Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gretchen Jones takes home Project Runway Season 8 award

The fashion in Project Runway Season 8 was not the most surprising. The Project Runway finale had been a long slog towards a mostly disappointing result. The biggest surprise came within the Project Runway finale results. The winner of this year’s Project Runway was a hotly debated subject — and will probably continue to be.

‘Project Runway’ season 8

"Project Runway" is on the Lifetime Network again. It is in the eighth season too. There were fourteen episodes to get a winner. There had been one winner out of the seventeen contestants. "Models of the Runway" had been changed so the episode could go for an hour and a half rather than just an hour. Of course, product placement was all that happened in that additional half hour.

’Project Runway’ ends with a final episode

The “Project Runway” finale this year started with the season recap. After the contestants discussed what they had been via and during “Project Runway” season 8, it was time for the actual “Project Runway” finale runway show. Generally, the "Project Runway" finale is filled with drama. This year, it wasn't and ran really well. Andy had no chance of winning with the judges. This is because his green-and-silver collection was so unusual. The judges had a hard time deciding between Gretchen and Mondo though. They were both fabulous. Nina and Michael thought Gretchen’s 1970s easy, casual line “had her finger on the pulse of fashion.”. If you were to ask host Heidi Klum and guest judge Jessica Simpson, Mondo should win. This had been because his style and creativity was so good. When the judges are choosing, a two against one vote will always win. This meant Gretchen won the competition.

The ‘Project Runway’ direction

Season 6 of the Lifetime "Project Runway" left she show predictable. This was especially true during the finale. The judges when the show had been still on Bravo TV would make decisions based on the clothes. The clothes didn't seem to matter as much in season 8 of "Project Runway." This had been just like Season 6 and Season 7 were. During season 8, clothing that should have gotten designers eliminated did not because they were “good for TV” personalities. There had been an extra half hour mostly for product placement showing us just how much product placement has taken over. Season 8 of "Project Runway" showed one thing to everyone watching. It isn't about the clothes anymore. Nobody is wearing anything like the "rewind" designs Gretchen came up with. There's a good chance Fashion is not going in that direction.

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