Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kik the network with data-based texts

In April 2010, startup company Kik launched their 1st smartphone app. The app is for all sorts of smartphones, and is downloadable on nearly each app store or marketplace. Kik messenger separates texting from the cell phone provider. Kik is adding several thousand users a day. You will find plans for expansion of the service, too.

How Kik messenger works

There is one system the Kik messenger had been made for. Smartphones are these devices. Kik is downloaded onto a smartphone, and can then be used, basically, for text messaging. A "personal assistant" on the program will reply automatically if you can't respond the message automatically which is more than regular texting. Data networks are where the information is sent instead of on SMS systems like normal. The point is that your cellular phone community will recognize the message as data. It can't see it as anything else from Kik. Additionally, Kik works on iPhone, iPod, Android, and Blackberry.

The advantages of Kik messenger

There are a lot of Kik messenger benefits. Text messaging without a large cell phone bill is one benefit. You can buy a phone plan that is really basic with a lot of data since cellular phone corporations often separate data plans from calls and texting. With that minimal plan and data access, you are able to text message and chat to your heart’s content. Kik messenger also says that they plan on broadening into personal profiles and even music service.

Connections with network unnecessary with Kik

The cell service might have to change things quite a bit since Kik has shown it is a great data network texting service. This and with Google Voice work together to make having a cell phone less necessary. It is possible to have a cell phone that works with only a wifi connection and not a network. Data traffic is becoming worse and worse. This is because smartphones have become so popular. the public has begun to get more involved in these issues. The issues of public wifi and high-speed data connections are part of this. What do you think about this? Are you thinking of just sticking with only wifi, or are you keeping the Smartphone?

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