Thursday, November 4, 2010

Subscriptions to Comic-Con 2011 are facing delayed product sales

Comic-Con 2010 is just barely over for most individuals. There are currently plans for Comic-Con 2011, though. Comic-Con 2011 four-day passes were designed to be on sale today, but complex issues delayed the release. Comic-Con 2011 organizers will announce on Nov. 8 when the four-day passes will go on sale.

Comic-Con 2011; get your passes

Four day passes for Comic-Con 2011 went up for sale today. Registration opened and then crashed. There had been an overload for the Comic-Con website. The site came back up easily, but the registration company’s website was not processing registrations properly. Registrations got shut down totally by Comic-Con and registration partners after just a short time period. Pre-sales to special customers were almost the only ones which were able to get their badges, which had been about 13 percent of all badges.

Selling Comic-Con 2011 badges once again

Comic Con badges in 2011 are rare. There aren't numerous that will sell. There is the concern of scalped Comic-Con badges while memberships are very limited. Today there were some Comic-Con 2011 badges sold. Hardly any originated from registration. Planning a trip to CA will be easier to do after followers know when registration will re-open in seven days.

Get ready for 2011 Comic-Con

Comic-Con in 2011 can be in July in San Diego. The days could be between the 20 and the 24. This is the 41st year for Comic-Con. Not it is considered the largest science fiction/fantasy/film/television conventions within the world. The San Diego Convention Center has been filled for years in a row to capacity although it can only hold 125,000 individuals. Comic-Con and the San Diego Convention Center are contracted until 2012, although overcrowding is a main concern. You will need to plan to get to Comic-Con 2011 really early since there are already problems with marketing subscriptions and overcrowding. Since a regular membership doesn't mean you'll get to attend a presentation, they’re over-sold too.


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