Friday, November 5, 2010

Pancreatic cancer research focuses on early detection

Pancreatic cancer awareness month was declared to help draw attention to a deadly disease. Pancreatic cancer does not occur as often as cancer of the breast, however patients have very little chance at survival. The disease that claimed actor Swayze’s life had been thought to kill quickly, however new research suggests that pancreatic cancer spreads slowly over years and there are recent breakthroughs in earlier detection and treatment.

Going over Cancer of the breast Awareness Month

192,370 new cases of breast cancer begun in 2009 while 62,280 early stage cancer of the breast was diagnosed, accounts American Cancer Society. Of those, more than 40,000 were forecasted to result in death. Breast cancer was also estimated to be diagnosed in nearly 2,000 men last year. Of those, about 440 were forecasted to die.

Myths about breast cancer

  • Underwire bras are bad. They make cancer of the breast more likely

It is not true that underwire bras constrict breast tissue causing toxins to be released. Many believe cancer comes from these toxins. Dr. Deborah Axelrod explains to CBS that this isn't true.

  • Breast Cancer comes from deodorant

This isn’t true. Dr. Schnabel explains this. Studies don't have anything in them about cancer of the breast being linked to deodorant. It hasn't been proven.

  • Don't drink from plastic water bottles. They trigger cancer

Numerous say there isn't any kind of link between plastic bottles and cancer-causing dioxin while others believe that there is a link. The connection to cancer with BPA (bisphenol) is an additional major concern. There is not any proved links though.

  • Stay away from mammograms. They trigger breast cancer

A mammogram gives a woman .1 to .2 rads of radiation per picture, accounts CBS News. Dr. Schnabel explains that over three months a woman is exposed to more radiation than that naturally.

  • More of a risk with lumpy breasts

Detecting breast cancer is harder with lumpy breasts. There is not a greater risk for it though. Dr. Axelrod does explain that a women should investigate all treat newly discovered breast lumps and be cautious.

  • Family history doesn't have cancer of the breast. I'm home free

While breast cancer can run within the family, studies indicate that 80 percent are sporadic cases.

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