Monday, November 22, 2010

Murkowski slams Palin and takes AK vote count up lead

The AK vote count up doesn’t appear to be going Joe Miller’s way, as Murkowski has taken the lead. Miller is attempting to receive some of the votes voided through a lawsuit in federal judge. Murkowski also took some significant shots at previous governor Sarah Palin.

AK vote count has Murkowski within the lead

Within the AK vote count up which is much contested, for the Alaska U.S. Senate election, Lisa Murkowski is now doing better than Miller. A write-in campaign is something Murkowski decided, and previous governor Palin didn't like the idea of, to accomplish. She lost the Alaska Republican primary to Joe Miller which sprung this though. Palin backed Miller as a Tea Party Republican very heavily. An endorsement from Palin might end up meaning little for Miller. The Anchorage Daily News explains that Murkowski has a 92,164 to 90,458 lead to miller right now. There are nevertheless over 8,000 ballots that remain to be counted, however so far 97 percent of write-in ballots have gone to Murkowski. The judge has not granted anything to Joe Miller yet even though he has challenged 7,601 of the votes. The law can hopefully be interpreted. This is what Murkowski would like.

Murkowski blasts Sarah Palin

Murkowski and Palin have a past that is pretty bitter. Palin has already in the press slapped Murkowski within the face a few times. Columbia Broadcasting System reports that Katie Couric interviewed Murkowski where she said that the "leadership skills" are something Palin doesn't have while she "lacks intellectual curiosity" like a President needs. She pointed out that she was not engaged in office at all while being governor for half a term. She then explained that Palin got out as fast as she could afterwards.

Final vote count almost there

The last ballots are being reviewed and gathered which indicates the last AK vote count will be here shortly. The lawsuit by Miller might end up just getting thrown out if it does not progress fast enough as it is still pending. The 1st write-in candidate to receive into office in 50 years will be Murkowski if she wins.

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