Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go somewhere with an elliptical bicycle - ElliptiGO

The ElliptiGO is a hybrid bicycle elliptical. Designed by an Ironman who could no longer run because of an injury, the ElliptiGO has been gaining popularity. The elliptical has wheels and moves like a bicycle. The machine can go just about anywhere a bicycle would. It uses eight gears to provide a high intensity workout without impact.

What the ElliptiGO design looks like

An “outdoor elliptical bicycle,” the ElliptiGO takes the chain drive of an elliptical machine and uses it to drive a set of bicycle tires. The machine is made with an adjustable stride length and steering column so many individuals can ride it. In fact, those between 5 foot and 6 foot 6 can ride the machine. Riders up to 250 pounds are held by the carbon-fiber frame which also has a bicycle gear shifter with eight gears.

ElliptiGO working out for you

It isn’t as good to just bicycle or run alone. The ElliptiGO is supposedly better than both. A reasonable pace on the ElliptiGO is similar to a bicycle, at about 12 to 18 miles per hour. There is a really wide range of motion of your hips and knees on an ElliptiGO, wider than a bicycle but with less impact than running. You are standing rather than sitting on the ElliptiGO. This causes more calories to be burned. The full leverage of legs and hips is behind you when your body is always moving. This means, the ElliptiGO makes it easier to go up hills than it would be on a bicycle.

Should I try the ElliptiGO?

It is quite pricey to buy the $2,200 ElliptiGO. The high-end carbon fiber bicycle will cost about this anyway. The ElliptiGO is part transportation and part crosstrainer when thinking about the “investment” of it. With bicycle commuting, most of the time ruining clothes is a concern, although the ElliptiGO allows you to stand so it won’t be a problem. The ElliptiGO might be a transportation system worth it since it is one-tenth the price of a car.

See the ElliptiGO in action


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