Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gingerbread Android model creeping nearer to release

The Black Friday showdown among Apple and Android may have gotten a little more epic. The rumored Gingerbread Android operating system might be nearer to release than believed. The name Gingerbread for Android 2.3 had been never confirmed, however Google most recently posted images of gingerbread cookies baked in the shape of the Android emblem. Rumours are that Android 2.3 will come stock on the upcoming Nexus S.

Rumors of Gingerbread Android

Many await the brand new versions of Android OS just as much as they do for Apple updates. In late 2009, probably the most recent Android OS came out. It had been called Froyo as the Android 2.2. The previous Android system had been named Éclair. Google's Twitter page put up pictures of gingerbread cookies shaped within the Android logo which started the rumors although there is no release date for the Gingerbread Android OS yet. PC Magazine reports that a new statue within the Android statue area of the Google campus was there which was shown in video footage. There haven't been any information released on the OS for the smartphone meaning features are unknown. The release date for Gingerbread is not known yet.

May come with Nexus S

The Nexus One sequel has been talked about for a while as the next generation of Google phones. The release by HTC Of the Nexus S which is the newest Nexus phone is something many are waiting for. It might also be the first phone to come with Android 2.3, according to Daily Tech. Nobody has confirmed anything. That doesn't stop the rumors of the Nexus S being the first phone with Gingerbread on it. Hopefully it releases quicker instead of later. Google will benefit from this.
Many get into brawls over it all

Christmas is what most retail is all about. The Android Gingerbread OS and also the Nexus S are just rumors at this point. That said, with the looming release of iOS 4.2, the stage for an epic showdown for Black Friday supremacy is seemingly set.


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