Sunday, November 21, 2010

National Unfriend Day - Jimmy Kimmel promotes cutting the unwanted fat

On his TV show, Kimmel discussed a brand new national “holiday.” He announced November 17 being “National Unfriend Day”. Jimmy Kimmel argues that we’re “devaluing” friends by having as well many on Facebook. Though meant merely as a gimmick, the thought behind National Unfriend Day has a solid basis in sociological analysis.

Really viewing due to Kimmel, National Unfriend Day

On his late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel had a long discussion about exactly what a “friend” really is. Just because a person went to middle or high school with you does not make them your buddy. They may or may not be in fact. He doesn't like that there is not much meaning to the word "friend" anymore. He hopes that people will help get back to the real meaning. There is one thing you need to do on National Unfriend Day. Everyone you don't really want a relationship with that is really a Facebook buddy, just delete.

Psychological reason behind National Unfriend day

Though it seems humorous, National Unfriend Day does have some scientific basis. Researcher Robin Dunbar published a book called “How Many Friends Does One Person Need” that argues that the upper limit of relationships any one person can maintain is 150. The social networks in human history have helped him come to this conclusion. Only so many things can go on at one time within the brain while it is almost impossible to maintain more than that.

The problem with National Unfriend Day

National Unfriend Day, much like Facebook, presents several sticky social situations. A buddy limit of 50 is put on the social networking and photo sharing site Path. We try to build relationships through issues like Facebook with networking. "Friending" individuals ends up staying exactly what you do on those sites. It can be hard to limit friends to just 50, or perhaps even 150 since having somebody as part of your life just a little bit typically signifies they will be with your social networking. So exactly what do you believe? Will you be “celebrating” National Unfriend Day, or ignoring it?

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