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Peace of mind when traveling as a result of the Bed Bug Registry

The concern of bedbugs has been resurging again in the United States. An upsurge of bed bugs within the United States has led to the Bed Bug Registry. Bedbug sightings are documented by customers. The Bed Bug Registry maps these accounts and makes them searchable. Article source – Bed Bug Registry – Finding reports of the bloodsucking bugs by Personal Money Store.

All about the bedbug

Want to know what a bedbug is? It feeds on blood as a parasite. Mainly active at night, bedbugs are generally found in beds, couches, and other upholstered furniture. Bedbugs that are resistant to normal pesticides are showing up recently. More bedbugs have come for a reason. The increased international travel is why many people think it is. Bedbugs can be anywhere and may be something you have to work hard to get rid of, although there is a stigma with them. Spiders, ants, cockroaches and centipedes are the predators of bedbugs that everyone tries to get out of their home.

Bedbug registry info

Computer programmer Maciej Ceglowski was bitten by bedbugs in 2006 which led to the Bedbug registry being started. Bedbug reports are submitted by users on the site. There isn't any kind of verification done by the bedbug registry. That's not what the site is for. The author's report can't be removed without permission if the report meets posting guidelines although any location can dispute a report submitted to the bedbug registry. A location could be reported once and then have no other reports. If there aren't any other reports after two years, it is removed.

Protecting yourself from bedbugs

In case you are going to travel, protect yourself. You can do this with the bedbug registry. Remember that the reports submitted to the Bedbug Registry aren’t confirmed, by any means — so search for patterns. Much like most user-submitted reviews, some may be inaccurate. If you do suspect that you’ve found a bedbug problem, report it immediately. The hotel needs to address the problem easily in order to fix it and may have a better chance if they learn about the infestation faster.

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    Learn about the Bed Bug Registry; a free and useful database containing information about bed bug sightings in hotels.