Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Levy case ends with Guandique responsible judgment

The Chandra Levy homicide court case appears to be closed. The defendant, Guandique, has been found guilty. Guandique, an immigrant from El Salvador, was found responsible after the jury deliberated for four days. Guandique is believed by some to have been fingered as a fall guy, as there are some inconsistencies with the evidence.

Death of Levy gets Ingmar Guandique convicted of homicide

The Levy murder court case went unsolved for year, accounts MSNBC. Now, Guandique was found guilty on trial. Prior congressman Gary Condit was supposedly having an affair with Levy while she interned in WA D.C. Because 2 women were attacked by Guandique in Rock Creek Park in WA D.C., he is already serving a 10 year sentence. 2001 was when it began. Levy’s remains were found in Rock Creek Park in 2001, a year after she was reported missing. What led prosecutors to try the already incarcerated inmate was testimony from his cellmate, who claimed that Guandique had admitted to murdering her, but nothing else. However, the murder trial remains controversial, as many believe Guandique has been made a scapegoat.

Oddities with proof

Gary Condit was always acting suspiciously at the trial while even taking the Fifth Amendment at one point. This is what the illegal immigrant, Guandique, had his defense explain. A witness can take the Fifth Amendment to stay away from incriminating himself, which Condit did. The Washington Post explains that there are also some concerns with the physical evidence pointed out by the defense. There is little physical proof that Guandique ever came in contact with Levy. A murder weapons was never discovered by anybody. Also, the DNA on Levy's running tights didn't match Condit or Guandique's DNA. The prosecution countered that an investigator could have improperly handled the evidence, contaminating it with their DNA, but no testing was done to confirm it.

Horrible high profile court case end

The problem is the evidence does not all match up like it should. Because of Guandique's past crimes though, he might very well be guilty when it comes to Chandra Levy. Hopefully justice has been done for Chandra Levy.

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