Saturday, November 20, 2010

Harry Potter premiere anxiously looked forward to by followers

One week prior to the theatrical release, the superstars came out for the "Harry Potter" premiere in London. The first half of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" debuts on Friday, November 19th, and also the 2nd half comes out next July. It is the end to the greatest success of a film franchise ever.

Beginning of the conclusion of Harry Potter

The forthcoming “Harry Potter” premiere, or the 1st half of the movie version of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", will be the introduction of the end for the series. The “Harry Potter” films are collectively the most successful movie franchise of all time. 2nd on the list is the "James Bond" franchise. "Star Wars" is the third. As the series became darker over time, the next 2 films could be darker than all the other films. The plot of the films involved Harry Potter and Voldemort. They’ll be meeting for a final time. Friday will be when the 1st installment comes out while July 15, 2011 can be when the second and final film is released.

A big premiere in London

Prior to the release in theaters, there was a premier on Thursday in London. Invited were cast, crew and other celebrities. Numerous talked all about Emma Watson. She got a haircut that has astonished many. After years of playing the long-locked Hermione Granger, Watson cut her hair incredibly short, based on USA Today. Numerous enthusiasts of the series were shocked when they saw her with the short hair. Of course you'd see Harry Potter, or Daniel Radcliffe, in London at the premiere. Also, Rupert Grint playing Ron Weasley had been there as well. The second film could be premiering at a fantastic time. It will be about the 10 year mark for the release of the first movie.

A whole new begin

The members of the cast will likely have a difficult time finding any other work. The franchise film series has brought on them to be a typecast. The "Harry Potter" cast might do more than we think they can though.


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