Today, Norwood and Chmerkoviskiy went on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”. Many have guessed the Tea Party is trying to get Palin blood more well known by having Bristol Palin win the show perhaps even though she might not be able to dance very well. This is what Kimmel asked them about. The dancing done by Bristol Palin has not been too bad really. However, it has certainly not been as good as the other dancers. Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Palin will have to showdown. This is what the "DWTS" finale will look like.

TV shot because of man's anger

Bristol Palin is nevertheless on the TV show. A number of people are quite angry over it actually. A Wisconsin guy was so disgusted with Bristol Palin not getting booted from the TV show that he really shot his television set, based on Columbia Broadcasting System. Steve Cowan, of Vermont, Wis., was so incensed by Palin’s lackluster performance that he took his shotgun and blasted his television set, resulting in SWAT team officers talking him out of his house to surrender. Reckless endangerment might get him 10 years in prison.

Pro-Palin conspiracy theory not implausible

"Dancing with the Stars" is just like "American Idol." The judges aren't responsible for making the choices; the viewers vote. Bristol would not have made it this long if the judges were to make the decisions. The rules of the show allow Palin to get voted for by Tea Party members jut because she is a Palin. The quality of her performance doesn't really matter.

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