Sunday, December 19, 2010

Alosi salary suffers as he will pay his dues for trip

After he was caught tripping a person on video Sunday, the question was not whether Sal Alosi’s salary would suffer, it was by how much. The New York Jets power coach, a previous college linebacker, impulsively stuck a limb out to trip a Miami Dolphin covering a punt return. Sal Alosi’s income took a major hit when he was fined and suspended for the remainder of the season with no pay for his actions. It looks like taking out a paydayloans is going to be the the very least of Sal Alosi’s worries.

Sal Alosi going

Sal Alosi’s income as the strength and conditioning coach for the NY Jets is about $200,000, if a tweet from Jay Glazer at Fox Sports could be considered accurate. The bills Alosi has to pay or the interest rate he could get on loans with that kind of income were not being considered when making this decision. He just could not stop himself when he saw a Dolphins player running out of bounds on the sideline, as a Jets rival. And now his cash flow will be severely impinged by the Sal Alosi trip. If it were not for the fact that Alosi won't be getting paid for the remainder of the season, Alosi would have been able to get payday loans for the holidays.

How bad did Sal Alosi’s trip hit his income?

The average person would love to be making Sal Alosi's income of $200,000 a year. The National Football League has different standards though. It is like getting minimum wage when getting paid $200,000. The Jets fined Alosi $25,000 for his lapse in judgment which is hurting the team more than it already was when it comes to the public. The playoff run and other bonuses might be taken away as he has been suspended with no pay for the rest of the season. That means about $12,500 a game is what Sal Alosi's income is. About $62,500 could possibly be lost by Alosi with only three games left within the season. That would be a thirty-one percent pay cut too. Alosi should be expecting a fine from the league within the near future although there is not one announced yet.

Alosi trip video

Alosi apologized for his dirty deed. Many are not buying it. They say the apology is not enough. All of the New York football fans are going to be sorely disappointed after the jets lose within the playoffs and Alosi is on the lookout for a new job. Since the Sal Alosi trip video clip is being searched almost more than anything else on the internet, it can be hard to lose the "coach trips player" term. Sal Alosi’s income might never recover.

The Alosi trip video clip for your pleasure

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