Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Expand Red Dead Redemption with the new Undead Nightmare pack

If your video games are lacking that zombie feel, “Red Dead Redemption” has you covered. The “Undead Nightmare” extension pack adds zombies to the game. The pack provides new missions while turning the entire world into a zombie world. If you do not presently have or want a copy of “Red Dead Redemption” you are able to purchase “Undead Nightmare” as an extention pack in late November. Resource for this article – Undead Nightmare adds infectious zombies to Red Dead Redemption by Personal Money Store.

The extension of ‘Undead Nightmare’

Do you need the "Undead Nightmare" extension pack? Well it can only be downloaded today digitally if you already have a compy of "Red Dead Redemption" on hand. The world of "Redemption" is turned into a zombie world with the extension pack. A single player mode is new and available. There is also a way to play multi player missions. The extension pack also adds new weapons, new creatures and four distinct zombie classes. The game is already popular without the added "Undead Nightmare." This just ads more horror-play to the game.

Fighting off the infectious ‘Undead Nightmare’

There is only one goal of the "Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare" extension pack. That is fighting off the plague that is infectious. Based in the early 20th century on the American frontier, “Red Dead Redemption” puts the player in the position of a previous outlaw trying to bring order to the West. It is pretty hard to take care of a town with the "Undead Nightmare" zombies. They make the task harder.

Get your ‘Undead Nightmare’ disk in a couple of weeks

Do you already have "Red Dead Redemption? Then you are able to get the expansion pack for "Undead Nightmare" already. You don't need a no fax payday loansfor it either. It is $29.99 for a Playstation download or 800 Microsoft credits. There could be a standalone disk released for it on November 23. There can be more than just "Undead Nightmare" within the disk pack. "Liars and Cheats" and "Outlaws to the End" could be incorporated too. A new version of "Red Dead Redemption" isn't being released. This is to increase the playability in a highly competitive market of the game.

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