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2011 Toyota Sienna recall in effect

Recall: 94,000 2011 Toyota Sienna's have brake light problems

Just when Toyota thought it was out of the recall jungle, the (faulty) break lights began flashing. The snake bitten automaker has announced a 94,000-strong recall of 2011 Toyota Sienna vehicles due to difficulties with the brake light switching bracket. All of the autos included in this Sienna recall were produced before Nov of this year. Toyota Motors has had enough recalls to require them to get a large money now to repair the difficulties. Source for this article – 2011 Toyota Sienna recalled due to brake light problem by MoneyBlogNewz.

Toyota explains recall of Sienna

Toyota explained in a press release the brake light switch bracket is positioned wrong in relation to the parking brake pedal. This is why the Sienna recall had to happen. When fully deployed, the parking brake can come into physical contact with the brake light switch bracket and trigger the switch to bend and possibly malfunction. Specifically, the brake lights can remain on even if the brakes aren’t being deployed, and if the damage is significant sufficient, Toyota indicates the brakes could really become partially engaged due to the warped bracket. The breaking might even be impaired if brake drag occurs.

There is the possibility that impaired breaking could trigger problems although Toyota described that there have been no accidents it is aware of or injuries that came from the brake light switch bracket problem.

How 2011 Toyota Sienna owners will be reached

Any Toyota Sienna drivers will get first class postal mail sent to them as notification. The middle of January, 2011, is when Toyota plans to start sending this mail. The communication will consist of instructions for how Sienna drivers ought to proceed. This data will even be made available via the recall section of Toyota’s website.

Sienna owners will be contacted for a second time with data on how to replace the brake light switching bracket by late February. Also, Sienna users will be expected to go to the nearest Toyota dealer for an installation appointment. There will be no charge for this service, which will include the installation of a switching bracket that takes the positioning of the parking brake pedal into better account.

Get more details from Toyota

Any 2011 Toyota Sienna owners with additional questions concerning the Sienna recall might contact the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 800-331-4331 or visit

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