Friday, November 5, 2010

Does Obama really need $200 million per day for India journey

This weekend, President Obama is taking a working trip. This journey will include a visit to India, as well as Japan. The Obama India trip is mostly for relationship building, and when no huge changes in the relationship are expected, it has been highly envisioned. The cost of this trip has been reported as high as $200 million a day. Is this a true report, and is the trip worth it.

Over-reported expense of India trip for Obama

One Indian news outlet reported the cost of the Obama India trip at $200 million per day. The $200 million per day estimate is probably a little too high although the White House won't say what the cost of the journey was. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor addressed this India trip cost rumor:

“Due to security concerns, we are not able to outline details associated with security procedures and costs, but it’s safe to say these numbers are wildly inflated.”

India somewhere Obama went for relationship building

The four day journey to India had been made by Obama for a reason. This had been so the two nations could have stronger interactions developed. The United States of America trades about $40 billion a year with the country. Also, a civic nuclear agreement is there between the two countries. India’s foreign minister, Nirupama Rao, addressed Obama’s India trip by saying “We aren’t at a stage in our relationship maybe for one more big bang, but certainly there can be positive outcomes.”

Why presidential vacation carries a heavy cost

The trip Obama made to India surely expense cash. Various million each day had to be paid for it. When a president travels, it's not by himself. The White House has to tag along. This is so they can talk about any major issues while on the journey along with making sure they continue working. Most of the cost of any trip is really for security for the President, and on trips such as this, media organizations pay their own way – with a no payday loans no fax if necessary. The Obama India trip is going to be the exact same amount as usual for an international trip. U.S. working class individuals do not have to worry about paying extra.

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