Thursday, December 30, 2010

Walker charged with felony hacking for reading wife's e-mail

A felony criminal offense accusation has been filed against Leon Walker. Walker hacked into his wife’s Gmail account to check up on her. Walker has an if-or defense to this crime. First, that his wife had no expectation of privacy because she left her passwords around their shared home. If it was hacking, though, he was doing it to protect a child. Resource for this article – Leon Walker charged with felony hacking for reading wife’s e-mail by MoneyBlogNewz.

Calling Leon Walker out

On February 7, Leon Walker will be tried. Anti-hacking statutes are the main reason the reason why Walker was even arrested. The laws were written in order to prevent identity theft and hacking of government computers. Hacking might be what Leon Walker is convicted of. If this is the case, up to five years in prison can be faced. Apparently Walker thought his wife may be cheating on him and wanted to find out, which is when the alleged hacking criminal offense occurred. He went and logged into her Gmail account.

Exactly what the defense claims about Leon Walker

Leon Walker and his lawyers don’t dispute that he logged into his wife’s e-mail account. He states that his wife had a habit of leaving her passwords written on pieces of paper around the house. He also says the laptop he used was purchased after they were married and was shared between the two of them. Supposedly, Leon Walker’s wife would typically leave her Gmail logged into on the computer as well.

Argument of it being ok for Leon Walker

Walker does not have to argue that his wife had no “reasonable expectation of privacy.” There is another option for him to choose. Walker claims that he checked his wife’s e-mail out of concern for her child’s safety. She did not come home one night so he checked her e-mail. One of his concerns was that she was spending time with her 1st husband. He was convicted of child abuse though. Walker printed the e-mails and provided them to his wife’s second husband, father of the child. The second husband was asked where he got the e-mails. He said that Leon Walker had sent them.



Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rising gasoline prices expected to continue consistently

Increasing gas costs anticipated to keep on consistently

Several economic factors have combined to launch gas costs on an upward climb within the coming year. Crude oil futures passed $90 a barrel last week. Analysts say an improving global economic outlook and a devalued United States dollar have contributed to the escalation. Across much of the U.S. average gasoline prices are above $3 a gallon and experts say there’s no turning back.

Gasoline prices put a strain on earnings

For the 1st time since October 2008, the average gasoline price within the U.S. went over $3 a gallon. Also, over ninety dollars a barrel is paid for Oil prices now. This is the 1st since October 2008 as well. According to the American Automobile Association, average gasoline prices within the United States have gone up 4 percent in the past month and up 16 percent from a year ago. The average driver spent $305 on gasoline in December, as outlined by the Oil Price Information Service. After the oil shock of 2008, there has been a 4.2 percent increase, 6.5 percent just for this past year, in the percent of median home earnings this year using gas which is now at 7.6 percent accounts PortiaGroup.

Gasoline prices on driving

In Nov, TX tycoon T. Boone Pickens predicted the crude oil would start selling for $100 a barrel in 2011. The gas costs were already rising when this was forecasted though. Pickens made this very same prediction before. In 2008 he said it would happen. That year gas went up to $145 a barrel. It taken place in July. Over $4 a gallon was paid for gas within the summer of 2008. Steep price increases forced customers to curtail driving habits. As demand plummeted, prices adjusted accordingly. What is different about rising gas costs in December 2010 is that demand has remained constant. The current spike in gasoline costs is happening due to the decreasing value of the United States dollar also as a rise in the trading activity for oil futures.

Where gasoline costs will maximum out at

Former president of Shell Oil explained that gasoline prices will continue to rise in order to hit $5 a gallon in 2012. Platt’s Energy Week talked to John Hofmeister who said that gas prices will likely go up with global oil demand. Other analysts agree that $5 a gallon gas is inevitable, but say the global economy won’t grow fast enough to reach that price by 2012. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries explained in December that next year there will most likely be a lower growth in global oil demand. Oil is getting close to $100 a barrel. There has not been any more production from the OPEC though.

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Dallas Morning News


The Nuvo way of advertising fashionably fruity alcohol

Remember when Jermain Stewart clued us in to the power of cherry wine in the 1986 smash hit track “We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off?” It’s quite strange, but advertisers like Levinson Tractenberg Group of Manhattan think fruity alcohol like their client’s Nuvo – “L’esprit de Paris” – is the way to beat off the style police. Don’t get trashed on New Years, they say – “Be Glamorous.”

Nuvo pink, the ladies’ style accent

Nuvo, which blends French vodka, white wine and fruit nectar, was initially marketed to women, reports the New York Times. Ever since the fourth quarter of 2007, the 750-milliliter, $30 bottles have continued to read “For Her” and have looked like large perfume bottles.

The Nuvo image has upset the Marin Institute. Many other alcohol watchdog groups have been upset too. The New marketing for the beverage makes it look like it is high end perfume including Eva Longoria in it. The highly stylish starlet appears ready for a night out, and a bottle of Nuvo sits on her dressing table. One could reasonably be forgiven for thinking that “Ms. Longoria might at any moment reach for it and sprits’ her flawless neck,” as the Times puts it, because it looks so much like a perfume bottle.

Alcoholic style there

Nuvo is the “ultimate accessory” which takes “cues visually from the beauty and fashion world” as outlined by Nuvo founder Raphael Yakoby. The problem Michele Simon of the Marin Institute thinks is seen is that the realities of drinking are ignored with a Nuvo “Be Glamorous” Logan.

“This company makes an association with glamour and says a potentially harmful alcoholic beverage is the equivalent of a fashion accessory, and that drinking this product is somehow not just as harmless as putting on bracelets but also is essential,” Simon told the Times.

Nuvo is all about being responsible though, as outlined by Yakoby.

“Our point is … drink responsibly and in moderation,” he said.

Men drinking pink, packing heat

Women are targeted with Nuvo. You will find several males who will drink pink though. A heckler was making fun of a fan at a San Antonio party for drinking pink getting himself shot within the stomach.

Info from

New York Times


Be glamorous, just don’t shoot anyone

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Risk of liver disease leads to Kroger animal food recall

After locating the toxin aflatoxin, Kroger has recalled its animal food. nineteen states are included in Kroger’s animal food recall. The recalled animal food could trigger liver failure and illness in animals.

Kroger recalls animal food in nineteen states

Due to safety risks, there will be pet food recalled from Kroger, Food 4 Less, Dillons and Gerbes, Baker's, Jay C, Kilander, Owen's, Pay Less and Scott's. Several states were involved in the recall. West VA, Virginia, Texas, TN, SC, OH, North Carolina, Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan, Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, GA, Arkansas and Alabama were all included. The pet food recall is something Kroger stores are attempting to take care of. In fact, they are trying to get a hold of customers who bought it.

Kroger recalls animal food of three brands

There are three manufacturers included in the Kroger pet food recall. Products included in the recall are:

  • Cat Food 3.5 lb packages with UPC code 1111088128
  • The UPC code 1111071357 on 18 lb packages of cat food
  • 3.5 lb packages with UPC code 1111071357 of Tasty Blend Poultry & Seafood Cat Food
  • Tasty Blend Poultry & Seafood Cat Food 18 lb packages with UPC code 1111074580
  • Kitten Formula Food three.5 lb packages with UPC code 1111071903

There is also within the Kroger animal food recall some Old Yeller Chunk Dog Food. It includes:

  • The UPC code 1111074566 that are 22 lb packages
  • 50 lb packages with UPC code 1111074563

There could be animal food from the Kroger Value brand. This includes:

  • Cat Food in 3 lb packages with UPC code 1111000018
  • 15 lb packages of Chunk Dog Food with the UPC 1111071559
  • 50 lb packages of Chunk Dog Food that has the UPC 1111000108

Aflatoxin risk signifies Kroger recalls pet food

Aflatoxin is a toxin produced by Aspergillus fungus. The fungus grows in cereal grains. Corn is one example. Aflatoxin could be found in many foods, such as peanut butter, however becomes dangerous when consumed in large doses. When consumed by pets, Aflatoxin can trigger liver disease, which isn’t directly treatable. The animal food within the recall needs to be returned to the store you purchased it at. This could be any Kroger store.




Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fewer individuals are under water on home loan financial institution loans

In recent months, the number of home loans and financial institution loans going underwater has slowed. Underwater is where a property is devalued to the point where the owner owes more than the property is worth. That said, lots of underwater homes were foreclosed on, accounting for the slowdown. Article resource – Fewer people are under water on mortgage bank loans by MoneyBlogNewz.

Fewer financial institution loans are becoming underwater

The number of people under water on their homes — owing more in financial institution loans than the property is worth — is diminishing, based on USA Today. Underwater mortgages have become a issue for lots of American homeowners, who went out to get a loan for a property, only for the value to plummet. Recreational and retirement hot spots like Nevada, Arizona and Florida were hit hard, with greater numbers of foreclosures and real estate values dropping through the floor. There hasn't been that several foreclosures in urban areas like Chicago especially in centers that are heavy in industrial work.

Portion due to foreclosures

There was only a 0.5 percent decline in underwater home loans. A large portion of the reduction in people paying installment loans for more than a home is worth is likely because of the sheer number of homes that have been foreclosed, taking numerous mortgages off the books. Reducing debt while struggling is a hard sell for loan providers. This hasn't stopped the government from trying to use incentives for making it happen.

Property prices likely to stay down

The housing market is not expected to get any better. It will most likely be a while. The housing industry may have a hard time rebounding as you will find tougher restrictions on credit, less individuals are confident enough or even able to qualify for a home and you will find record numbers of foreclosures. There has been growth seen though which might mean that a slower recovery will happen than expected.


USA Today

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Body browser from Google will get consumed by the human device

Google’s “body browser” is an interactive tool that maps out human anatomy with high technology. Google Body Browser aims to exhibit the average person that beauty goes much further than skin deep. Anyone with a computer and a compatible browser can use Google Body Browser to gain 3-D insight into their own internal condition.

Going beneath your skin using the body browser

You will start Google’s Body Browser with an image of a woman. She is dressed in workout clothes too. She does not end up naked by any means. But to focus on a particular area of the human body, zoom in and peel back successive tiers to expose muscles, organs, arteries, veins, bones and nerves. Much like Google Maps, you can select a “labels” function that provides notes on all the various parts and pieces displayed. The Google Body Browser lets you do such things as watch how joints work and trace the flow of blood through the heart.

Displacing current anatomy software package

There will most likely be a lot of Google Body Browser seen soon. Students and doctors will probably replace research tools with it. Soon a medical museum may be seeing Gray’s Anatomy. It might no longer be used. Several might lose their business. Primal Pictures and Visible Body are examples of 3-D developers that might lose out. Doctors could use it as an online educational tool or as a visual aid in video conferences with patients and colleagues. There could be regular updates done by Google in order to add functions. These will include showing how surgeries repair damaged joints as well as the progression of diseases in the body.

Ways body browser can be utilized

Google Body Browser is a WebGL application. WebGL is default-enabled within the beta 9 version of Google Chrome. Other browsers reported to be compatible with WebGL contain Chrome Canary Build and Firefox 4. WebGL is available in Google 8 but needs to be enabled by typing “about:flags” within the address bar, clicking “Enable” next to “WebGL” and then clicking “Restart now.” Once you are enabled, Google Body Browser doesn’t need Flash, Java or any other plug-ins.

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Consumer Product Safety Commission gives drop-side cribs official thumbs down

Drop-side baby cribs used to be popular within the United States because they were cheap and convenient. According to the Associated Press, however, those days are formally over. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has voted to ban the manufacture, sale and reselling of drop-side baby cribs within the U.S., largely because there have been scores of units recalled and over 30 newborns and toddlers have perished in drop-side baby cribs since 2000. Individuals may have to get a cash til payday to buy a higher level of quality and legal baby crib for their baby. Article source – Drop-side cribs banned by U.S. government by MoneyBlogNewz.

No more drop side cribs around beginning in June 2011

It will soon become illegal for drop side cribs to be used in hotels, childcare centers or even for private use. A year after the June 2011 ban starts, non-drop side cribs can have to be exchanged. This is for all childcare centers.

Drop side-crib issues at stake

With some variety, drop-side cribs are typically made from cheaper wood and plastic than more artisan infant and toddler cribs. As a result of the design and cheap materials, there is often a hardware malfunction in these cribs. An infant or toddler's head can get caught in an opening made. Since 2000, there have been at least 32 United States infants and toddlers strangled or suffocated as a result of this while the drop side crib has caused at least 14 more fatalities. It has been a while of the CPSC considering a drop-side crib ban. Now it has really happened.

Cribs from companies like Evenflo, Delta Enterprise Corp. and Pottery Barn Children have been part of the 9 million drop-side crib recalls over the past five years.

U.S. standards on drop-side cribs ‘one of the strongest in the world’

Inez Tenenbaum is the CPSC Chair. He said that because of the drop-side crib policy, the U.S. is considered the most stringent within the world on the matter. New testing standards will help catch manufacturing defects that can allow larger, stronger kids to place themselves in a precarious position when they shake or push on a crib. There will also be better instructions as to how to assemble the crib. In total, the brand new standard will "help to ensure that young kids rest more safely," Tenenbaum said after the CPSC vote.

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Do you know what Canada knows about drop-side cribs?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ernst and Young might be on the hook for big-time fraud

NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is illustrating his commitment to exposing high finance shenanigans, accounts the Wall Street Journal. Cuomo has levied a suit against the bookkeeping firm Ernst and Young for what is being termed civil fraud. Ernst and Young is getting charged with helping Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. to hide its ailing balance sheet from individuals for seven years, before the financial institution collapsed in September 2008.

Due to deceptiveness with investors, Ernst and Young gets sued by NY

The Lehman Brothers would hide the truth from investors with the help of Ernst and Young even though individuals were supposed to be told. Not only that, however the company advised “Repo 105″ debt to be taken out by Lehman. Repo 105 is an accounting move where short-term loans are classified on the books as sales, and the cash obtained through the “sale” is used to pay down debt. Thus, a business can conceivably appear as though it’s reducing its leverage by paying down its liabilities – just long enough for it to look good on a published balance sheet. The company then borrows money and repurchases its original assets after the report is then released which makes investors upset.

The Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. was a risky investment. It didn’t look like it was though.

Being named ‘A massive accounting fraud’

Andrew Cuomo bluntly stated that Ernst and Young “substantially assisted” Lehman Brothers in committing “massive bookkeeping fraud,” claims on which Ernst and Young have declined to comment so far.

According to accounting records, Ernst and Young collected $150 million in fees from Lehman from 2001 to 2008. During that time, Lehman shifted an estimated $50 billion in assets off its balance sheet and moved them to foreign banks when it was time to report financials. Days later, Lehman bought them back, completing their Repo 105 accounting fraudulence.

Ernst and Young had Kevin Reilly as a partner. It said that this was “acceptable” to Attorney General Cuomo.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Peer to peer loan providers get around bank middlemen

Get around financial institutions with peer to peer lenders

There’s a relatively new market, called peer to peer lenders, who can help individuals obtain a loan and eliminate the middleman at the financial institution. An individual, or persons, with lending capital put out conditions on a loan they would lend, and people planning to be lent money can choose who they wish to borrow from. it’s transforming into a teeming market. This is helping consumers on a regular basis; considering how a number of states are regulating the paydayloans industry.

Peer to peer financing cuts middleman out

You do not have to visit a traditional loan lender like a bank if you need a personal loan for home improvement, debt consolidation or other things. Peer to peer financing has become popular within the last few years as a brand new service. Peer lending is simple. It is simple to understand too. Anyone might be interested in borrowing money. Going to a site and applying for the loan is all that has to be done. Being accepted as an applicant means you can get cash lent to you from another party. You’ll be offered the loan. Accepting the loan or denying it’s the power you have. Investors put the cash in. Banks get funds in this way. Returns are equal to or better than the stock market for investors. This really is what Forbes explained.

Services vary

There are numerous peer to peer lending services, and there could be differing manners in which the loan is offered. Investors have the option of pledging cash together in a loan bundle. On the peer to peer service Prosper, loan providers or investors can make competing offers to loan applicants. All of the interest rates and terms vary with the loans. Individuals won't always be given an excellent loan that they want.

It is not just simple money

Most of these services are as discerning as financial institutions and won’t accept an applicant with a credit rating within the tank. Interest rates on these providers are generally lower than an installment loan from a financial institution or finance company.



Sunday, December 19, 2010

Giants Vikings game moved to Detroit after Metrodome roof failure

The ceiling of the Metrodome has partially caved in, throwing a wrench in the Giants Vikings game. Heavy snow accumulation put too much strain on the Teflon fabric dome, which ripped open over the field. The match will now be played at Ford Field in Detroit, after it had already been delayed until Monday night. There will likely be a large installment loan taken out to correct this problem.

Metrodome struck hard by snow on rooftop

Mother Nature is apparently hoping the Minnesota Vikings will get a new arena. This if obvious since the ceiling was torn open at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome due to snowfall loaded on the stop. An inflatable Teflon fabric is what the ceiling of the Metrodome is made with. Air pressure supports it. The Midwest got hit hard with snowstorms piling snow up on the ceiling. Eventually, a leak occurred with this. The Metrodome ceiling did not failure entirely, but the opening was enough to dump snow on the field about 5 a.m. on Sunday morning, based on ABC. The match was already postponed until Monday, as hefty snowfall and winds closed the Twin Cities airport and kept the New York Giants from reaching Minnesota.

Detroit where game is going to be held

The Giants and Vikings match is being moved to Ford Motors Field in Detroit. The game won’t be filmed for Monday Night Football however will air on the National Football League Network for Direct Television subscribers, according to ESPN. For those who have tickets to the match already, go ahead and make the trip to Ford Motors Field. It might be worth it thinking about preferred seating at the 50 yard line will be given to you. The National Football League is giving out tickets to the game. They’ll all be free. A full refund can be given to those who got a ticket to the game. This is the fourth time the Metrodome roof has collapsed like this. In 1981, 1982 and 1983 it collapsed as well.

Favre questionable

Favre might be absent from the game as well which means Vikings supporters have to deal with more than being homeless temporarily. A sprained shoulder is what the 41-year old quarterback has been dealing with since he injured his soldiers while playing the Buffalo Bills. More than likely Tavaris Jackson will be playing against the Giants even if he is well enough to play.


ABC News


Alosi salary suffers as he will pay his dues for trip

After he was caught tripping a person on video Sunday, the question was not whether Sal Alosi’s salary would suffer, it was by how much. The New York Jets power coach, a previous college linebacker, impulsively stuck a limb out to trip a Miami Dolphin covering a punt return. Sal Alosi’s income took a major hit when he was fined and suspended for the remainder of the season with no pay for his actions. It looks like taking out a paydayloans is going to be the the very least of Sal Alosi’s worries.

Sal Alosi going

Sal Alosi’s income as the strength and conditioning coach for the NY Jets is about $200,000, if a tweet from Jay Glazer at Fox Sports could be considered accurate. The bills Alosi has to pay or the interest rate he could get on loans with that kind of income were not being considered when making this decision. He just could not stop himself when he saw a Dolphins player running out of bounds on the sideline, as a Jets rival. And now his cash flow will be severely impinged by the Sal Alosi trip. If it were not for the fact that Alosi won't be getting paid for the remainder of the season, Alosi would have been able to get payday loans for the holidays.

How bad did Sal Alosi’s trip hit his income?

The average person would love to be making Sal Alosi's income of $200,000 a year. The National Football League has different standards though. It is like getting minimum wage when getting paid $200,000. The Jets fined Alosi $25,000 for his lapse in judgment which is hurting the team more than it already was when it comes to the public. The playoff run and other bonuses might be taken away as he has been suspended with no pay for the rest of the season. That means about $12,500 a game is what Sal Alosi's income is. About $62,500 could possibly be lost by Alosi with only three games left within the season. That would be a thirty-one percent pay cut too. Alosi should be expecting a fine from the league within the near future although there is not one announced yet.

Alosi trip video

Alosi apologized for his dirty deed. Many are not buying it. They say the apology is not enough. All of the New York football fans are going to be sorely disappointed after the jets lose within the playoffs and Alosi is on the lookout for a new job. Since the Sal Alosi trip video clip is being searched almost more than anything else on the internet, it can be hard to lose the "coach trips player" term. Sal Alosi’s income might never recover.

The Alosi trip video clip for your pleasure

Details from

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 Toyota Sienna recall in effect

Recall: 94,000 2011 Toyota Sienna's have brake light problems

Just when Toyota thought it was out of the recall jungle, the (faulty) break lights began flashing. The snake bitten automaker has announced a 94,000-strong recall of 2011 Toyota Sienna vehicles due to difficulties with the brake light switching bracket. All of the autos included in this Sienna recall were produced before Nov of this year. Toyota Motors has had enough recalls to require them to get a large money now to repair the difficulties. Source for this article – 2011 Toyota Sienna recalled due to brake light problem by MoneyBlogNewz.

Toyota explains recall of Sienna

Toyota explained in a press release the brake light switch bracket is positioned wrong in relation to the parking brake pedal. This is why the Sienna recall had to happen. When fully deployed, the parking brake can come into physical contact with the brake light switch bracket and trigger the switch to bend and possibly malfunction. Specifically, the brake lights can remain on even if the brakes aren’t being deployed, and if the damage is significant sufficient, Toyota indicates the brakes could really become partially engaged due to the warped bracket. The breaking might even be impaired if brake drag occurs.

There is the possibility that impaired breaking could trigger problems although Toyota described that there have been no accidents it is aware of or injuries that came from the brake light switch bracket problem.

How 2011 Toyota Sienna owners will be reached

Any Toyota Sienna drivers will get first class postal mail sent to them as notification. The middle of January, 2011, is when Toyota plans to start sending this mail. The communication will consist of instructions for how Sienna drivers ought to proceed. This data will even be made available via the recall section of Toyota’s website.

Sienna owners will be contacted for a second time with data on how to replace the brake light switching bracket by late February. Also, Sienna users will be expected to go to the nearest Toyota dealer for an installation appointment. There will be no charge for this service, which will include the installation of a switching bracket that takes the positioning of the parking brake pedal into better account.

Get more details from Toyota

Any 2011 Toyota Sienna owners with additional questions concerning the Sienna recall might contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 800-331-4331 or visit

Info from

PR Newswire

Friday, December 17, 2010

Gulf oil spill was the top Twitter trend in 2010

Twitter introduced its list of its prime trends for 2010 on Monday. The list of trends, capped by "Gulf oil leak," summarize how information flowed on the Internet in 2010. Twitter said its 2010 Styles on Twitter list shows exactly how Twitter has evolved to the leader in connecting the planet to emerging styles in real-time. This trends list did not essentially make Twitter money and they did not need to take out a cash advance to publish it.

The prime tweets Twitter has seen

You will find very expected subjects of the prime Twitter tweets of 2010. These subjects include the Apple ipad, Justin Bieber and the Gulf oil spill. The 2010 Trends on Twitter, compiled from 25 billion 2010 tweets, consist of eight categories: news, people, movies, TV, technology, world cup, sports and hashtags. Although gulf oil leak was first for overall prime pattern, there was a runner up. "FIFA World Cup" was this win. Bieber was on the top of the list, ahead of Lady Gaga remarkably. Lady Gaga actually came in 3rd after Dilma Rouseff. Assange was after Lady Gaga. The iPad capped the technology list and “Inception” capped the film list. On the Planet Cup list, Paul the Octopus was edged out by the ubiquitous, annoying Vuvuzela.

Exactly how Twitter styles are decided on

In a Twitter post, the business explained what it does. Novelty is more significant than popularity to Twitter. An algorithm is used to single out topics that get more tweets than normal for any given moment when used which is how Twitter styles are discovered. Instead of just listing what is popular, hot subjects as they emerge are found. On rare occasions a topic that shows up on Google trends doesn’t make it to Twitter trends because the number of tweets does not accelerate quickly enough. This taken place last week with WikiLeaks, leading some bloggers to accuse Twitter of censoring trending tweets. Of course, "WikiLeaks Cablegate" still made it to the top styles of 2010. It was seven in the top 10 trending news tweets.

Way more Twitter tweets this year

There was more than 200 percent growth from 2009 to 2010 in Twitter tweets. The number went from 8 billion to twenty five billion. In 2008, the Twitter tweets were even lower. Only 300 million tweets were counted. In 2006, Twitter was founded. Since them, over 190 million tweeters have joined. In 2008, trending subjects began to be listed by Twitter. This year was the first year Twitter trends were accessible in more than just some major U.S. cities. Before, only cities like WA D.C. and New York City had it accessible to them. The service was expanded this year by Twitter. Now 13 nations and six more cities have the additional service.

The Top 10 Twitter Trends Overall in 2010

1. Gulf Oil spill
2. FIFA World Cup
3. Inception
4. Haiti Earthquake
5. Vuvuzela
6. Apple ipad
7. Google Android
8. Justin Bieber
9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Naga Viper pepper might strip paint but makes tasty curry

Hot peppers are used frequently in Thai, Mexican, Spanish and Indian food. The most recent world’s hottest pepper, the Naga Viper, develops from a male’s greenhouse in England, however. The Naga Viper rates greater than 271 times hotter than the most popular pepper, the jalapeno. Numerous people have gone in as much as getting a quick cash advance in order to to get this specific pepper. Source of article – Naga Viper pepper could strip paint but makes tasty curry by MoneyBlogNewz.

England the place to cultivate Naga Viper

As the owner of both a pub and the Chili Pepper Business, Gerald Fowler has long been breeding hot chilies. The Naga Viper pepper was created by Fowler when crossing three very scorching chilies. The three peppers within the Naga Viper are the Bhut Jolokia pepper, the Naga Norich and the Trinidad Scorpion plants. Many years were needed to do this crossbreeding. His small 8-by-16 foot greenhouse was utilized to do it though. Fowler believes that by growing the peppers in a harsher environment like England’s, he helps encourage spicier peppers because they have to “fight back.”.

How scorching the Naga Viper is rated at

Chili peppers and their heat are rated using the Scoville scale. The amount of capsicum in a pepper is being measured with this. Capsicum is the active compound that gives scorching peppers and pepper spray their heat. In 2007, the Scoville record rating was 1,001,304 with the Ghost Pepper. 1,359,000 is what the Naga Viper was shown on the Scoville scale. This was tested by Warwick University. By comparison, mace spray carried by police officers rates about 5 million on the Scoville scale.

What you are able to do with Napa Viper

Fowler has said that he at first developed the Naga Viper as a way to make an ultra-hot curry. Curry was explained by Fowler. He said it ought to be “hot enough to remove paint … numbs your tongue and burns all the way down.” The heat is bad. This is just as much as the endorphin rush is good. You will find other ways you can use the Naga Viper, although it is in curries that consumers have to sign a release form before eating. Two uses, making non-lethal "pepper bombs" and helping farmers replace opium poppy as the major money crop, are why the Indian govt is looking into buying the Naga Viper.

Information from

Daily Mail


Monday, December 13, 2010

Nazis would be happy with Chinese actions towards Nobel Peace Prize

Chinese human rights hero Xiaobo was officially presented with the Nobel Peace Prize Friday in Oslo, Norway. A clear seat at the Nobel awards service represented the lack of Liu, who is imprisoned in a Chinese jail. Since Liu was declared as the winner, China has condemned the Nobel Committee’s decision and declined to allow Liu’s family to go to the ceremony-the first time that has occurred since the Nazi’s did the same thing in 1935. Regardless of whether Liu Xiaobo was able to get an payday cash loans, he would not be able to purchase his freedom.

Chair awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Thorbjorn Jagland is the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee who presented the award. An empty chair was where they set the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize and the $1.5 million check with it. The Nobel awards ceremony was attended by diplomatic representative from more than 60 countries. It was obvious that two countries didn't show up. This included Russia and China. After giving China credit for its economic development, Jagland said "It is no coincidence that nearly all the richest countries in the world are democratic.” Since Liu Xiaobo was announced as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in October, China has suspended bilateral trade talks with Norway. Members of the Nobel Committee were called "clowns" by the Beijing government most recently.

Charter 08 for Liu Xiaobo

The arrest of Liu Xiaobo happened in December 2008 after Nobel Peace Prize Winner signed the Charter 08 agreement. This means he tried to get political change in China to happen. There were over 300 influential Chinese who signed the Charter 08. These included journalists, lawyers and academics. Liu ended with an 11 year prison sentence as a result of "subversion of state power" after what he did. China has been trying to make it so the news of Liu's award doesn't come. They want to suppress it. On Thursday, Zhang Zuhua, a co-author of Charter 08, was seen forced into a car by police. Blue construction panels were erected in front of Liu’s apartment, where his wife has been under house arrest since he had been announced as the winner.

China just like Hitler now

Imprisoned political dissidents are awarded the Nobel Peace Prize before. Andrei Sakharov as a soviet physicist, Lech Walesa as a Polish labor leader and Aung San Suu Kyi as a Burmese activist all were given the award, The Oslo awards ceremony had family there to accept them. It has been a when since an imprisoned Nobel winner's family couldn't come. It was 1935 in fact. Count Carl von Ossietzky had been a German journalist put in a concentration camp after speaking out about Hitler's rise to power. He then won the Nobel Peace Prize. Hitler decided he needed his own peace prize to award just like China did Thursday. They made the Confucius Prize ceremony.


The Telegraph


New York Times

With nobody there to accept, Nobel Peace Prize was placed in a chair

The 2010 Nobel Peace Prize and the $1.5 million check that comes with it was set on an empty chair after Thorbjorn Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, presented the award. Diplomatic representatives from more than 60 countries attended the Nobel awards ceremony. It was obvious that two countries didn't show up. This included Russia and China. Jagland gave China credit for its economic development, but said "It is no coincidence that nearly all the richest countries in the world are democratic.” All trade talks with Norway were stopped after China heard the Nobel Peace Prize winner would be Liu Xiaobo in October. Members of the Nobel Committee were called "clowns" by the Beijing government recently.

Saying Charter 08 happened with Liu Xiaobo

Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo was arrested in December 2008 after co-authoring “Charter 08,”a manifesto calling for fundamental political change in China. There were over 300 influential Chinese who signed the Charter 08. These included journalists, lawyers and academics. Liu ended with an 11 year prison sentence because of "subversion of state power" after what he did. News of Liu's award has been stopped by China as much as possible. Police then forced co-author of Charter 08, Zhang, Zuhua, into a vehicle Thursday. Since Liu had been announced winner, his wife was on house arrest where there are now blue construction panels.

China following in Hitler's footsteps

The Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to political dissidents that were imprisoned before. Soviet physicist Andrei Sakharov, Polish labor leader Lech Walesa and Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi were represented by family at the Oslo awards ceremony. The last time an imprisoned Nobel laureate’s family weren’t allowed to attend was in 1935. German journalist Count Carl von Ossietzky won the Nobel Peace Prize while he was in a concentration camp for speaking out against Hitler’s rise to power. Hitler then concocted his own peace prize, just like the Chinese did Thursday with their farcical Confucius Prize.

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Uptick in subprime auto lending boosts auto product sales

Bad credit auto loans, according to Experian Automotive, an industry credit reporting agency, increased considerably in the 3rd quarter of 2010. There were other good signs for the car industry. Subprime consumers are also winning approval for higher auto loan amounts. A drop in car loan defaults is also helping thaw auto credit markets. Individuals are recognizing more how a good credit score can help them obtain a paydayloan when they’re looking for one.

Loosening requirements in financing

Car loan Daily explains how Experian analyzes financing a little better. The three credit score tiers are used. The 3rd quarter of the year showed that there were more individuals in the "nonprime" or mediocre credit rating from 620-679 that got auto loans. In fact, 10.68 of all automobile financing were from this group. Also, up from the 5.66 percent from this past year, about 6.61 percent of auto loans came from automobile buyers with credit scores between 550 and 619. With credit under 550, bad credit care buyers had a rise too. It went from 1.46 percent to 1.59 percent for this group.

Much more bigger, longer financial loans sold

Additional indicators the car credit industry is helping to loosen up include bigger loans with lengthier terms. The average amount financed for a new care increased to $25,273 since the 3rd quarter of 2009. That is a $2,530 increase. Used auto financing rose year-over-year an average of $977 to $16,706. There was also a 30 day increase within the average term for automobile financing. However, poor credit vehicle buyers with credit ratings 550 and below showed a rise within the length of their terms by almost four months.

More consumers paying out on time

Delinquencies up to 30 days fell 8 percent in the 3rd quarter to 3 percent of all automotive loans. Delinquencies on auto loans up to 60 days dropped 17 percent to less than 1 percent. Consumers are cutting debt and increasing savings while delinquencies are decreasing. This has made banks and auto financing corporations feel safe enough to start taking risks again. Since the credit standards for automobile financing have loosened, there will likely be an increase in auto sales in 2011. This would be about a 10 percent increase. When you have a lower credit score, you might plan on getting bad credit automotive loans to buy your automobile. You might be paying out higher interest rates on automobile financing still.

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House states no $250 bonus for Social Security receivers

If the Social Security bill could have passed the House, Social Security individuals could have received one $250 payment in addition to their regular benefits. The bill is a response to the absence of a Social Security cost-of-living increase (COLA) in 2011. The logic was that a one-time $250 payment would somehow make up the main difference. As the bill came with a price tag of $14 billion, Republicans united in resistance. Rather, those on Social Security have found themselves seeking a payday advance when in-need of unpredicted cash. Article resource – House rejects bill for $250 payment to Social Security recipients by Money Blog Newz.

COLA boost starts laws going

A Democratic bill to write $250 checks for 58 million Social Security individuals was intended to compensate for a second straight year without a cost-of-living increase, otherwise known as a COLA. The “fast-track” procedure was the plan for the Social Security bill when it came to voting. The House has to give a 2 thirds vote on bills. This is just if they are in the fast track. It didn’t pass. T he vote was at 254-153 too. Voting yes was uncommon in republicans. Only 26 votes were a yes. Twelve Democrats said “nay.”. The onetime payment was something that the Obama administration supported. They said the Cost-of-Living having no boost would make it hard for many getting Social Security.

The lack of Cost-of-Living with Social Security

Social Security COLAs are supposed to rise automatically with inflation. Because of gas prices going over $4 a gallon in 2008, the Social Security had a Cost-of-Living boost in 2009. The COLA was at 5.8 percent. In 27 years there hadn’t been a COLA that large. Law says that COLAs don’t kick in unless consumer prices rise above what they were the year before. Virtually non-existent inflation within the past 2 years has suppressed consumer prices and any subsequent Social Security COLAs. On average, Social Security individuals collect $1,072 a month.

Taking into consideration the effectiveness COLAs have

Supporters of the Social Security bill said that linking COLAs to consumer prices doesn’t adequately adjust Social Security benefits to match the needs of seniors, veterans and the disabled. Expanses like medication are used for most of them which is very high. Several of the Republicans argue that the 2009 Social Security increase in COLA was plenty. Senior citizens should be okay for a while. A spokesman for Rep. David Camp, R-Mich., who becomes the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee in Jan, said “There is a responsible way to protect senior citizens without increasing the deficit.” He did not say how this was.

Data from



CNN Money

Pearl Harbor Day rituals honor warriors of the past

Pearl Harbor Day is a solemn occasion recalling the disastrous Japanese attack that plunged the United States of America into all-out global war. A new $56 million Pearl Harbor visitor center can be dedicated as part of the commemorations surrounding Pearl Harbor Day 2010. A fraction of the service men and women who were present at the attack remain alive, and a small number of them can be in attendance at the naval base on Tuesday. Source of article – Few survivors remain to honor fallen on Pearl Harbor Day 2010 by Money Blog Newz.

Information on the Pearl Harbor assault

2010 Pearl Harbor Day can be celebrated as the "day which will live in infamy." It’s in observance of December 7, 1941. That phrase came from a speech from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was given when declaring war on Japan to Congress the day after the attack. About 2,402 United States of America military personnel were killed in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which was a huge surprise. Sixty years later, the 9/11 terrorist assault that wrecked the World Trade Center and killed 2,752 individuals can be compared to the Pearl Harbor Day shock. Japan had ambitions in southeast Asia and the Philippines which it didn't want the U.S. Pacific Fleet interfering with. Even though it did the opposite of intent, which is why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

What to take from Pearl Harbor Day

Government buildings could be seen flying the United States flag at half-mast while Americans are expected to fly it at their homes by order of the president. This is done in recognize of all those killed within the attack on Pearl Harbor Day. Dec. 7 as Pearl Harbor Day isn't really a federal holiday. However, it is essential for many who were in Pearl Harbor or World War II to remember those who perished in Pearl Harbor and other battles too. The Hawaiian island of Oahu, at the United States of America Navy base at Pearl Harbor, the 69th anniversary could be remembered for the Pearl Harbor assault. Starting Sunday and going through Wednesday, it can be remembered.

Pearl Harbor Day 2010

The new Pearl Harbor visitor center could be dedicated on Pearl Harbor Day 2010. The facility features galleries, interactive exhibits, two movie theaters, an amphitheater and an education center. A handful of Pearl Harbor survivors (most are in their late 80s and early 90s) who can still travel will attend commemorations. At 7:55 a.m., the time the assault started in 1941, on Dec. 7, Veterans and families will bow their heads for a moment of silence. Military fighter jets will fly by in the “missing man formation” to commemorate the fallen. A parade of warships will cruise by to salute the remaining Pearl Harbor survivors.


USA Today



Sunday, December 12, 2010

Microsoft Kinect sales get to 2.5 million in under a month

When motion-controlled games come to mind, typically the next thing that follows is the Nintendo Wii console. It has not been that way for a while, however. Something bigger is in place, and that something is the new Microsoft Kinect motion-sensing video game program. The Kinect console promises exciting brand new games with an enhanced improvement to the Xbox 360 gaming experience, and parent and children alike are pouring into stores hoping to get their hands on the brand new video game system.

Kinect sales hit 2.5 million, and still growing

On Monday, Microsoft announced that over the Black Friday weekend, the company were able to reach a whopping total of 2.5 million Kinect systems sold — just 25 days after launching. The business is expecting to reach its goal of selling 5 million units through the holiday season.

“We are thrilled about the consumer response to Kinect,” said Don Mattrick, president of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, “and are working hard with our retail and manufacturing partners to expedite production and shipments of Kinect to restock shelves as fast as possible to keep up with demand.”

Kinect is sold in 38 countries at more than 60,000 stores.

All about the way the Microsoft Kinect works

The Microsoft Kinect is cool because you don't need controllers. Say goodbye to buying new controllers every time one breaks. With the Kinect system, you can turn your Xbox 360 into a voice-activated console. It can do more than that though. Along with voice activation, the console comes with video capturing and facial recognition. It could be used for everything from selecting preferred TV shows to creating digital artwork. If you are a fan of Xbox Live, you’re going to love the new Kinect motion-sensing console even more. Multiple friends can be involved with a webcam chat using the microphones and cameras. The Xbox Live experience gets even better.

Positive Kinect reviews and sales

Numerous enjoy the Microsoft Kinect one of the most because your body is the controller. This is unlike the Wii and PlayStation Move. Many believe the motion-sensing console is the next big thing in the world of video games, and Kinect reviews and sales are certainly reflecting that notion.

Articles cited

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Bowe Bergdahl, U.S. soldier held by Taliban, seen again on video clip

In June 2009 the Taliban in Afghanistan taken a U.S soldier from Hailey, Idaho named Bergdahl. A few days ago Bowe Bergdahl showed up in a Taliban propaganda video clip. Bergdahl’s captivity began with death threats, however a journalist basing his opinion on personal experience said the soldier is worth more to the Taliban still living. The Taliban won't permit somebody to get a good installment loan to purchase Bergdahl's independence either. Source of article – U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl, a Taliban captive, seen on new video by Money Blog Newz.

16 months ago Bowe Bergdahl caught

Probably the most recent Taliban video shows Bergdahl clean shaven. Of course, he also looked like he had been beaten fairly recently. Bergdahl’s appearance in the Taliban video leads experts to believe that the video footage was shot right after his capture more than 16 months ago. Since Bowe Bergdahl was captures in Afghanistan, he has came out in 4 Taliban videos including the one launched Wednesday. Other videos show him with facial hair. A longer beard is in some. The Taliban is expected to only be holding the one U.S. soldier hostage. Jalaluddin Jaqqani is a senior Taliban commander who is shown within the video giving a statement along with the appearance of the soldier and militant attack video clip clips.

Can it be true the Taliban is getting what they ask for from Bowe Bergdahl?

In April, Bergdahl surfaced in a Taliban video clip denouncing the Afghanistan War and pleading to be launched. One of the captors of Bergdahl, supposedly, came to the Sunday Times in August to explain the American was taught how to convert a cell phone into a remote detonator for a roadside bomb after being converted to Islam. Supposedly the Afghan intelligence officials cooperated with the Taliban then. Bergdahl did too. However, the alleged captor said the data Bowe Bergdahl shared with the Taliban were common knowledge and that he was pretending to be a Muslim to keep from being beheaded.

Bergdahl only still living still due to value

Bowe Bergdahl is safe, according to a journalist who had been taken by the Taliban in 2008. Jere Van Dyk said that the Taliban likely would not hurt him in an interview with ID Public Television. Van Dyk was launched by the Taliban after being kidnapped and held 45 days. He said the Taliban would make an effort to brainwash Bergdahl and pressure him to become a Muslim. He is still alive though as a valuable propaganda tool. Van Dyk explained the Taliban is showing that they’re terrorizing their enemies by keeping their captives still living instead.


CBS News

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Daily Mail

Fitzhugh would rather work with the railway than within the National Football League

All the livelong day, Keith Fitzhugh would prefer to work on the railway than within the National Football League.The New York Jets offered him a career, which was refused, though the Jets have employed then fired Fitzhugh three times before this. Fitzhugh puts family and earning a constant living over the New York Jets. Fitzhugh figures he isn’t as prone to needing a cash advance on the railway. Post resource – Keith Fitzhugh prefers working on the railroad to NFL by MoneyBlogNewz.

NFL not as thrilling as rail job for Keith Fitzhugh

The Georgian 24 year old Keith Fitzhugh was offered what many can only dream of. He was offered a career as a safety for the New York Jets after Jim Leonhard was injured during the Monday Night Football game against the New England Patriots. The NJ Star Ledger accounts that Fitzhugh said no to the Jets. Fitzhugh had been trying to secure a regular job within the National Football League for the last two years. The benefits that come from constant employment looked good to him. He chose a position as a conductor with the Norfolk Southern railroad. He lives with his parents, helping to care for his disabled father.

Wishing a guaranteed income will occur

Fitzhugh was an undrafted free agent in 2009, as he got employed by the Jets in May of that year, waived in August, in Sept added to practice finally and then in December was signed by the Baltimore Ravens. The Baltimore Ravens signed Fitzhugh in December 2009 as he was an undrafted free agent. He was hired by the Jets in May 2009, waived in August and added to the practice squad in Sept before being hired finally. He was cut by the Ravens after the playoffs, then signed by the Jets during summer training camp, only to be cut again. Large paychecks are not always on the way for every person within the National Football League. In fact, it can be a bit annoying to sit around unemployed for too long waiting to be picked up.

Created for something else

The chance to enter the National Football League is not for everybody. Gerald Ford turned the National Football League down to go to Yale Law School and later became President of the United States. Myron Rolle delayed entering the NFL to pursue studies as a Rhodes Scholar, although he now is on the TN Titans practice squad.

Articles cited

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The ePrivacy application: See-who-views-your-profile Facebook con

If you value your Facebook account and the people you are connected with, the last thing you want is to fall for and spread yet another viral con. Among the latest scams on Facebook is the ePrivacy app. Like many other Facebook scams, you are able to easily fall victim in case you are not careful. What is even worse is you are able to bring your Facebook friends and family down with you without you even noticing. Article source – The ePrivacy app: See-who-views-your-profile Facebook scam by Money Blog Newz.

Don't use the ePrivacy app on Facebook as it is a scam

The latest Facebook scam to look at out for is the ePrivacy app, which is spreading rapidly on the biggest online social network platform via the message, “OMG OMG OMG… I cant believe this really works! Now you really can see who viewed your profile! on [link].”.

Staying up to date on everyone in our lives is what we do as Facebook users. The ePrivacy app seems really enticing as it is a way to discover out who has been checking up on us as well. It promises to give you ultimate spying capabilities, showing you each person who views your Facebook profile. Don't do it. It isn't real. Your personal info will be given to the app creator though which is why it is a bad idea to download the app.

Seeing those who view your profile isn't worth a virus

Just admit that this app entices you. Knowing who has been checking you out online is something everyone wants. There are many petitions to let Facebook users see others who have viewed their profiles, and scammers are quickly jumping on the opportunity. They are good at figuring out what it is that people want. This isn't good because they can use it to their advantage.

If you don’t want complete strangers accessing your personal data, sending you e-mails and posting unauthorized messages on any Facebook page you administer, don’t install the ePrivacy app or any other app that claims to do the same thing. The sole purpose of scams like this is to generate money for the mischief makers behind them, and they have no problem using your Facebook profiles to spread their spammy links even further.


Huffington Post

The ePrivacy app is yet another Facebook scam

The message, “OMG OMG OMG… I cant believe this actually works! Now you really can see who viewed your profile! on [link]," is shown with the newest scam on Facebook which is actually the ePrivacy app.

Staying up to date on everyone in our lives is what we do as Facebook users. However, we also like to know who has been checking up on us, and the ePrivacy app is claiming it has the ability to do that. It will show you everyone who is looking at your Facebook profile supposedly which would be awesome. Don't do it. It isn't real. Your personal information will be given to the app creator though which is why it is a bad idea to download the app.

Seeing those who view your profile isn't worth a virus

Just admit that this app entices you. Knowing who has been checking you out online is something everyone wants. Scammers are taking advantage of the fact that Facebook users have been trying to find a way to see who is viewing their Facebook profiles. In fact, there have even been petitions. They know what people want, and they will use anything they can to their advantage.

If you don’t want complete strangers accessing your personal data, sending you e-mails and posting unauthorized messages on any Facebook page you administer, do not install the ePrivacy app or any other app that claims to do the same thing. The sole purpose of scams like this is to generate money for the mischief makers behind them, and they have no problem using your Facebook profiles to spread their spammy links even further.


Huffington Post

Amazon gets rid of WikiLeaks site from servers

Amazon has pulled WikiLeaks from its servers. The controversial site relocated to Amazon servers recently. WikiLeaks lately relocated to Amazon Web Services, a website hosting service, after denial of service assaults forced the site to move its hosting site. Amazon didn’t want anything to do with WikiLeaks after great controversy has erupted over the site.

Amazon server no longer has WikiLeaks after protest

The “Cablegate” series happened with WikiLeaks. Then, the sit faced some DDOS, or distributed denial of service. As a result, the site moved to Amazon Web Services. WikiLeaks had been then kicked off of the self service web hosting, reports the Guardian. This was because American companies were asked to boycott the site by Senator Joe Lieberman. The WikiLeaks Twitter page made statements that “fine our $ are now spent to employ people in Europe” and that if Amazon had been not disposed to following the First Amendment, the business should “get out of the business of selling books.”.

Wanting Julian Assange in prison in Europe

Julian Assange is the head of WikiLeaks. The Swedish government put out a warrant for his arrest. The Christian Science Monitor reports that as a result of sexual assault charges, Assange has been a fugitive in Sweden from time to time. Assange can be arrested in any nation he is found in though since the Interpol, which is the international police organization, issued a "red notice". He won't necessarily be arrested. It is just a suggestion being passed along. Australia, Assange’s home country, and the United States are mulling criminal charges. When asked about the situation, Assange's mother said that he is "fighting baddies, if you like" and is doing what he believes is right.

Everyone angry

The release of diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks, among other releases, has provoked strong reactions from the international community. Julian Assange and his fate are unknown at the moment. It does seem that WikiLeaks may have a hard time operating within the future though.

Information from

The Guardian


CS Monitor

Friday, December 10, 2010

Rising trend in career openings has economist thinking positive

In Oct more job openings became available in the U.S. since the fall of 2008. After last week’s Labor Department report showed a fresh spike in the unemployment rate, job opportunities data was a breath of fresh air. The Oct job opportunities numbers, according to economists, might be an indication that hiring may gain some momentum early next year.

Viewing the job openings report for Oct

Job openings in Oct rose to 3.4 million, an increase from 3 million reported in September. We’re able to look at the Labor Department's Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey. It showed that there was a 12 percent month-to-month increase which meant the decline within the 2 previous months was reversed. October job opportunities arrived at the highest total since August 2008, when the financial markets were on the brink of collapse. In October, there was a rise of 369,000 private sector job opportunities. Since 2006, there hasn't been anything that big. Then there were a lot of advertised job openings by the JOLTS. About 1 million were advertised. That means that from the low point, there was a 44 percent increase. In July 2009, which was a month after the recession ended tech! nically, the low point was reached.

Individuals with no careers nevertheless giving job opportunities too many applications

From Oct 2009, there was a 32 percent increase in career openings. The 14.8 million nevertheless unemployed hurts that number though. Getting a job isn't easy. There’s a lot of competition. The JOLTS report showed there were 4.4 people going after each October career opening. The number is getting much better though since in September it was 4.9 people per job and since January 2009, it is the best number. Despite the gains, the hole blasted in employment by the recession is deep. Sunday, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was on the CBS News program "60 Minutes." He said the joblessness will not go back to the "normal" 5 to 6 percent for another five years or so.

Not as much of a poor job industry

Bernanke's estimate may have changed if he realized the career opportunities statement would show a sign of accelerate hiring. There are economists who look at the JOLTS report as an indicator of hiring up to three months down the road. Last month's jobs statement is "a bump in the road" according to an economist at Credit Suisse in New York since the November job creation statement wasn't very good. The JOLTS report might be interpreted as a sign that the job market is on the verge of emerging from limbo.


ABC News

Business Week


Electronic cigarettes aren't drugs, rules courtroom

Electronic cigarettes are a product that has been on the sector for more than a year. The Food and Drug Administration made a move to try and end sale of e-cigarettes. They called them “unapproved drug delivery devices”. The FDA has been told today that they cannot regulate electronic cigarettes as substances. Instead, the Courtroom of Appeals has indicated the FDA has standing only as tobacco regulator.

The basics of electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or “e-cigs” are basically a small, tube-shaped vaporizer. They vaporize a liquid solution for making it inhale-able. A nicotine solution for inhalation is generally what e-cigarettes come from. Typically, e-cigarettes are considered "safer" than normal ones. These are the traditional smoking cigarettes.

The Food and Drug Administration argument against electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes aren’t things the FDA wants around. A ban was almost placed to them this year already. They wanted to put a warning on the electronic cigarettes. "Unapproved drug delivery devices" would have been the labeling. The Food and Drug Administration banned the importing of e-cigarettes, alerting customs officials to not accept any shipments of the merchandise. The FDA works with nicotine gums and patches right now. The safety and efficacy of them is being monitored. The very same standards of efficacy are what the Food and Drug Administration think ought to be on electronic cigarettes.

After ruling, FDA has to stay from the electronic cigarettes market

An injunction was filed by 2 corporations after the FDA tries to get e-cigarettes banned. Electronic cigarettes were developed by both NJOY and Smoking Anywhere which led them to argue the FDA should have no controls. A lower courtroom and now the United States Court of Appeals have ruled that electronic cigarettes are subject to regulation through the 2000 tobacco control act. The regulation of all tobacco products is what the FDA wanted to do in 1996. The ruling 5-4 in the Supreme Courtroom was against it. The FDA is supported on electronic cigarettes by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free children. In fact, it responded to the ruling saying, "This ruling invites the creation of a wild west of merchandise containing highly addictive nicotine, an alarming prospect for public health."

Info from

Business Week

New York Times

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Using a unsecured loan for credit card debt might be fascinating

If you need credit card debt relief, pay no attention to the ads on the Internet or late-night TV. Sometimes to get things right you have to do it yourself. You really should think about a personal unsecured loan. Personal responsibility is the most direct route to a better credit rating and substantial savings on reduced interest rates within the future. Source of article – Using a personal loan for credit card debt could be interesting by Money Blog Newz.

The expenditures of credit card debt

Paying off credit card debt is very difficult to do. Think about a personal loan if you’re trying to. Interest rates for your credit card will be higher than with a personal cash loan. This will depend on what your credit rating is. The interest is compounded daily with credit cards which is why the high rates makes it overwhelming for people to pay their debt. Interest rates can be up to 29 % for some credit card consumers. Imagine having $10,000 in credit card debt at 29 % interest. If you paid the minimum monthly payment of $250 each month it would take 143 months to pay off — that’s 12 years.

All about personal loans

It is a really good thing to get a personnel loans for credit card debt relief. With the lower interest rate, you may conserve a ton of money. Shop around for the best rate possible. You can get between 5 and 8 percent on personel loans with banks and credit unions. Talk to three financial institutions before making a decision. Feel free to explain yourself when being very truthful. If you were to get a lender that was willing to give you 6 % on your personal loan, then that same monthly payment on the $10,000 would get the bill paid off in 45 months instead. That is less than four years.

Saving with good credit

By getting rid of credit card debt and faithfully paying down the personel loans, a better credit rating will bring many future benefits. You can get about 6 percent on a car loan right now for those who have a good credit rating. A person with a bad credit score will pay about 13 %. You may have thousands of dollars less to have to pay. The life of the loan could be shorter. Are you interested in a mortgage loan on a $300,000 home? Well you might conserve $100,000 if you have a good credit score.


Why the credit card debt costs too much

To find a more manageable way to pay off credit card debt, consider a personal loan. Depending on what your credit score is, personal loan interest is at a lower rate than credit card interest rates. Interest on credit card debt overwhelms so many people because not only are the rates very high, the interest is compounded daily. Some consumers of credit cards get a way high interest rate. It is 29 percent then. If you had 29 percent interest on $10,000 in credit card debt, you're going to be losing a lot of money. If you paid the minimum monthly payment of $250 every month it would take 143 months to pay off — that’s 12 years.

What you should know about personal loans

Using a personal loan for credit card debt relief can save a lot of money with a lower interest rate. The best rate is out there. Look for it. You can try looking at banks and credit unions. Usually between 5 and 8 percent interest is found on personal loans. Call at least three financial institutions. Tell them exactly what is going on. Be honest about it all. If you can manage to find a lender who will give you a personal loan at 6 percent, that $10,000 could be paid off in 45 months (less than four years) with the same monthly payment.

Saving with good credit

If you get rid of all your credit card debt and pay back your personal loan, you will have a better credit score. This can benefit you in many ways. It is good to have a good credit score when getting an auto loan right now. If it is good, then you can get a 6 percent interest rate on your auto loan. Got a bad credit report? Then you would pay about 13 percent for the same thing. The life of the loan will leave you with thousands of dollars less. For a mortgage loan on a $300,000 home, a good credit score will save hundreds of dollars a month in interest and could add up to $100,000 when it’s all over.

Articles cited

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Temporary personal loans for CO Springs, Colorado

Cash advances in Colorado Springs

With less than ten minutes, you can get a payday loan in Colorado Springs. When you are in need of a quick financial boost, a cash advance can be the solution. Getting as much as $ 1,500 into your bank account can take as little as 2 hours.

The Colorado Springs short term loans you need/span>

Sometimes you need a unsecured loans. This happens when you need money right away. You are able to have your online cash advance deposited into your bank account. This is in Colorado Springs. You are able to spend your money when you need it considering it only takes two hours to get your money. For car repairs, medical bills, or just making ends meet until your next payday. No matter how you plan on using the money in Colorado Springs, a payday loan can fill that short-term financial gap.

Online payday loans for CO/span>

Applying for a payday loan online in Colorado could be scary. You'll want your info to be safe. Applying for a payday loan online with Personal Money Store can be really good for you. You will know that you are safe with all of your information. Whether you are in Colorado Springs or someplace else, our 128-bit encryption will match up your information and loan application with the best lender possible and keep you safe.

All the possibilities for CO payday loans for you to determine/span>

When you apply for loans, you should be given choices. The full payday loan offer could be shown to you whenever you apply through Personal Money Store after being matched with payday loans in Colorado. You will get a loan offer shown to you with the interest rate of the offer. The repayment dates and amount owed will be clear to you. You are given the option of accepting or rejecting the loan offer. You have no obligation to the loan until you’ve put your virtual signature on it. That means your payday loans in Colorado are left with your control, from start to finish.

Availability of short term loans in Colorado Springs/span>

A short term loan can get you money when you need help right away. Your bank account will have the online cash advance for Colorado Springs deposited into it. You can spend your money when you need it considering it only takes two hours to get your money. For car repairs, medical bills, or just making ends meet until your next payday. No matter how you plan on using the money in Colorado Springs, a payday loan can fill that short-term financial gap.

Colorado online payday loans/span>

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Nutmeg high produces a very bad hangover

Teens looking for a high are turning to the spice cupboard. A nutmeg high might sound like a good option to them. A nutmeg high is not a myth – the myristicin in nutmeg does cause hallucinations. It is not entirely a pleasant thing to have a nutmeg high, though. Most accounts state that a nutmeg high comes with lots of nasty unwanted effects. Article resource – Nutmeg high – Hallucinogenic spice produces legendary hangover by Money Blog Newz.

The nutmeg high facts

A nutmeg high isn’t entirely a myth. Nutmeg is full of an organic substance called myristicin. The compound is found in other spices as well. Dill and parsley are examples. Parasympathetic nerve impulses for instance nerve fibers are stopped by myristicin. The psychoactive effects happen due to this. The nutmeg high comes from acute anticholinergic syndrome toxic response. This causes mild hallucinations and warmth within the limbs. The nutmeg high does not actually give you a "high." This is associated with euphoria typically.

Nutmeg high side effects

If you get a nutmeg high, you are able to be sure of some bad side effects. Loss of coordination, dry mouth, sore throat, decreased body temperature, double vision and blurred vision are all signs of one. A "legendary" hangover happens after a nutmeg high supposedly. It is hard to urinate while also having paranoia after a nutmeg high.

Nutmeg just one common drug-food

Though there is a increasing outrage from The Georgia Poison Center, among other groups, the reality is that a nutmeg high isn’t really the only “high” that you are able to achieve with something already inside your kitchen. Volatile compounds in food create flavor. The volatile compounds are used in medication as well. Both pharmaceutical and homeopathic use them. There is a very fuzzy line between food and medicine – a line that is sometimes exploited by individuals looking for a way to change their state of consciousness. Nutmeg highs aren't dangerous to most people who normally only try it once. Extreme amounts of nutmeg might change that of course.




Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exactly how for making cash quickly in cold-weather periods

Do not allow yourself to be discouraged and broke this season. Winter does not have to be that way. If you want to know exactly how for making money quickly during winter, opportunities are everywhere. There are so many things you can do throughout winter seasons, and here are a few money-making ideas you might want to consider.

Simple recycling can make you money

If you just realized you spent your last buck on soda, start recycling and turn those cans into cash. Go ahead and look for things such as scrap metal, plastic, glass bottles and old mobile phones even to recycle and help the environment. It is possible to make bargain deals still too. Compare prices so you are able to conserve money when recycling.

Fast way to generate income

You are able to definitely still use the winter to have a garage sale. You are able to make money online fast with websites like Ebay and Craigslist. Look through your garage and storage, find and organize the things you plan to sell, and set up a garage sale online for everyone to quickly access. You don’t pay to advertise and, because most sales are localized, you typically don’t even have to worry about any shipping cost.

Making money with a shovel

You have the choice of shoveling or making snow angels after it snows. Making money fast is something only work can get you. Play won't cut it. There are numerous job opportunities around this time of the year, so grab your shovel and get to work. Look via your local newspaper ads for any job hiring. You might want to try offering your services as part of your local neighborhood. Here are some things you may want in case you are trying to make extra money fast, despite the fact that a shovel could be all you need.

What you need to get:

Get a snow shovel. You are able to shovel snow without a snow shovel around.

You'll want to get a snow blower. If you can somehow pull some funds together, it might be worth considering investing in a snow blower, as it could conserve you time without the extra effort.

You'll want ice salt too. It makes the perfect finishing touch to your hard work.

Be creative with it

You can learn how to make money fast simply by being creative. There are many opportunities available to you for money-making out there. Even during this time of year it happens.

Recycling can help you make money

If you just realized you spent your last buck on soda, start recycling and turn those cans into cash. Go ahead and look for things such as scrap metal, plastic, glass bottles and old cell phones even to recycle and help the environment. It is possible to make bargain deals still too. Make some calls and compare prices. You can save money here too.

Fast way to make money online

Who says you can’t have a garage sale in winter?. You can make money online fast with websites like Ebay and Craigslist. Look through your garage and storage, find and organize the things you plan to sell, and set up a garage sale online for everyone to quickly access. Paying for advertising is something you avoid completely. You also will avoid paying for shipping with most sales being localized.

Making money with a shovel

When it snows, you can either shovel or make snow angels. you won't be making any money by playing in the snow when making money fast. Grab a shovel and start working since there are a ton of job opportunities this time of year. See if anyone is hiring gin the local newspaper ads. Try doing the business yourself. Offer your services in your local neighborhood to anyone who wants it. Here are some things you may want if you are trying to make extra money fast, even though a shovel might be all you need.

What you should get:

Snow shovel. Obviously, you can’t shovel snow without a snow shovel.

Snow blower. If you can somehow pull some money together, it may be worth considering investing in a snow blower, as it could save you time without the extra effort.

Ice salt. This is the final touch. It makes the work look even better.

Be creative with it

Make some money fast while being creative. It is important to do this. Even during this time of the year, there are a ton of money-making opportunities available to you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ireland spending budget slashes contain a difficult $20 billion

The Obama administration definitely has a tough road ahead as it looks for ways to balance the U.S. budget, however imagine what it must be like for Ireland’s Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Cowen and Finance Minister Lenihan. Austerity measures drawn up by Ireland’s leaders may be unpopular, but they could be just what Ireland needs. To help solve the Ireland debt crisis, Cowen and Lenihan came up with a wide range of Ireland budget modifications amounting to a massive $20 billion cut within the next four years, reports the BBC.

A huge bailout for Ireland may be the only way

Among the $20 billion Ireland budget cut methods prepared are government spending cuts, tax increases, a reduction of Ireland’s minimum wage, the introduction of a new property tax and thousands of public sector job cuts. In addition to Cowen and Lenihan’s severe budget package, the Irish government is expected to negotiate a bailout with both the European Union and the International Monetary Fund that should be worth about $113 billion.

An expected 25,000 jobs cut within the public sector

Cutting 24,750 public sector jobs, cutting social welfare spending by $3.7 billion and upping the income tax to generate about $2.5 billion are key parts of Cowen and Lenihan’s plan to staunch the bleeding of the Ireland debt crisis. Minimum wage would be decreased by $1.34, down to $10.23 per hour. A boost from 21 to 22 percent in 2012 and then to 24 percent in 2014 could be added to the value added or consumption tax. By 2014 homeowner taxes are expected to boost by $267, also known as a site value tax.

So as not to drive business away, however, Ireland’s 12.5 % corporation tax – which is relatively low by European standards – would not be increased by the Ireland spending budget cuts austerity plan.

Hope and conflict

Taoiseach Cowen said he hoped the Ireland budget cuts would “make sure (the people) have hope for the future," but opposition parties are circling in already bloody financial waters. The people of Ireland want to change the government in hopes of fresh minds helping the nation, but the austerity plan could be voted on, on December 7 and Cowen won't let anything happen until after that date.

“Then the people can decide who they want to govern the country,” said Cowen.



Back when 6 billion euros sounded good

Sunday, December 5, 2010

WikiLeaks exposes State Department insider secrets in most recent launch

The State Department is the latest victim of WikiLeaks, which published 250,000 top secret documents online Sunday. This time WikiLeaks’ bombshell is State Department connections that provide candid information on international diplomacy and just how the United States of America applies pressure to its allies overseas. World leaders immediately ridiculed the latest WikiLeaks release and a hacker attack temporarily shut down the whistle-blower site.

The WikiLeaks State Department cables

The WikiLeaks release of State Department cables is giving the world an uncensored look into how the United States of America plays the game of international diplomacy. Within the State Department paperwork was the way that the United States of America made economic sanctions against Iran. Also, dealing with Iran's nuclear program in the western and Middle Eastern governments was included. The Iran nuclear program has been getting some help from North Korea too supposedly. Also, some spying on foreign governments has been taking place due to a command from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Viewing gossip in the connections

More highlights from the latest WikiLeaks release contain King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urging the United States to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and an explanation of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as an “alpha-dog” with links to organized crime. Compared to Adolf Hitler in the report is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Also, Afghan President Karzai is "driven by paranoia" supposedly. Details about Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi consist of that a “voluptuous blonde” Ukranian nurse never leaves his side. Apparently the leak makes it dangerous for diplomats, intelligence operatives and informants which is why govt throughout the whole world ridiculed the last WikiLeaks release.

WikiLeaks not stopped

Between 1966 and early 2010, the State Department released connections that WikiLeaks states to hold 251,288 of. It was only a few hrs after WikiLeaks released paperwork before it was hit with a "mass distributed denial of service attack." This is exactly what WikiLeaks posted on Twitter. United States of America National security isn’t in danger by exactly what has been released by WikiLeaks although it might talk about "strained relationship and embarrassment" in them. The organization said it will release additional tranches over the next several weeks or months.

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