Friday, November 19, 2010

E-marriage clears door for additional same-sex events

E-marriage - Matrimony by proxy for same-sex partners

The majority of states don’t permit same-sex matrimony by law. However as Time magazine reports, technology is giving same-sex partners more possibilities for holding a ceremony than ever in the past. For instance, one same-sex couple in Texas most recently tied the knot via the online communication service Skype, in what is being called an "e-marriage".

E-marriage possible in Texas, despite state regulations

In Dallas TX, Mark Reed and Dante Walkup were able to have an e-marriage although gay marriage isn’t lawful. Reed, a board member of the LGBT group GetEQUAL, arranged for the e-marriage to be officiated by a party in Washington, D.C., where same-sex marriage is legal. The couple had to wait for the marriage license in the mail after really going to WA D.D. to register for the license. It was worth it to Reed and Walkup to be able to have a ceremony in front of family and friends though.

Sheila Alexander-Reid appeared via Skype on a 6-by-8 foot screen to officiate the wedding ceremony. She is a marriage equality activist too.

"When we walked down the aisle, as soon as we reached the front, she comes on the screen like The Wizard of Oz," Reed said. "It had been beautiful. It wasn't make-believe. It had been like she was really there."

Experiencing other proxy partnerships

Reed thought it would be perfectly fine to have a same-sex e-marriage considering many military couples are married through a teleconference when one party is oversees. While you will find no specific regulations governing e-marriages, Reed is at the moment working with state and national legislators to ensure that other same-sex partners could have the right to marry via Internet proxy ought to they choose to do so. Later the same-sex marriage ban in TX could be what he works on. He wants to get rid of it too.

Discovering innovative ways around inequality

The hope that Dante Walkup and Mark Reed has is that this will help people see that change can take place. They know that they are getting all this attention and are glad they are. Many will breach horizons while technology is expanding. Getting around the law artistically is what Reed is doing. He says this is the only way to change people's minds.

"It's like the more equal we can get through innovative techniques, we're going to do it," is what Reed said. This is what he believed.

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