Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hallow's eve marked the end of Pontiac

After being put on the chopping block this past year, Pontiac no longer officially exists. Pontiac was scheduled to be cut after General Motors had to get rid of its non performing brands. Hummer and Saturn went into that good night along with it. The brand was launched before the Great Depression. Pontiac was the embodiment of the muscle auto, and its machines sold for incredibly sensible costs.

A long goodbye to Pontiac

Pontiac was just one of the brands that General Motors got rid of during its bankruptcy. The brand had been suffering as of 2008, and GM decided to allow Pontiac to pass away. USA Today reports that Pontiac isn't a corporate entity anymore, as of Sunday. General Motors wasn't doing anything right when it came to the car since Pontiac had been simply being put into Chevrolet and Buick models. The muscle cars known and loved are often Pontiacs as there is a lot of raw horsepower in them in the last 1950s and 1980s.

History of a car

Pontiac was launched in 1926 as a budget brand for working class families. By the 1950s, sales were struggling and General Motors decided it was time to rethink the brand. Racing cars tended to be Pontiac cars for a when there. Then, the Detroit muscle car came out at the Pontiac GTO in 1965. The GTO, or “Gran Turismo Omolagato,” was inspired by Italian sport tour cars. A small team, headed by John DeLorean, created the car, built it on the Tempest frame and put a powerful 389-cubic-inch engine under the hood. The car became extremely popular. This is why, in 1968, 17 percent of GM sales came from this car. By the 1980s the brand lost the horsepower focus although there were other successes such as the Pontiac Trans Am of the Firebird line.

The decline and fall

Pontiac changed to be not as much about performance from the 1980s to the 2000s. This was shown in the sales. There were less than 275,000 sold each year starting in 2008. The legend of Pontiac could be leaving us now which could be a really sad thing.

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